Where is Abuelita Chocolate Made 2024

Abuelita is widely famous for making chocolate tablets, chocolate powder, and chocolate syrups. This chocolate brand was founded by two brothers named Francisco Gonzalez and Raymundo Gonzalez in 1939.

Besides supplying chocolates all over the world, Abuelita often celebrates special occasions. Day of the Dead is one of the famous occasions, a holiday when relatives remember their late family members, which the brand celebrates.

Let’s find out where these chocolates are made.

where is Abuelita chocolate made

Here is short answer to where is Abuelita chocolate made:

Abuelita chocolates are made in Mexico.

The brand has been owned by a prominent company named Nestle since 1994. It manufactures chocolate in Mexico and supplies it internationally.

Their hot chocolate is known as the chocolate para mesa. The following phrase’s English translation is table chocolate.

Is Abuelita chocolate Mexican?

Globally recognized brand Abuelita makes chocolate which is a sweet representation of the traditional and iconic Mexican hot chocolate. In addition, besides making standard hot chocolate, the brand manufactures chocolate tablets, syrups, and cocoa powder.

The chocolate brand was founded in 1939 and was commercially manufactured under the company named Fabrica de Chocolates la Azteca. Though the brand was acquired by the Swiss company named Nestle in 1994, it did not stop making Mexican-style chocolates.

Currently, Abuelita is maintaining the standard of Mexican-style chocolates in its manufacturing. In the market, people just have to ask for Mexican chocolate, and the shopkeeper would present Abuelita chocolate in front of his or her customers.

Where can I buy Abuelita chocolate?

Abuelita is fully available in Mexican markets as it is a Mexican product. But it is not available in stores outside North America.

Anyways, Abuelita chocolates can be found in other countries via online marketplaces and e-commerce sites, such as Amazon, desertCart, Alibaba Express, etc. But one needs to wait for days to have this company’s product in hand.

Is Abuelita chocolate Mexican

Is Abuelita real chocolate?

The chocolate tablets, syrups, and cocoa powder made by the Mexican brand Abuelita have become an essential part of the dessert serving restaurants nowadays. Many people think about the brand’s quality. Some even avoid these items for this reason.

Anyways, Nestle professional has assured on their website that Abuelita uses genuine cocoa bins to make these items. Besides, the chocolate is real and contains iconic Mexican taste in their products.

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Abuelita chocolate ingredients

Every bite of Abuelita chocolate is heavenly. Some even prefer these items with milk to make chocolate milkshakes.

Now a question is arising in the mind, what is the reason behind this mystic taste? What are the ingredients used to make the chocolate so heavenly?

Abuelita uses natural cocoa powder to make chocolates. They mix stuff like

  • Sugar
  • Soy lecithin
  • Chocolate, processed with alkali
  • Polyglycerol polyricinoleate (PGPR), an emulsifier
  • The artificial flavor of cinnamon

In the mixture, cinnamon’s flavor is an additional item, and it turns the chocolate into a traditional Mexican one. One can directly find out which chocolate is Mexican and which one is not only by smelling and tasting cinnamon in a bar of chocolate.

According to the Abuelita webpage on goodness.com website, the chocolate contains caffeine which is completely natural for chocolates.

Because cocoa bins are naturally caffeine producers. But the amount of caffeine is reduced at the time of processing the chocolate, and only a fraction of the total caffeine remains.

Besides the caffeine, Abuelita chocolate contains theobromine. It is also natural like the presence of caffeine. Because it also comes with cocoa bins naturally.

Who owns Abuelita Chocolate

Who owns Abuelita Chocolate?

Abuelita chocolate is a massive brand, and its chocolate is widely used in restaurants to make mouthwatering desserts. This brand was first established in 1939 by two Mexican brothers, and their names are Francisco Gonzalez and Raymundo Gonzalez.

In the beginning, the brand made its delightful and delicious chocolates under a Mexican company named Fabrica de Chocolates la Azteca. But in 1994, the brand was sold to a Swiss multinational brand named Nestle.

Nestle is a food and drinks preparing and supplying corporation which was founded in 1866, and it has been almost a hundred and fifty years. Anyways, from 1994 to the present, Abuelita has been manufacturing chocolate items under this mega-company.

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Is Abuelita chocolate good?

The Mexico-based hot chocolate brand’s chocolate is one of the most authentic chocolates one can find in the market. The chocolate factory environment is industrially acceptable as the workers strictly maintain hygiene.

Besides, Abuelita can be served with water also. There is no rule of serving this item only with milk. But the brand’s website suggested avoiding preserving prepared hot chocolate for a later period. One should drink it instantly after preparing.

Moreover, caffeine is maintained to a limit that will not be going to affect neurons and sleep. Furthermore, the cinnamon flavor will punch at the beginning, which tastes mouthwatering and delicious. No wonder, the brand is so renowned.

Is Abuelita chocolate vegan?

The brand, Abuelita, does not claim their chocolate bar of vegan chocolate. Besides, there is no such cruelty-free marking on their products. In addition, the chocolate ingredients do not include dairy ingredients, like eggs and animal fats.

Anyways, the factory where the chocolate is being produced also processes non-vegan or dairy products, such as eggs. But it does not mean their product is non-vegan. In addition, Peta Latino has listed Abuelita chocolate as a vegan product.

It is highly suggested to Muslims that Abuelita does not contain any halal marking either. However, the following brand’s chocolate does not contain any non-vegan items. Thus, there should be no haram items, such as pork in it.