Where is Blue Bunny Ice Cream Made 2024 – Is it in Texas?

Blue Bunny Ice Cream was born more than 80 years ago. The Wells brothers initiated this ice cream business after winning an ice cream contest. The name “Blue Bunny” was submitted by a Sioux City man and received $25!

Today, Blue Bunny Ice Cream is the #4 most popular ice cream brand in the US. Let’s find out, Where is Blue Bunny Ice Cream actually made nowadays?

Blue Bunny Ice Cream is made in Le Mars, Iowa. One of the largest Blue Bunny Ice Cream plants was located in St. George, Utah. But, Wells Enterprise decided to stop its manufacturing plant in St. George.

Where is Blue Bunny Ice Cream Made

Hence, Blue Bunny Ice Cream is identically made in the city of Iowa, United States.

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Is Blue Bunny from Texas?

Blue Bunny Ice Cream is from Le Mars, Iowa. In 1913, Well Enterprise started making Blue Bunny Ice Cream.

Blue Bell and Blue Bunny are not the same. Blue Bell Ice Cream is from Texas. This Ice Cream brand was founded in 1907 in Brenham, Texas.

On the contrary, Blue Bunny was founded in 1913 in Iowa. Blue Bell is also a famous Ice Cream Brand that has secured its position in terms of sales rate.  

Is Blue Bunny real ice cream?

All ingredients of Blue Bunny Ice cream are sourced from local production facilities. To them, Ice Cream means the best ingredients alongside a fresh environment. It is a dairy-free ice cream line.

Blue Bunny Ice Cream is made in its sweetest manufacturing plant in the United States. Before distribution, it goes through several testing processes in Kroger Stores in selected cities. Blue Bunny Vanilla Ice Cream has scored 15 points in testing. It has secured its spot soundly as the best Vanilla ice cream!

Hence, we can say that Blue Bunny is real ice cream.

Is Blue Bunny from Texas

What is Blue Bunny ice cream made of?

Here are the ingredients of Blue Bunny Ice Cream:

  • Fresh Milk (Skim Milk & Buttermilk)
  • Sugar
  • Whey
  • Cream
  • Fructose
  • Coconut Oil
  • Egg Yolks (1% or less)
  • Carob Bean Gum
  • Mono and Diglycerides
  • Cellulose Gum
  • Annatto Extract Color
  • Caramel Color
  • Carrageenan
  • Artificial and Natural Color

Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream from Blue Bunny contains 170 calories. Here are the nutrition facts about Blue Bunny Vanilla Ice Cream:

Total Fat 9g12%
Cholesterol 25mg35%
Sodium 55mg8%
Total Carbohydrate 19g7%
Potassium 160mg4%
Protein 3g26%

What company makes Blue Bunny ice cream?

Wells Enterprises, Inc. makes Blue Bunny Ice Cream.

In the United States, Well Enterprise is the second largest family-owned ice cream manufacturer. This company is based in Le Mars, Iowa.

In 1913, Wells Enterprise was born with an investment of $250. Fred H. Wells Jr. is the founding member of Wells Enterprise. In 2022, Wells Enterprises ranked as Forbes’ #487 America’s Best Midsize Employers.

Today, Michael C. Wells is the president and CEO of Wells Enterprise Inc.

Are Blue Bell and Blue Bunny ice cream the same company?

Blue Bell and Blue Bunny Ice Cream are not the same company.

The Kruse Family owns Blue Bell Ice Cream whereas the Wells Family owns the Blue Bunny. Blue Bell has a long history in the Ice Cream market whereas Blue Bunny is relatively new in that line.

Blue Bell was born in Texas. But, Blue Bunny is from Le Mars, Iowa. Under Wells Enterprises Inc., Blue Bunny Ice Cream is made. On the other hand, the Kruse Family makes Blue Bell Ice Cream.

Considering the issues above, Blue Bunny and Blue Bell are not the same company.

Does Blue Bunny make Walmart ice cream?

Yes, Ice creams that are sold in Walmart are completely made by Blue Bunny.

In Walmart, you may have noticed Blue Bunny’s premium homemade Vanilla Frozen Dessert. Don’t worry, this featured ice cream is made by Blue Bunny. Blue Bunny Premium Ice Cream is also sold on online marketplaces.

Apart from Walmart, you may find Blue Bunny Ice Cream on Amazon. These Ice creams are authentic. You don’t need to be worried.    

How is Blue Bunny ice cream transported to stores?

Blue Bunny Ice Cream is transported to stores in refrigerated trucks maintaining below -13°F or -25°C temperature. These trucks are often called Reefers.

In the world, Blue Bunny Ice Cream has gained enormous popularity. They offer 75 flavors of Ice Cream nationwide. After production, they distribute their Ice Cream to retail stores as well as overseas.

The distribution of Ice Cream is a sensitive issue. This requires a special process and condition. To do so, Blue Bunny transports its Ice Cream through special trucks that hold negative temperatures. Generally, all Ice Cream brands transport their products through Reefers.

How much does Blue Bunny ice cream cost?

The price tag of Blue Bunny Ice Cream may vary according to its weight. In general, it will cost you less than $6. To be more precious, you can check the price on online marketplaces.

Blue Bunny offers 75 flavors of Ice Cream!

Below is a list of Blue Bunny’s key products:

  • Blue Bunny Strawberry Cake
  • Twist Cones
  • Load’d BARS
  • Load’d CONES
  • Load’d Sundaes
  • Scoopable
  • Mini Swirls
  • Blue Bunny Sandwiches
  • Sweet Freedom
  • Blue Bunny Frozen Yogurt

Among these Blue Bunny Vanilla flavored Ice Cream has earned enormous popularity in the US.

Where is Blue Bunny ice cream sold?

Blue Bunny Ice Cream is sold nationwide. With the recent innovation of Load’d Sundaes, Mini Swirls, and Bunny Snacks, all 75 flavors of Blue Bunny are available at convenience stores and retailers.

By visiting your nearest super shops, you can get your favorite Blue Bunny ice cream. Besides, Blue Bunny is available on online marketplaces like:

  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • Wayfair

Hence, you can also order Blue Bunny ice cream online.

Who owns Blue Bunny ice cream?

Wells Enterprise, Inc. owns Blue Bunny Ice Cream.

Since 1913, the Well Family has been making Blue Bunny Ice Creams. They are a well-known American food company. Today, Wells Enterprise is the second-largest ice cream manufacturer in the United States after Unilever.