Where is Balenciaga Made 2024? – (Bags, Clothes & more)

Balenciaga products are primarily made in Italy.

Besides, the company has factories in France and China, making a small proportion of Balenciaga products.

where is Balenciaga made

Balenciaga has established a large production facility in Italy though it is a Spanish luxury fashion house.

Balenciaga competes with footwear, ready-to-wear, handbags, and accessories in the realm of fashion.

In the mid-20th century, Balenciaga came to the limelight featuring revolutionizing women’s fashion. In that corresponding era, these fashion wear were exclusive in the fashion industry.

Some of the key names of Balenciaga’s women’s fashion are:

  • Semi-fit lines
  • Ballroom Hems
  • Sack Dress

Skilled artisans in Italy use the finest materials and the most innovative techniques while manufacturing Balenciaga products.

Balenciaga shoes are exclusively made of:

  • 3D Knit
  • 3D printed rubber
  • No memory technology

Besides, Balenciaga focuses on various sustainable materials:

  • Linen Fabrics
  • Recycled Fabrics
  • Organic Cotton
  • Nylon
  • Recycled Polyester

Celebrities like Irina Shayk, Bella Hadid, and Hailey Bieber use Balenciaga shoes.

However, let’s be more specific on Balenciaga products addressing their manufacturing countries:

where are Balenciaga bags made


Balenciaga’s most expensive and top-shelf bags are exclusively made in Italy. But, the Balenciaga manufacturer makes its less-expensive bags in China.

Using characteristic distressed-like leather, skilled Balenciaga artisans make every piece of its bags. The manufacturer additionally uses lambskin material in Balenciaga bags.

As a result, Balenciaga bags are:

  • Soft
  • Thin
  • Distress with age
  • Lightweight

Balenciaga added lambskin in 2007 as its raw material. Using superior technology in the Italian factories, Balenciaga makes its soft bags. The brand often calls its raw materials “Sudden leather.”

What’s more, Balenciaga bags feature authentic Lampo zippers.

However, Balenciaga bags come with two labels, “made in Italy” and “made in China.” The higher and more expensive ones are manufactured in Italy, whereas the less expensive ones are manufactured in China.

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where are Balenciaga clothes made


Balenciaga clothes are made in China, Italy, and France.

According to Balenciaga’s recent announcement, the company will soon establish its new facility in Italy.

As a result, Balenciaga’s production operation will be vast in Italy compared with China and France.

However, Balenciaga clothes are made in the corresponding three countries as the demand for Balenciaga is high. Balenciaga operates joint manufacturing operations among these countries to cope with market demand.

Using stiff silk gazar fabric, Balenciaga manufacturers make its clothes. The silk gazar fabric stands away from the body and provides a strong architectural shape.

Balenciaga has some world’s finest manufacturing plants in Italy, China, and France, which use advanced machinery to give excellent shape to Balenciaga clothes.

where are Balenciaga sunglasses made


Balenciaga sunglasses are exclusively made in Italy.

Italy is world-famous for manufacturing stylish and functional eyewear.

If you look through the Balenciaga glasses from the inside, the inner right arm provides the manufacturing information.

The inside of Balenciaga glass features the below information:

  • Made in Italy status
  • CE stamp
  • The brand name

Balenciaga sunglasses are manufactured under EU regulations.

In 2019, Balenciaga partnered with Kering Eyewear. Since then, the luxurious eyewear brand has been manufacturing all Balenciaga glasses.

Kering Eyewear manufactures Balenciaga glasses and manages the development and distribution of Balenciaga prescription frames and sunglasses.

Kering Eyewear uses state-of-the-art materials to craft Balenciaga’s signature eyewear frames.

In short, Balenciaga glasses are made of:

  • Ultra-lightweight titanium
  • Premium cellulose acetate
  • Color-rich stainless steel

The advanced technology in Italy can enable 100% UV protection on Balenciaga lenses. Besides, the manufacturer uses impact-resistant prescription material on Balenciaga lenses.

In short, Kering Eyewear manufactures Balenciaga glasses using premium materials in Italy.

Are some Balenciagas made in China

Are some Balenciagas made in China?

The answer is YES. The Triple S and Track sneakers are some of Balenciaga’s exclusive models to be made in China.

While manufacturing in China, Balenciaga uses lighter and more expensive soles for these specific models.

The critical feature of the Balenciaga Triple S model is its quadruple-stacked sole unit. This feature gives the sneaker an exaggerated shape.

Besides, the upper portion of the made-in-China Balenciaga Triple S is made of mesh construction with leather overlays at the heel, toe box, and sides.

Have a look at the best Balenciaga Triple S sneakers:

  • Balenciaga Triple S Trainer Neon Green
  • Balenciaga Triple S Clear Sole
  • Balenciaga Triple S Sneaker Blue Red
  • Balenciaga Track Sneaker Black Yellow
  • Balenciaga Speed Trainer Lace Up

Balenciaga Triple S is a comfortable product, but it is recommended to walk only some days long wearing Balenciaga Triple S shoes.

In the Chinese production facility, Balenciaga-manufacturer exclusively makes these shoes.

who makes Balenciaga products

Who makes Balenciaga products?

Kering Corporation makes Balenciaga products.

Based in Paris, France, Balenciaga is a Spanish luxury fashion house. The designer Cristobal Balenciaga founded the fashion brand.

Until 2019, Balenciaga has been manufacturing all of its products. But, the company is no longer making its products. Instead, Kering Corporation has taken responsibility for manufacturing Balenciaga products.

Under Kering Corporation, the manufacturer has been making its products in China, Italy, and France. The fashion house has enhanced its Italy-based production facility recently.

However, under the leadership of Kering Corporation, the manufacturer makes all Balenciaga products.

How do you know if Balenciaga is real?

The primary identification of Balenciaga products is its logo. If the style number on the tag front doesn’t match the style number on the tag back, the Balenciaga product is not real.

To spot fake Balenciaga products, check for the EAN number under the tongue of the shoe. If you google the EAN number, detailed information will appear in front.

This is the simplest method to identify fake Balenciaga shoes.

The best way to avoid fake products is to shop from authorized dealers or retail stores.

Who owns Balenciaga?

Kering Corporation is the current owner of Balenciaga.

Throughout history, a Spanish fashion designer named Cristobal Balenciaga first introduced Balenciaga. The brand has vast experience in manufacturing luxury fashion items.

The French Corporation, Kering, purchased the ownership of Balenciaga. Today, Kering makes, distributes, and develops all Balenciaga products.

Under Kering Corporation, more than 1,325 employees work for Balenciaga.

Today, Balenciaga has achieved a sales revenue of 17.645 billion euros.