Where Are Village Candles Made 2024

Since 1993, Village Candles has been sharing its love and experience creating the richest and brightest candles alongside quality fragrances.

To do so, they seek and source the finest ingredients, hire fragrance artists, and bring illuminating innovation to the craft.

While purchasing Village Candles, you may search “where are Village Candles made?

Where Are Village Candles Made

Here is a short answer to where are village candles made:

Village Candles are made in Maine, United States.

They have a lot of outlets across the United States. Recently, they opened their new outlet in North Conway.

However, all Village Candles products are made in the sweetest manufacturing facility in Maine, United States.  

Are village candles made in the USA?

Yes, all Village Candles products are made in the USA.

Village Candle is an American brand that makes fragranced candles. In the US, their factory is located in Maine, USA.

Although Village Candle sources its raw ingredients overseas, the manufacturing process is done in Maine. Currently, they are now beloved by fragrance lovers all around the world. Their dream came true for their fragrance collection here in Wells, Maine.

Are Yankee Candles and Village Candles the same?

Village Candles contain two wicks whereas Yankee Candles contain only one wick. Having two wicks, Village Candles can create a cleaner burn. It also generates less soot resulting in little left in the bottom jar.

But, both Yankee Candles and Village Candles can last for the same time. Considering the same duration of burning, Yankee Candles and Village Candles can be said the same.

As Village Candles contain two wicks resulting in a cleaner burn, you may prefer it to Yankee Candles. Village Candles will give you more for your money.

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What company makes Village candles?

Stonewall Kitchen is making Village Candles.

On 3 February 2020, Stonewall Kitchen announced its fourth acquisition. They purchase the American brand Village Candles which makes fragranced candles, gifts, and accessories.

Headquartered in York, Maine, Stonewall Kitchen is known as the leading producer of specialty foods and home goods. Jonathan King and Jim Stott founded this company in 1991.

Acquiring the Village Candle, Stonewall Kitchen launched the New Gentlemen’s collection. Their Gentleman collection includes:

  • Moonlit Surf
  • Spiced Tobac & Honey
  • Bergamot & Amber
  • Hearthside Pine
  • Leather & Musk Noir
  • Clean Musk & Vetiver
  • Dark Berries & Cedar

Stonewall Kitchen currently boasts more than 8.5k wholesale accounts nationwide and internationally.  

Does Stonewall kitchen own Village Candles?

Yes, Stonewall Kitchen owns the Village Candle.

As mentioned, the transaction between Village Candles and Stonewall Kitchen happened on 3 February 2020. As the owner of Village Candles, Stonewall Kitchen currently makes all products of Village Candles.

After purchasing the Village Candles, Stonewall Kitchen launched a new production line. They named it Gentlemen’s Collection.

As the subsidiary of Stonewall Kitchen, they are marketing featured products like:

  • Apple and Maple Bourbon Candle
  • Room Spray
  • Fall Dough Bowl
  • Frasier Fir
  • Flannel Wax Melt
  • Frasier Fir

Selling their Gentlemen’s Collection, Village Candle is also making handsome revenue. They have grown their international presence in over 32 countries.

A recent survey has shown that Stonewall Kitchen has made revenue of $64.7 million. They are expanding their business by purchasing featured brands.

Who owns Village Candles?

York, Maine-based American brand, Stonewall Kitchen owns the Village Candle.

On 3 February 2020, the CEO of Stonewall Kitchen, John Stiker, announced their fourth purchase — Village Candle. Hence, they no longer remain a food producer brand. Rather, Stonewall Kitchen is now a versatile brand.

Currently, Stonewall Kitchen has seven subsidiaries. These companies are:

  • Vermont Coffee Company
  • Spruce Naturals, LLC
  • Village Cannery of Vermont Inc.
  • Urban Accents
  • Michel Design Works
  • Metzger Specialty Brands, Inc.
  • Village Candle Inc.

Stonewall Kitchen has become a home to an ever-growing family of lifestyle brands. Throughout history, Stonewall Kitchen was acquired by PE firms in 2019.  

How much do Village Candles cost?

Village Candles averagely cost under $50. The price may vary according to its size and weight. Compared with other brands, Village Candle is not an expensive brand.

To be specific, have a glance at Village Candle’s featured products and their price:

Items NamePrice (Officially given)
Fall Dough Bowl$29
Apple & Maple Bourbon Candle$18
Room Spray$8
Frasier Fir$26
Flannel Wax Melt$6

Hence, Village Candle is an Affordable brand in terms of fragrance candle collection.

Where are Village Candles sold?

Village Candle products are available in gift stores, grocery stores, and online marketplaces throughout the United States. They have grown their international presence in over 32 countries.

Apart from Grocery Stores and Gift Stores, you may prefer online marketplaces like:

  • Amazon
  • Wayfair
  • Walmart
  • Alibaba.com

You can save valuable time by online shopping. You may prefer Amazon for its amazing offers. Amazon provides seasonal discounts. For a particular time, you can shop items for an amazingly low price.

Besides, Amazon offers the usage of Amazon-affiliate promotional codes on their platform. Using these promotional codes, you can also get a discount.

Is Village Candle still in business?

Village Candle was sold to Stonewall Kitchen. The transaction happened on 3 February 2020. The CEO of Stonewall Kitchen confirmed their four acquisitions. Consequently, the million-dollar business of Village Candle is now run by Stonewall Kitchen.

How long does Village Candle last?

Village Candles can burn for up to 105 hours.

Burning time depends on the amount of wax and the raw ingredients. The Village Candle contains two wicks of wax. Besides, these candles are made of pure essential oils and plant extracts. Consequently, the burn time of Village Candle becomes more than 105 hours!