Where is Allen and Roth Made 2024? – (Faucets, Quartz)

Allen and Roth is an internationally recognized house brand owned by Lowe’s Companies, Inc. This brand is widely known for making household items. 

The brand Allen and Roth make everything one can see around his house, such as medicine and kitchen cabinets, doormats, etc.

Let’s find out, where are these household items made

Where is Allen and Roth Made

Here is short answer to where is Allen + Roth made:

Allen + Roth makes its household products all over the world. Currently, Allen + Roth has more than eight hundred factories all over the world. Moreover, it has factories in Asia also.

In 1921, the brand was established in North Wilkesboro, located in North Carolina.

Where are Allen and Roth cabinets made?

American Woodmark Corporation is the one who makes Allen and Roth’s cabinet. This company has a total of 9 manufacturing sites in the United States of America, including Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Arizona, Tennessee, West Virginia, Virginia, and Maryland.

Allen and Roth make one of the finest cabinets in the world. Moreover, the brand makes every kind of cabinet in terms of budget. Thus, its products would fit any person’s budget segment.

Moreover, Allen and Roth’s cabinet installation is very much convenient. Furthermore, its products have a warranty system with terms and conditions. This is quite exceptional for a cabinet and house brand.

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Where is Allen and Roth patio furniture made

Where is Allen and Roth patio furniture made?

Allen and Roth manufacture patio furniture with Lowe’s Companies, Inc. Lowe’s is an American company, which specializes in home improvement. The following company’s headquarters is located in Mooresville, North Carolina.

From the website of Lowe’s, we have come to know that currently there are 95 patio furniture sets in total on the website for sale. It is an interesting fact that 95 out of 95 patio sets are made with Allen and Roth.

The price of patio furniture ranged from the lowest of 298 dollars and has gone up to nearly 2.5 thousand dollars. The prices of the following category of furniture are impressively low.

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Who manufactures Allen Roth?

There are two American companies that make Allen Roth products. The first one is Lowe’s Companies, Inc. This company makes all kinds of household items of Allen Roth’s brand, including patio furniture, ceramic pots, doors, resin planters, other recycled products, doormats, etc.

On the other hand, there is another American company named American Woodmark Corporation. This company makes Allen Roth cabinets, such as Kitchen cabinets, reading room and office cabinets, and medicine cabinets.

It is an amazing fact that no matter what company manufactures Allen Roth products, there is always a warranty on the product with some limitations.

Is Allen and Roth good quality?

Allen and Roth provide amazing quality products. This brand’s products are easy to install. Moreover, Allen and Roth’s price range is very convincing. Their product pricing covers all sorts of people’s budget segments. Every class of people can afford Allen and Roth products, though the quality varies.

Moreover, Allen and Roth’s products come with a warranty, but the warranty has some limitations. Anyways, the following brand’s cabinets are pretty resistant to corrosion and can give service for a long time.

The products of Allen and Roth are aesthetic. The brand does not compromise design and in-hand feel with pricing. They just change the material of their product with the price range.

Who sells Allen + Roth?

The American home retailing company Lowe’s Companies, Inc. is the one that sells all kinds of Allen + Roth products. On the merchandising website of the following company, there are varieties of Allen + Roth home decorating items. 

The item categories displayed on that site are listed below:

  • Blinds and Shades
  • Curtains
  • Rugs
  • Mirrors
  • Pillows and Throws
  • Bedding
  • Types of Furniture

Is Allen and Roth faucets a good brand?

Allen and Roth is an American company, which is widely famous all over the world for its product quality. One can feel the unique texture and modern design by looking at and touching Allen and Roth’s products.

By using Allen and Roth’s company’s product, one will definitely love the company. In addition, the following brand’s cabinets are very modern looking and have much more longevity than other company products.

Who owns Allen + Roth?

Since 1921, Allen + Roth brand is a signature brand of an American home retailing company, Lowe’s Companies, Inc. The company makes quality products, including patio furniture, carpets, cabinets, etc., under this brand.

Currently, the brand’s products, especially cabinets, are made by the American Woodmark Corporation. Anyways, the Allen + Roth brand name is reserved for the Lowe’s Company until now.

Where can I buy Allen + Roth products?

On Google, Allen + Roth has an official merchandise website, which is linked with Lowe’s website. One can order the following brand’s products to decorate his or her house in a modern way.

Besides, the official website, Allen + Roth’s products can be found on Amazon, eBay, and other online marketplaces. Besides, there are stores where the brand’s products can be found, but the products are not sold officially in those stores.