Where Are Wrangler Jeans Made 2024 – (All Country Revealed)

Wrangler jeans are made in the USA, China, Mexico, Nicaragua, and Bangladesh.

Using American grown cotton, the Wrangler manufacturer makes its denim, jeans, and related products in numerous countries worldwide.

where are Wrangler jeans made

In Wrangler jeans, skilled artisans use excellent production facilities around the world to create each pair.

As a result, Wrangler jeans have become a common name among teenagers.

Wrangler has some world-class factories in the below countries:

  • Bangladesh
  • China
  • Mexico
  • Nicaragua
  • USA

In Bangladesh, Refat Garments Ltd. makes Wrangler jeans. Likewise, the fashion brand has licensed manufacturers in the circumstance countries.

Besides, Wrangler has a giant manufacturing facility in Toledo, Ohio. Wrangler jeans produced in the Ohio plant are exclusively supplied to the USA and Canada.

Hence, the Wrangler jeans on the US market are tagged with made-in-USA.

As the demand for Wrangler jeans has increased rapidly, the manufacturer has expanded their manufacturing operations outside the United States.

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which company makes Wrangler jeans

Which company makes Wrangler Jeans?

Kontoor Brands Inc. makes Wrangler jeans across the United States.

Under the leadership of Kontoor Brands, Wrangler jeans are manufactured in Bangladesh, Mexico, China, and Nicaragua by third-party manufacturers.

Kontoor Brands, Inc. is a global lifestyle apparel company. The company leads the denim market by manufacturing jeans products for Wrangler, Lee, and Rock & Republic.

The USA-made Wrangler jeans are made by Kontoor Brands. The company has third-party manufacturers like Refat Garments Ltd. in Bangladesh, making denim and related jeans products for Wrangler.

Kontoor Brand’s Yucatan division makes Wrangler jeans in Mexico. Yucatan, Mexico has a global reputation for manufacturing quality jeans.

In short, Kontoor Brands Inc. mainly makes Wrangler jeans in the United States. Wrangler’s denim and jeans products are made by numerous third-party manufacturers outside the United States.

are all Wrangler jeans made in America

Are all Wrangler jeans made in America?

The answer is “NO.” All Wrangler jeans are not made in America.

Instead, fashion brands make their products in numerous countries like Bangladesh, China, Mexico, Nicaragua, and so on.

For nearly 90 years, Wrangler had a vast manufacturing operation throughout the United States. The fashion brand stopped its USA-based plant and switched its manufacturing operations to textile-oriented countries.

As a result, we can’t say that all Wrangler jeans are made in America.

when did Wrangler stop making jeans in the USA

When did Wrangler stop making jeans in the USA?

In 2005, Wrangler stopped making jeans in the USA.

Wrangler-manufactured has confirmed that their jeans are no longer made in the USA. The company has switched its vast manufacturing operations in many countries.

There are only a limited number of Rooted Collection items available today. The manufacturer only makes a few pieces of blue jeans in the USA.

Instead, Wrangler has been making its quality jeans in Mexico, Bangladesh, Nicaragua, and so on.

Wrangler started its small business in 1947. The company gained enormous popularity by making quality jeans in the United States.

Besides, the company gained massive attention for making comfortable jeans and western apparel.

From 1904 to 1994, Wrangler operated in the United States. The company was committed to a 90-year attachment.

However, Wrangler stopped their manufacturing operation in the United States in 2005. The reason for stopping manufacturing operations in the United States is unclear to us.

Are Wrangler jeans made in Mexico?

The answer is, “YES.” Wrangler jeans are made in Mexico.

Wrangler stopped their vast manufacturing operations in the United States. The company is growing its business by making its products from a third-party manufacturers.

In Bangladesh, Mexico, and Nicaragua, Wrangler has some world-class manufacturing facilities.

Likewise, Yucatan, Mexico is the Mexico-based third-party manufacturer of Wrangler Jeans.

Yucatan, Mexico has 68 factories where the company makes your favorite Wrangler Jeans.

While manufacturing Wrangler jeans in Mexico, the manufacturer uses American-grown cotton. As a result, you can feel fantastic comfort wearing Wrangler jeans.

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where are Wrangler cowboy cut jeans made

Where are Wrangler cowboy cut jeans made?

Wrangler cowboy cut jeans are made in EL Paso, Texas.

Though Wrangler has stopped their jeans production in the United States, the manufacturer makes some masterpieces in the United States.

In the Texas-based manufacturing facilities, Wrangler primarily makes its cowboy cut jeans.

Wrangler premium rooted collection is currently sold out. Nonetheless, its cowboy cut jeans are available worldwide.

Wrangler’s Cowboy cut jeans are designed and wear-tested by real cowboys. The Cowboy cut jeans have the below features:

  • High-back pockets
  • A tapered leg from Knee to Bottom
  • Smooth round rivets and extra room in the seat
  • A wide space between the front belt loops

Hence, Wrangler cowboy jeans have the advantage of riding easier and more comfortably. Besides, Wrangler jeans have the great utility of front belt loops.

Who owns Wrangler?

Kontoor Brands owns the Wrangler Jeans.

Based in North Carolina, Wrangler is an American manufacturer of jeans and other clothing. Kontoor Brands is the parent organization of Wrangler Jeans.

In 2019, Kontoor Brands purchased the ownership of Wrangler Jeans.

Today, Kontoor brands make more than 1.57 billion selling Wrangler jeans.