Where is Blue Bell Ice Cream Made 2024 – Is it made in US

Blue Bell Ice Cream is one of the most popular brands of ice cream in the United States. New to old, all generations are very fond of this brand. In 2015, Blue Bell ice cream secured second position in America for its sales of ice cream.

It has been more than a century since Blue Bell ice cream started its journey, and still doing so with a reputation. So, let’s find out where this vintage company prepares its ice cream in 2024.

The Kruse Family produces most of the blue bell ice cream in Brenham, Texas, United States.

Where is Blue Bell Ice Cream Made

In 1919, the family took charge of this delicious ice cream manufacturing operation. Besides the main plant, there are two more manufacturing plants in Alabama and Oklahoma where this delightful ice cream is manufactured.

Is Blue Bell ice cream only made in Texas?

Whenever some ice cream enthusiast hears the name Blue Bell ice cream, the first thing that comes to his mind is Texas. Texas is closely related to this ice cream’s name. However, as of 2022, Blue Bell also manufactures ice cream outside Texas.

Before the 1980s, Blue Bell’s ice cream production was limited in Texas. Besides, the company’s supply chain was not that wide. In 1989, Blue Bell ice cream was supplied outside Texas for the first time.

In Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, Blue Bell had its first ice cream manufacturing facility outside Texas state. Within four years, in 1996, the company established another creamery in Alabama.

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Is Blue Bell ice cream made in Alabama?

The answer is yes. Once Blue Bell had only one creamery in Texas state. But at present, the company has two more manufacturing facilities in two different states, including Oklahoma and Alabama.

First, Blue Bell had its manufacturing facility in Oklahoma in 1992. Four years later, as the consumers’ demand increased, the company expanded its manufacturing facility to Broken Arrow, Alabama, in 1996.

Anyways, Blue Bell’s largest manufacturing site is still in Brenham, Texas. The rest of the two facilities are auxiliary facilities that help to fulfill the market demand and support Texas production.

Is Blue Bell ice cream only made in Texas

Where did Blue Bell ice cream originate?

Blue Bell is an ice cream company that produces mouth-watering ice cream. It originated in 1907 in Brenham, Texas, United States. The town is around 70 miles away from Houston in the northwest direction. Interestingly, the company did not share who was the founder of Blue Bell.

However, Blue Bell was not established as an ice cream company. In 1907, the company was created to sell butter after collecting it from local dairy farms. In 1911, it began producing ice cream for the first time.

Blue Bell was facing financial problems in 1919. So, The Kruse Family owned this ice cream company and is still working on its production in 2022.

Who is Blue Bell owned by?

As of 2022, The Kruse Family owns Blue Bell ice cream company. Moreover, it has been a hundred years since the family took ownership. In 1919, Blue Bell was sold due to some financial problems, and this family was the one to own this company.

Ricky Dickson is the current president of the Blue Bell ice cream company. The tactics the family has shown have made this company the second most selling ice cream company in the United States.

Who makes Blue Bell ice cream?

The Kruse Family prepares Blue Bell ice cream at Blue Bell’s creamery. This family has run the ice cream company for generations. The company has three creameries in the country.

On those creameries, the family runs ice cream manufacturing operations. Moreover, the current president of this company is also from the Kruse family.

is Blue Bell made in USA

How many factories does Blue Bell have?

As of 2022, the Blue Bell ice cream company has three factories in the United States. It is not an international company. So, there are no factories of Blue Bell in other countries.

The locations of ice cream manufacturing factories of Blue Bell are listed below to see at a glance:

  • Brenham, Texas
  • Sylacauga, Alabama
  • Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

What states sell Blue Bell ice cream?

At present, Blue Bell has a massive distribution chain. The company sells its ice cream in more than eight states. However, the company’s supply chain grew after the 1980s. Before that, only Texas was one where Blue Bell distributed its products.

The states where Blue Bell sells its ice cream are, including

  • Texas
  • Alabama
  • Oklahoma
  • Arkansas
  • Mississippi
  • Kansas
  • Louisiana
  • Missouri
  • New Mexico

Where to buy Blue Bell ice cream?

Blue Bell supplies its ice cream in the southern states. You can find it anywhere in those states. Besides, the company has outlets and ice cream parlors.

Besides buying from offline stores, you can buy Blue Bell from its official website where you will find it at a low price. But for this, you have to buy packs. You cannot have one or two.

Moreover, some online retailers sell Blue Bell ice creams, including

  • H.E.B.
  • Target
  • Albertsons
  • Tom Thumb
  • Walgreens

How much does Blue Bell ice cream cost?

There are many flavors of Blue Bell ice cream. Among them, homemade vanilla is the most popular. In the general case, a half gallon or nearly 76 ounces of ice cream cost around 6 dollars.

On the other hand, a 64 ounces Blue Bell ice cream bucket takes 8.5 dollars. In this case, the company charges more than average, which is due to its popularity and taste.