Where Are Zinus Mattresses Made 2024

Zinus is an upward and rapidly growing e-commerce company in the 2020s. It wholesales and distributes Home-need furniture, Platform beds, Hybrid mattresses, and Foam mattresses.

Zinus mattresses have been in-demand products in the US markets for more than a decade. The company always makes sure of the best quality of mattresses.

Before buying a Zinus mattress you may wonder, where are Zinus mattresses made?

As of this writing, Zinus mattresses are manufactured in several countries in Asia and North America.

where are Zinus mattresses made

South Korean companies are responsible for designing mattresses. Except for one model, most of the mattresses are manufactured in Xiamen, China. Zinus first started its business in Seoul, South Korea.

The company expanded its business into twenty countries including Australia, Canada, and Japan within a couple of years. Zinus has the best manufacturing facilities in China & Indonesia.

It is a well-known global bed-in-a-box company and it makes affordable mattresses for people. China is the parent manufacturing country of Zinus mattresses.

Zinus mattress manufacturing countries at a glance-

  • South Korea
  • China
  • Indonesia
  • The USA

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are Zinus mattresses made in the USA

Are Zinus mattresses made in the USA?

The popular Gel Memory Foam is the only mattress made in the United States.

This is one of the highly recommended mattresses for its excellent quality and is currently popular in the US markets.

In the beginning, China was making all of the Zinus mattresses. But now several countries including Indonesia are making Zinus mattresses and selling them worldwide in a legal way.

According to a recent report, there are a lot of distribution centers for Zinus mattresses across the United States. They distribute & wholesale the popular mattresses into the country.

A 2020s report said Zinus Inc. will develop its first North American manufacturing plant by investing around $108 million. Now, Zinus has McDonough, a Georgia-based manufacturing plant.

where are Zinus bed frames made

Where are Zinus bed frames made?

Zinus bed frames are made in China as well as the United States. Besides, it is also made in Indonesia for the past couple of years. But it is designed in Seoul, South Korea.

Zinus bed frame manufacturing countries make them according to the right shapes so that they fit the mattresses perfectly. You can get the right size bed frames you want to buy for your room.

The height ranges are between 5 and 14 inches. Here are some bed frame sizes given below:

  • Twin Size – 6” H x 38” W x 74.5” L
  • Full Size – 6” H x 53.5” W x 74.5” L
  • Queen  Size– 6” H x 60” W x 80” L
  • King Size – 6” H x 76” W x 80” L

Zinus bed frames are made of heavy metal or genuine solid wood. The bed frames are made with a unique pattern & design. However, South Korea is the leading country to design Zinus products.

where are Zinus platform beds made

Where are Zinus platform beds made?

Zinus started making its platform beds in China at the beginning of the business. Later, the company expanded its business in several countries on the top two continents.

Now, more than a couple of countries in Asia and North America are making the Zinus platform beds and exporting them across the world.

There are lots of distribution centers of the company worldwide. As a result, Zinus platform beds are available worldwide. These beds are more functional than it looks. 

is Zinus owned by Amazo

Is Zinus owned by Amazon?

The answer is “No.” Amazon is not the owner of Zinus or not a shareholder of the mattress company.

The e-commerce company is just selling Zinus products through its website. Zinus is owned by a Chinese company.

Most of the products of Zinus including mattresses are available on Amazon. You can buy your favorite Zinus products at an affordable price from the e-commerce company from home.

Who owns Zinus mattress company?

A successful entrepreneur named Youn Jae Lee is the founder and owner of Zinus mattress company.

He founded the company about four decades ago. In the very beginning, Youn Lee sold the products outdoors from a tent in Seoul, South Korea.

Later, he moved the company into his home and made it one of the most high-standard mattress companies. Mr. Youn Jae Lee is the key person in developing the world-class mattress company.

Is Zinus a US company?

No, Zinus is a Chinese company.

However, its products are manufactured in the United States as well. Nevertheless, Zinus is not mainly an American company.

But Zinus USA Inc. is a daughter company of it. Currently, there are a lot of wholesaling and distributing centers of Zinus in the United States.

Zinus has its manufacturing factory in McDonough, Georgia 30252. So, Zinus USA, Inc. is a subsidiary company of China-based Zinus Inc. It supplies indoor comfort products including mattresses, pillows, and beds to regular customers.

Wrap up

As of today,  Zinus is manufacturing its mattresses in other countries besides China. The company has expanded its business throughout two continents within a few years.

Surprisingly, Zinus provides more than 25 million people a place to relax and help them for a sound sleep. So, it is undoubtedly one of the high-demandable mattress brands, if you want to buy its products.