Where Are Werner Ladders Made 2024 – Is It Made in US?

Werner ladders are made in the United States.

It’s a private company founded in 1922, who are distributing and manufacturing fiberglass and aluminum ladders.

Besides the USA, Werner also retains its warehousing, manufacturing, sales, and distribution plants in;

  • Australia
  • China
  • Mexico
  • Canada
  • Vietnam
  • The United Kingdom
where are Werner ladders made

The headquarters of Werner is placed at 555 Pierce Road, Suite 300, Itasca. Werner’s biggest manufacturing plant is based in Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico.

Not long ago, the company moved to the UK and constructed the world’s most massive manufacturing plants in the UK.

Moreover, they also have experience selling products and operating their company in Europe.

This particular article will support you find out Werner’s owner’s name, manufacturing plants, and a brief history of this ladder manufacturing company.

Who owns Werner ladders?

New Werner Holding Co, Inc. and Old Ladder Co.(DE), Inc. both own Werner ladders.

Both of the companies were considered holding companies. Their headquarters is placed at 61 Executive Ct West Middlesex, US.

Besides ladders, the companies also manufacture;

  • Portable Metal
  • Aluminum Rolling Mills
  • Extrusion Ingot
  • Vertical Lifelines
  • Climbing Equipment
  • Household Step Tools
  • Synthetic Resin Finished Items
  • Stationary or Mobile Metal
  • Scaffolds
  • Ramps
  • Harness
  • Pump Jacks
  • Planks
  • Wood Nonresidential Building Operators
  • Stepladders
  • Anchor Connection Products

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who makes Werner ladders

Who makes Werner ladders?

Werner Co. makes Werner ladders. The company was established by Richard D. Werner in 1922.

Werner Co. is specialized in manufacturing metal moldings.

The owner company, Werner Co. leads as an international subordinate of New Werner Holding Co., Inc.

During the World War II limitation on civilian metal uses, the company became a pioneer in plastic extrusion.

After the combat, Werner commenced working with aluminum sheets and developed a strength in manufacturing aluminum ladders.

In 1963, the company manufactured its first fiberglass ladder. Later on, Werner reassemble itself and vend most of the holdings to a renowned international investment group named Investcorp S.A.

The company’s fiberglass ladders are the most stable, heavier, and more durable than wood or aluminum ladders. Fiberglass ladders are built for handling the demand of numerous applications.

Werner ladders offer five different duty ratings and those are identified by their type and grade. The company’s ladders are designed for bearing a maximum weight of 300 pounds.

Where did Werner ladders start?

Werner ladders were started in New York City by Richard D. Werner in 1922. He took over as the former chairman of R.D. Werner Company Inc.

Initially, the company was in Greenville, Pa.

Werner was the pioneer in manufacturing injection-molded products and was one of the leading manufacturers to use fiberglass and aluminum for climbing types of equipment.

Is Werner an American company?

Yes, Werner is an American company. It is named after Werner Enterprise, Inc. Its customer care sector is based in Greenville, Pennsylvania.

The company is serving Mexico, Canada, the United States, and Europe. The company’s ladders are good enough and worth every penny.

Werner Enterprise claimed that it generated a massive revenue of $2.7 billion. In addition, the company retains more than 13,500 contractors and employees.

Except for ladders, the company itself manufactures fall protection equipment and light-duty construction items.

Werner’s vision for maintaining the quality of its products as well as the safety of consumers.

is Werner ladder out of business

Is Werner ladder out of business?

It is not entirely clear whether Werner ladder is out of business or not.

Indeed, the company is running out of money but tries to carry out its business. They filed chapter 11 bankruptcy on June 12.

On June 12, Werner announced that various affiliated companies undergo filed voluntary petitions to recognize under chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code.

Werner Co. has received this action for implementing a financial rebuild that will give financial support and flexibility to finish the operational rebuild already underway.

The company’s strategy is to be a low-cost manufacturer of ladders and other climbing types of equipment along with leveraging the brand to ensure subsequent growth.

During the chapter 11 rebuild process, Werner expects to regulate its normal course of business. All of the brand’s distributing and manufacturing plants are open and maintained to distribute consumers in the previous course.

For returning to its normal business during the rebuild process, the company ensured a commitment of $99 million from Black Diamond Commercial Finance as debtor-in-possession.