Where Are YETI Cups Made 2024? – (All Country Revealed)

While camping or stashing cold beers in the backyard, YETI cups will be your best companion. YETI is best known for its insulated coolers and durability.

Before purchasing a Yeti cup, you may wonder, where are these cups actually made?

YETI Cups are prominently manufactured in the USA, China, and the Philippines. Generally, the manufacturer makes all YETI tumblers and coolers in China.

where are YETI cups made

In the United States, they make Tundra coolers of YETI. Nonetheless, some YETI cups are also manufactured in Mexico.

In the finest manufacturing facilities, the manufacturer makes YETI cups using kitchen-grade stainless steel. While manufacturing, they use a double-wall vacuum insulator on YETI.

As a result, YETI cups can keep drinks cold or hot twice as long as its plastic counterparts.

The manufacturing process of YETI cups reveals that the outer side of the inner stainless steel is coated with a layer of copper.

You will find a vacuum layer between two stainless steel walls of YETI cups. This feature prevents heat transfer through convection or radiation and conduction.

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who manufactures YETI mugs

Who manufactures YETI mugs?

America’s one of the top-notch rotational molding manufacturers, Dutchland Plastics, manufactures YETI mugs.

YETI founders, Roy and Ryan, were frustrated that they didn’t live up to their standards, especially in cooling duration and durability. Consequently, they were searching for an American manufacturer to build high-quality coolers.

Roy and Ryan gave all manufacturing control to Dutchland. Today, you can find Dutchland workers in the Oostburg, WI plant assembling, fabricating, and packaging YETI coolers.

Since 2014, Dutchland has been manufacturing YETI coolers. The partnership has flourished as both companies share a commitment to quality that is unmatched.

On the sturdy foundation of trust, both YETI and Dutchland have expanded their relationship. Dutchland Plastics is now generating more than $82 million every year.  

are YETI cups made in Mexico

Are YETI cups made in Mexico?

In Monterrey, Mexico, YETI manufacturers make YETI cups.

YETI comes in three sizes and 11 colors. They also offer customization to their products.

According to the manufacturers, all customized products of YETI cups are manufactured in San Antonio, TX, Austin, TX, and Monterrey, Mexico.

Mexico ranks the top in the 2022 soda consumption survey. More than 127 million people in Mexico drink soda. Hence, the demand for coolers in Mexico is high compared to other countries.

To fulfill the demand for coolers, YETI cups are manufactured in Mexico as well.

However, YETI doesn’t give online services in Mexico, United Arab Emirates, and Japan. Hence, the Mexican people need to contact authorized dealers to have YETI cups.

What factory does YETI use?

In the United States, YETI factories are located in Iowa and Wisconsin. Outside the United States, they have production facilities in China and the Philippines.

YETI is an ethical company. It complies with all applicable fair competition and antitrust laws. The company competes honestly and fairly.

To avoid unfair practices, YETI relies on the judgment of each employee.

In Wisconsin, YETI particularly uses the Oostburg factory. As we know, Dutchland Plastics makes all YETI products. Hence, you will find Dutchland workers in these factories.

Who owns YETI?

YETI Holdings is the parent company of YETI.

There are a lot of subsidiaries of YETI Holdings. Under the name of YETI, they have a lot of branches in —

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • The UK
  • Hong Kong
  • Japan

Nearly 16 years ago, Ryan and Roy Seiders founded YETI Holdings. In 2021, YETI holdings earned a sales revenue of $1.41 billion.

Where is YETI’s headquarters located?

YETI’s headquarters is located in Austin, Texas.

From Arkansas and Utah, YETI products and blank YETI items are often shipped. This American company specializes in outdoor products like:

  • Ice Chests
  • Soft coolers
  • Vacuum-insulated stainless-steel drinkware

In Austin, Texas, YETI operates all of its products.   

Wrap Up

YETI is often compared with Hydro Flask. Though YETI cups will cost you more than Hydro Flask, the design and color variation will surely amaze you.