Where Are Zline Appliances Made 2024: Ranges, Stoves & more

Zline is one of the fastest-growing and most innovative kitchen appliance companies in the US.

The best thing about Zline is its affordability. Within your budget, you can easily purchase Zline appliances compared with Vikings or other renowned brands.

Hence, you may be curious about its manufacturing locations or quality. Let’s find out, where are Zline appliances made.

Major parts of Zline appliances are manufactured in the USA, Italy, and Germany. Collecting these parts, Zline assembles their products in China. They have their own facilities in China.

where are zline appliances made

Zline has advanced manufacturing plants in China. To ensure the best quality, Zline collects its parts from the best places.

The parts of Zline products are manufactured in reputed countries. Let’s find out where specific Zline products are manufactured —

where are zline ranges made


The Zline manufacturer makes their ranges in China. Before manufacturing, they source key parts of their ranges from the USA, Italy, and Germany.

Customers get exceptional quality appliances from Zline as they source premium materials from premium places. They source burners for their ranges exclusively from Italy.

Consequently, Zline ranges are featured with —

  • Premium stainless steel
  • Easy-to-install adjustment legs
  • 50-60% less expensive

Zline ranges are leading the market through their amazing affordability.


The manufacturer makes Zline stoves in China.

While manufacturing, Zline imports its handcrafted burners from Italy and hinges from the United States.

Zline stoves will give you a premium feel for these imported premium materials. In China, they assemble Zline ranges with materials imported from the US, Italy, and Germany.

You will find three types of Zline ranges according to their materials. They generally use three major materials in their stoves—

  • Stainless Steel
  • Black Stainless Steel
  • DuraSnow Stainless Steel

Using premium steel, the DuraSnow appliances are made. Besides, the DuraSnow appliances deter the harshest of elements.

Hence, DuraSnow Stainless Steel stoves are easy to clean, shine, and easily repairable.

where are zline ovens made


Like other Zline products, their Ovens are also manufactured in China.

The Zline craftsmen assemble Zline ovens in Zline-owned facilities in China. Before manufacturing, Zline imports key parts of their ovens from the US, Germany, and Italy.

These imported parts of Zline ovens are:

  • Broil Element
  • Oven Rack
  • Bake Element
  • Light Bulb & Assembly
  • Vent Tube
  • Convection Fan
  • Fan Blade
  • Convection Baffle
  • Warming Drawer
  • Gas Oven Igniter

Using premium-grade stainless steel, the manufacturer makes the circumstance Zline parts. In China, Zline craftsmen just assemble these parts and give an excellent finish to their ovens.

where are zline faucet made


In Lake Tahoe, USA, the manufacturer makes Zline Faucets.

Zline generally assembles the majority of its products in China. They first collect parts of their products from premium countries. Later, they give shape to their products in the Chinese facilities.

Nonetheless, Zline Faucets are completely manufactured in the USA. These USA-made Zline faucets are featured with —

  • Variety of designs
  • Excellent finish
  • Affordability
  • Durability

Zline also uses brushed nickel, gunmetal, chrome, matte black, and polished gold metal in their faucets.

Who makes Zline appliances?

Zline itself makes all of its products. They have some advanced manufacturing facilities in China. Their skilled craftsmen make and assemble their products in China.

Before manufacturing in China, Zline designs its products in Lake Tahoe, USA. They also source the majority of their products from suitable countries.

Zline generally supplies kitchen and bath items in the market. They are widely known for their premium kitchen appliances for comparatively low prices.

Have a glance at the premium Zline appliances —

  • Ranges
  • Appliance Packages
  • Range Hoods
  • Microwaves
  • Mini Splits
  • Cast Iron Skillets

In their Chinese facilities, Zline makes these premium appliances.

Which ZLINE is made in China?

From Zline Ranges to Ovens, the majority of their products are assembled in China.

Zline is a USA-based manufacturer of kitchen appliances. Its headquarter is located in Lake Tahoe, USA.

Though Zline makes their Faucet in the USA, they assemble their products in China. They prominently source steel grade metals from the USA to ensure premium finishing for Zline kitchen appliances.

As the labor cost in China is comparatively low, many companies prefer China to establish manufacturing facilities.

Likewise, Zline has advanced manufacturing plants in China. In these Chinese factories, skilled craftsmen of Zline work with intensive care for your desired products.

In short, Zline assembles all of its products in China except its faucets.

who owns Zline appliances

Who owns Zline appliances?

Andrew Zuro owns Zline appliances.

Throughout history, Andrew Zuro is the key man behind the success of Zline appliances. He first began the Zline business in the USA.

Zline is a family-owned business. Under the leadership of Andrew Zuro, Zline operates its business in Nevada, Tennessee, and Ohio.

In the kitchen appliance industry, Zline is very young. Nonetheless, the company generates more than $12 million every year selling its kitchen appliances.

Zline kitchen’s corporate office is located in Reno, Nevada. More than 133 employees work in their corporate office.

Hence, Zline is growing rapidly under the leadership of Andrew Zuro.

Is Zline ethically made?

Zline collects built-in parts from numerous countries. After collecting these parts of their products, they assemble these Zline items in China.

All Zline factories in China obey government rules and regulations. They hardy promote child labor. Besides, the workers in these factories are paid well.

In the USA, Zline pays their employees according to their designation. They have flourished their business as a brand.

Hence, Zline products are ethically made.