Where is Absolut Vodka Made 2024

Absolut vodka is a global brand that is considered top shelf by many vodka fans. There are many more that also have no idea where Absolut vodka comes from or how it’s made.

Here are some answers that will be surprised to learn about Absolut vodka.

Absolut vodka is made in Sweden in a town located in the south of the country. Absolut originally was created to help break up the monopoly on vodka that Sweden has for selling vodka in Sweden.

Where is Absolut Vodka Made

Absolut vodka only became a global brand in 1979 and is currently making over 100 million liters every year.

Their advertising is created by a New York City company that uses art and creative images to sell this vodka brand. Absolut is also considered a household name that everyone knows.

Is Absolute vodka made in Russia?

It’s been a common rumor that Absolut is made in Russia simply because Russians like to drink vodka. This rumor started many years ago and was probably from being seen in Hollywood films. Since names like Smirnoff vodka also sound Russian, the Absolut name gets confused for being from Russia.

There are brands including Russian Standard Vodka, Stolichnaya Vodka, and Beluga that are made in Russia. Smirnoff is the brand name vodka that people think is made in Russia, but is now produced everywhere else but in Russia. This is why many people still think that Absolut is Russian vodka.

Is Absolut vodka Swedish?

Absolut has always been a Swedish vodka that is made in Sweden. No other factory in the world is making Absolut vodka. Unlike brands that include Smirnoff, Russian-sounding vodka is now made in Ireland and the UK, and many other global distilleries. The Absolut name doesn’t sound Swedish either.

Even though it has a picture of the founder on the bottle, most people think that a rich-looking bald guy with a beard must be Russian. Not many people know that Absolut is Swedish vodka at all. If anything, Absolut looks more European with a bottle shape that looks old-fashioned.

What is Absolut vodka made from?

Absolut vodka is made from winter wheat that is grown in Sweden. It has a different taste than regular wheat because it grows underneath the first snow in the fall. This causes the wheat to have a harder grain that develops as the wheat protects itself from the cold.

The water is collected from well water deep beneath the ground in Ahus where it’s distilled. This water is cleaner than most drinking water and is pure and natural water that gives Absolut a better taste. Many vodka brands add sugar, but Absolut doesn’t use sugar to help the distillation.

How many times is Absolut vodka distilled?

This brand of vodka is distilled twice using a method that is called continuous distillation. This is very different than batch distillation because the alcoholic spirits that are distilled are cycled back and forth so the finished product is very pure. It’s also very effective for fermenting wheat mash.

This allows only 8% of fermented mash to turn into crude alcohol, but when it’s cycled back and forth, it refines the spirits. It can go on to create alcohol levels as high as 85-90%, which is 170-180 proof for each continuous batch that is distilled.

How much does Absolut vodka cost?

Various bottle sizes determine the cost of Absolut vodka. This will include 4 different sizes ranging from 750 milliliters up to 1.5 liters. The cost can start at $13 and up to $40 for larger bottles. The price difference will also change depending on where it’s sold.

When this brand is sold online it might appear cheaper, but the cost of shipping will be just as expensive. It will be common to find Absolut vodka being sold in any liquor store or supermarket. Liquor stores also charge different prices that are more expensive than supermarkets.

Where can I buy Absolut vodka?

Any store where alcohol and spirits are sold is where Absolut vodka is found. Every restaurant where alcoholic drinks are served will always sell Absolut since it’s so popular. Even superstore locations including Target and Walmart will sell Absolut in their liquor section. These stores also sell this brand online.

Larger wholesale stores including Costco offer better cost savings when membership discounts are available. Absolut vodka is also popular to buy since there are collector bottles that come out fairly often. This makes this a unique collector’s item even for those who don’t like to drink vodka.

Who makes Absolut vodka?

The Absolut Company AB which is located in Sweden is the factory that is making Absolut vodka. They have been making vodka at this location since 1879 using the same water source they have close to their factory. This water is natural spring water that comes from a well.

The wheat that is grown for Absolute is also grown in the same city where Absolute is distilled. It’s planted in the fall so the wheat that grows will be harder grains that resist the cold weather. This gives Absolut vodka its signature flavor.

Who owns Absolute vodka?

Back in 2008, the Pernod Ricard company purchased Absolut as part of a larger deal that was worth 5.63 Billion dollars. The Absolute Company was sold at an auction of state-owned companies in Sweden as part of outstanding debt from Absolut that was worth 546 million dollars.

Three other companies made a bid for Absolut but Pernod Ricard was the lucky winner that is the new owner of Absolut vodka. After the auction win, the advertising for Absolut vodka was pushed much more than ever before. This included spots in movies and magazine adverts.

The Pernod Ricard Company is the second largest wine and spirits distributor in the world. They also own Chivas Regal whiskey, Beefeater Gin, and stock options of Seagrams. This has allowed Absolut vodka to become a global brand that is sold everywhere alcohol is sold in this world.