Where Are True Classic Tees Made 2024 – Is it US or China?

True Classic is a well-known t-shirt brand. It offers super soft and fit premium t-shirts for men at an affordable price range. Besides t-shirts, True Classic marketed hoodies, shorts, jeans, chinos, and joggers.

This brand’s apparel became famous within a short period for its best-quality materials. Wearing the popular t-shirts of this brand, you may wonder: where are True Classic tees manufactured?

True Classic manufactures tees mostly in China. But China is not the only producer of this company. The t-shirt brand has manufacturing facilities in Egypt and Vietnam.

where are True Classic Tees made

If you look at the label of True Classic tees, you will find its producing country. Some t-shirts are labeled as made in China and others are labeled as made in Egypt or Vietnam.

True Classic tees company didn’t reveal the manufacturing factories’ locations on its official website. Anyway, we have figured out its manufacturing country through the label of these t-shirts.

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are True Classic Tees made in China

Are True Classic Tees made in China?

The answer is “Yes.” True Classic makes tees in China. The brand has the biggest manufacturing facility in the Chinese mainland.

True Classic tees company manufactures the majority of these products in a China-based factory and distributes them to retailers & wholesalers. The company has a big supply chain from China to the USA.

Most of the menswear products in True Classic stores are made in China tag. A certain number of experts are looking after the whole production system every moment.

True Classic has made a favorable position in the attire markets within three years. In addition, it is competing with other well-known menswear product brands due to its particular quality and affordable price.

Are True Classic Tees made in the USA?

No, True Classic doesn’t manufacture tees in the USA.  But American authorities operate the company. Anyway, the USA is the biggest t-shirt consumer market for this brand.

True Classic has a third-party manufacturing facility outside of the country. After production, these menswear products are assembled in the United States and marketed throughout the whole country.

True Classic is in great expansion mode at this moment. The newest direct-to-consumer tees brand announced its global expansion a few months ago. This brand has accelerated international growth with:

  • The United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
True Classic Tees a Chinese company

Is True Classic Tees a Chinese company?

No, True Classic isn’t a Chinese company. It is an American company.

The menswear brand is headquartered in Calabasas, California. That means from the production process to marketing all of them are controlled by the California-based headquarter.

In addition, an American entrepreneur founded True Classic tees company and has been doing business for more than three years. Hence, True Classic is an American t-shirt brand.

who is the owner of True Classic Tees

Who is the owner of True Classic Tees?

Ryan Bartlett is the current owner of True Classic Tees.

Not only the owner but also he is the founder of the t-shirt brand. Currently, he is serving as the Chief Executive Officer of True Classic.

Previously, Ryan was a musician and played piano at a restaurant. While he was struggling with his life, he took a business venture that changed his life. Ryan started the True Classic clothing line with his two partners.

Nick Ventura & Matt Winnick are the co-founders of the company. As of 2022, True Classic tees isn’t a subsidiary company of any multinational brand. It is an independent clothing line.

When was True Classic Tees founded?

In 2019, an American entrepreneur Ryan Bartlett established the True Classic tees brand in California, the United States.

It is a privately held menswear clothing company. One year later of its foundation, the company made its annual revenue from $0 to $150 million surprisingly. Thus it became one of the biggest clothing brands in the USA.

Now True Classic is a leading cloth brand that provides ultra-soft premium menswear tees. It is also a best-selling t-shirt brand like other American famous clothing brands including Buck Mason & Ralph Lauren Corporation.

what material are True Classic Tees made of

What material are True Classic Tees made of?

True Classic uses a combined material where 60% is combed cotton and the other 40% is polyester. The majority quantity of combed ring-spun cotton makes them very soft and comfortable to wear every day.

True Classic always makes t-shirts with simple designs. But there are a lot of colors available according to your choice. These attractive colors give t-shirts’ a premium look.

It isn’t the only brand using a cotton & polyester blend to make tees. Some other brands also use cotton and polyester blends. As an example: Buck Mason uses 50% polyester, 38% cotton, and 12% rayon blend.

Where to buy True Classic Tees?

You can buy True Classic’s tees from your nearby retail stores of this company. Hence, this brand’s products are available on its official website. You can get your favorite tees from there at an affordable price.

On the other hand, True Classic’s products are also available on several e-commerce shopping platforms like Amazon & Alibaba. So, you can buy True Classic’s products online easily from your home.

Bottom Line

True Classic is a popular e-commerce platform that manufactures and sells a wide range of tees for men. It is one of the newest clothing brands in the USA with annual revenue of nearly $150 million.

At present, the company manufactures its products outside of the USA including in China and Egypt with high-quality materials.

As True Classic’s popularity and product demand are increasing day by day, the company might expand its production facilities in more countries in the future.