Where is Birch Lane Furniture Made 2024 – Is it USA made?

Birch Lane is a well-known American furniture brand that sells home goods and furniture online. It is a subsidiary brand of an American e-commerce company named Wayfair. Wayfair was previously known as CSN Stores.

It has been eight years since Birch Lane started its journey as a furniture brand. Let’s learn where this newbie manufactures its furniture in 2024.

Wayfair Inc. manufactures Birch Lane furniture from independent manufacturers in the United States.

Where is Birch Lane Furniture Made

However, most furniture of this brand comes from North Carolina. Interestingly, not only this brand’s furniture but also the furniture of other US brands’ are made in this region.

Is Birch Lane furniture made in the USA?

The answer is yes. Birch Lane is an American furniture brand, and its furniture is made in the United States. Independent manufacturers in North Carolina produce furniture for this brand.

Wayfair Inc. makes contracts with those manufacturers for manufacturing furniture for Birch Lane. Besides, Wayfair proudly advertises that its subsidiary brand Birch Lane’s raw materials and furniture are made in America, which makes it a proud American brand.

Is Birch Lane furniture made in the USA

Is Birch Lane furniture made with real wood?

Birch Lane is famous for manufacturing furniture that lasts longer than most brands. And only natural wood cannot sustain much longer in exposed environments. However, the brand did not abandon wood from its raw materials list.

The answer is yes. Birch Lane uses real wood in some of its furniture, such as coffee tables, console tables, cots, wide armchairs’ legs, slider sets, etc. For this, Birch Lane furniture uses solid cedar wood. Mango woods, etc.

However, Birch Lane uses materials thinking of the environment that furniture can encounter. For example, kitchen furniture is exposed to water, which is unsuitable for wood. So, the brand polymer or composite material for this purpose.

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What kind of wood does Birch Lane use?

Not all types of wood are acceptable for furniture manufacturing. It depends on some factors, that which wood should be used for furniture. And some of the points include serviceability, load carrying capacity, looks, xylem patterns, etc.

Considering all the cases, Birch Lane focuses on Aesthetics and serviceability.  However, like other brands, this brand hides the wood names it uses in furniture. But again, some hints show that Birch Lane uses woods, such as

  • Cedar Wood
  • Mango Wood
  • Oak Wood

Who makes furniture for Birch Lane?

Wayfair Inc. is the manufacturer of Birch Lane furniture. In reality, Wayfair does not possess any physical furniture manufacturing plant. So, the company needs to make a contract with manufacturers that work for various furniture companies.

Wayfair did not publish where the company manufactured Birch Lane brand’s furniture. Rumors say that the company produces furniture from North Carolinian independent manufacturers.

Even though Wayfair manufactures Birch Lane furniture from third-party manufacturers, there are no quality compromises. Moreover, these side companies try their best to do jobs so that more companies contract with them. So, Birch Lane’s furniture quality is not an issue to worry about.

How much does Birch Lane furniture cost?

Birch Lane is a luxury brand that manufactures traditional American furniture. However, some furniture of this brand costs lower than usual Birch Lane furniture pricing.

The brand’s furniture collection is segmented into seven categories, and the price range in every division varies from 125 dollars to 4000 dollars. All the types are given below to see at a glance:

  • Living Room Furniture
  • Bedroom Furniture
  • Home Office Furniture
  • Dining & Kitchen Room Furniture
  • Organizational Furniture
  • Hallway and Entryway Furniture
  • Baby And Kids Furniture

The living room furniture and dining room furniture are costly to buy from Birch Lane, and they range from 300 to 3000 dollars. On the other hand, baby and kids’ furniture comes at relatively cheaper prices ranging from 200 to 1500 dollars.

Where is Birch Lane furniture sold?

Birch Lane is a subsidiary brand of an e-commerce company named Wayfair. So, it is evident that this brand is an online brand. Thus, you will not find its outlets anywhere.

Birch Lane supplies its furniture all over the United States. But it is not distributed outside the country.

Anyways, Birch Lane’s parent company, Wayfair, has other subsidiary brands, including Joss & Main, Perigold, Wayfair Site, and All Modern. These brands supply their products outside the USA, including Canada, Ireland, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

You can order Birch Lane’s products from its official website sitting at home. Moreover, some websites have this brand’s page from where you can buy its products. If luck favors you, you may get discounts from these websites. The websites, including

  • Walmart
  • Amazon
  • Wayfair
  • Macy’s
  • Coupon Cabin

Who is Birch Lane owned by?

As of 2022, Wayfair Inc. owns the Birch Lane furniture brand. Moreover, it is the founding company of this brand. In 2014, Wayfair founded this brand to recover traditional American furniture, and it was a massive success for this company.

Is Birch Lane an American company?

Yes, Birch Lane is an American brand, but not a company. Wayfair was founded in Boston, Massachusetts. Moreover, this brand’s headquarters is in that region. Currently, the CEO of this brand is Niraj Shah, and the CFO is Michael Fleischer.