Where Are Yankee Candles Made 2024

The Yankee Candle Company is a prominent American multiracial company. This company specializes in manufacturing candles, candle holders, dinnerware, and accessories.

At present, Yankee Candle holds the form of being the largest candle manufacturer in the United States.

Yankee Candle has spread its business over 50 countries. Let’s find out where this multinational company makes its candles in 2024.

The Yankee Candle Company manufactures Yankee Candles in South Deerfield, Massachusetts, United States.

As the parent company, Newell Brands controls the overall operations of the candle company.

Where Are Yankee Candles Made

Astonishingly, Yankee Candle manufactures candles at that single plant in Massachusetts and supplies all 267 stores worldwide.

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Are Yankee Candles American?

Yankee Candle is a proud American company. It manufactures all its candles, candleholders, and other necessary items for a romantic dinner table in the United States. So, yes, Yankee candles are a hundred percent American product.

Moreover, the company was first initiated by an American, which makes this company a purely American company. The materials needed to continue the Yankee candle production process are also domestic materials.

Are Yankee candles made in China?

The answer is no. Yankee candles are not made in China. However, China is one of the most intensive consumers of the company’s candles.

The demand for Yankee candles on the market is massive. So, many think the company must be getting help from other countries to meet market demand. Moreover, some have a  misconception that Yankee candles are produced in China.

However, the actual scenario is different for Yankee candles. The company does not take any help from other countries, including China. All the production process is done in the United States to supply candles globally.

Are Yankee Candles American

What company makes Yankee candles?

The Yankee Candle Company is a subsidiary company. Its parent company is Newell Brands which is responsible for all the operations of the company. So, Newell Brands is the one that manufactures Yankee candles.

Besides manufacturing Yankee candles, Newell also handles the official works of this candle company. Moreover, the distribution of Yankee candles is under the control of Newell.

Who owns Yankee candles?

As of 2023, Newell Brands is the parent company or owner of Yankee Candle. In 2015, the company acquired ownership of this candle company. However, Yankee Candle Company has a history of changing hands several times.

In 1969, Michael Kittredge first established the Yankee Candle Company. Its headquarter was in Holyoke, Massachusetts, USA. When the company began to expand, Michael Kittredge shifted the HQ to South Deerfield, Massachusetts, in 1983.

After 29 years, in 1998, Forstmann Little & Co. purchased 90 percent market share from Michael Kittredge and became the owner of the Yankee Candle Company.

Then in 2015, Newbell Brands took over the company, holding the majority share of the company. At present, Yankee Candle Company is a billion dollars company thanks to Newell Brands’ marketing tactics.

How many factories does Yankee candle have?

With a large supply chain, the production of Yankee Candle Company’s candles must be increased. However, it has only one manufacturing plant in Western Massachusetts.

The Yankee Candle Company’s plant is large enough to cover all the demand in the market. Besides being large, its working environment and production process are efficient and sufficient to meet the consumers’ demand.

Some people think that Yankee Candle Company has several factories across the United States. Moreover, some even think that Yankee has a contract with China to manufacture Yankee candles, dinnerware, candle holders, etc.

But the reality is different. It is a proud company of Massachusetts, United States. All the production and corporate workings are based in this state. And the company can produce sufficient products from a single factory.

Where are Yankee candles sold?

Yankee Candle Company may be the largest candle company that has this massive supply chain. It distributes candles and other accessories in over 50 countries. Besides, it has a vast lineup in the United States.

You will find Yankee candles in 43 US states and Ontario. Besides the company’s outlets and offline stores, you can buy candles from the company’s official website.

Moreover, there are some other online retailers on some websites that sell Yankee candles, including

  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • Sam’s Club
  • Kohl’s
  • The Paper Store
  • Bed Bath & Beyond

How much do Yankee candles cost?

Generally, economical candles cost around two to five dollars. On the other hand, luxury candles can cost from 10 to 35 dollars per candle bar. In this case, you can consider Yankee candles as luxury candles.

The quality of Yankee candles is beyond comparison with other brands. Its low carbon emission and non-toxic vapor made this candle ideal for those who are health concerned.

There are several types of Yankee candles. Some candles produce a delightful aroma, are used for candlelight dinners, and create a romantic environment. And some are just for illuminating and decoration.

The Yankee candles that produce aroma start at 26 dollars per jar, and the highest price for this type of candle is 35 dollars. On the other hand, unscented tea candles’ price range is from six dollars to 15 dollars.