Where is Abbyson Furniture Made 2024?

Abbyson is the name of your stylish home decoration. From mirrors to electronics, Abbyson is everywhere. They have remained a true family brand through their beautiful timeless pieces for over 30 years.

In terms of crafting furniture, Abbyson considers every facet of design with meticulous attention. So, where is Abbyson Furniture made?

Where is Abbyson Furniture Made
Outdoor Seating Set/Source/Abbyson

Here is a short answer to where is Abbyson furniture made:

All Abbyson products including outdoor, living room, bedroom, and home office accessories, are designed in California. Later, they manufacture their furniture in numerous manufacturing facilities around the world.

Most of their manufacturing facilities are located throughout Europe and Asia. Abbyson’s exclusive factory is located in Malaysia, Vietnam, Shanghai, and Italy.

Where is Abbyson leather furniture made?

As mentioned, Abbyson’s exclusive manufacturing facilities are located in Malaysia, Vietnam, Shanghai, and Italy. The majority of leather furniture is manufactured in these exclusive factories.

At an affordable price, Abbyson’s focus is on stylish furniture — especially its leather items. Abbyson’s leather sofas fall within a budget range between $1500 and $3000.

Talking about their budget-friendly Torrington Leather Sofa, it comes under a price tag of $2000. Besides, they used top grain leather on the sofa.

On the sides and back, a leather match is used. Abbyson can produce budget-friendly sofas by using less leather and more vinyl.

Is Abbyson furniture made in China
Tuscan Tufted Leather Sofa/Source/Abbyson

Is Abbyson furniture made in China?

Abbyson makes its contemporary furniture in China, Malaysia, Germany, and Italy. They generally produce contemporary furniture in their manufacturing facilities in China, Malaysia, and Germany, and import them into the warehouses at their corporate HQ in California.

To be specific about Abbyson, the Durham Leather Pushback Reclining Sofa is made in China. They have a giant manufacturing facility in Shanghai.

This astonishing sofa comes with a 1-year warranty. Don’t worry about its quality. China is traditionally famous for making furniture.

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Is Abbyson furniture made in the USA?

Abbyson makes its furniture throughout the world. A major portion of their products is manufactured in Malaysia, Vietnam, Shanghai, and Italy. However, they make their design in California, USA.

If you search for the names of quality furniture manufacturers, Abbyson will appear at the top. For over three decades, they have been manufacturing quality furniture.

It has obtained excellent customer satisfaction. Abbyson’s headquarters is located in California. They do their furniture design here in California, USA.   

How much does Abbyson furniture cost?

Abbyson is the name of an affordable furniture manufacturer. Their furniture starts at $849.14. You will get Abbyson’s leather sofa for under $3k. Have a look at the below table where we specified Abbyson furniture with its average price:

Abbyson Furniture CategoryAverage Price
Abbyson Living Room FurnitureUnder EUR 203 to EUR 1018+
Abbyson Dining Room Furniture$60 to $150
Abbyson Bedroom Furniture$2k
Abbyson Home Office Furniture$40 to $150
Abbyson Outdoor Furniture$100 to $1500

Considering the price tag, Abbyson provides quality furniture for an affordable price.

Where to buy Abbyson furniture?

Abbyson furniture is widely available in its retail stores. You can order and find your nearest Addyson retail store just by visiting their website. In the US, you will find a lot of Abbyson warehouses and retail stores.

Apart from retail stores, Abbyson furniture is also available on online marketplaces. You will surely find Abbyson furniture on online marketplaces like:

  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • Alibaba.com

You may prefer Amazon to other online marketplaces as Amazon provides authentic products for a reasonable price. Amazon also provides promotional codes. Using these promotional codes, you may further get some discounts.

Who manufactures the Abbyson sofa?

A&G Italy manufactures the Abbyson sofa. Abbyson launched its upholstery division in Matera, Italy under the name of A&G Italy. This upholstery division predominantly manufactures the Abbyson sofa.

Abbyson furniture is manufactured globally. Its headquarters is located in California. But, Abbyson has a lot of manufacturing facilities in Asian and European countries.   

In 2021, Abbyson launched its upholstery division in Italy. This Matera-based division manufactures Abbyson sofas. Besides, A&G Italy represents the first manufacturing partner in Europe.

Who owns Abbyson?

Abby Rafieha is the founder and CEO of Abbyson Corporation. In 1989, Abby Rafieha founded the Abbyson Corporation. Currently, the company’s headquarter is located in the greater Los Angeles region, USA.

In 1989, Abby Rafieha launched Abbyson Corporation with a mission to bring homes to life with stylish and expertly crafted furniture. They have launched their furniture, especially focusing on the mid-budget of consumers.

Nowadays, Abbyson has become a name of a budget-friendly furniture manufacturer. The company currently has full control of its supply chain. Hence, they can provide quality products alongside superb delivery and first-rate customer service.

Is Abbyson furniture real wood?

According to the Abbyson authority, they use solid birchwood with an espresso veneer in their living, dining, and bedroom furniture. These solid birchwoods are extremely strong and are considered to be real wood.

Talking about Birch Wood has high bending and compressive strength. Due to its great strength, Birch Wood is often used as high-grade plywood and the main ingredient of furniture, cabinets, and flooring.

Birchwood is also high shock resistant. Abbyson ensures you have solid and durable furniture. To do so, they use quality products as raw materials. Abbyson values your money.

Is Abbyson furniture ethically made?

As a furniture brand, Abbyson has over 30 years of reputation. They manufacture all of their products in the sweetest manufacturing facility in the world. Most of their manufacturing facilities are located in numerous Asian and European countries.

Since 1989, no labor objections have been reported featuring Abbyson. They are paid according to their skills and contributions. Abbyson always tries to uphold its reputation. Consequently, we can conclude by saying that Abbyson Furniture is ethically made.