Where Are Sub-Zero Refrigerators Made 2024?

Sub-Zero refrigerators are only made in the USA.

Currently, there are five manufacturing factories in the United States. These five production facilities are based in-

  • Wisconsin
  • Arizona
  • Kentucky
Where Are Sub-zero Refrigerators Made

The vast majority of the brand’s products are cautiously designed & built in its own Wisconsin and Arizona manufacturing facilities.

In addition, Sub-Zero has been developing a 400,000-square-foot manufacturing factory in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. It tends to be open in 2025.

After opening this factory, the company’s production will increase greatly. Sub-Zero is looking for a great expansion worldwide and of course the United States.

Though Sub-Zero refrigerators are manufactured in the USA, it imported some necessary parts from other countries.

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Are Sub-Zero refrigerators made in China?

Sub-Zero refrigerators are not made in China at all.

It does not have any manufacturing facility in China. Though Sub-Zero products are not made in China, its products are very popular in this country.

In fact, Sub-Zero competes with some famous Chinese brands in the market. However, Sub-Zero products are available in this country through international distributors.

Who manufactures Sub-Zero refrigerators?

As a parent organization, Sub-Zero Group, Inc. manufactures Sub-Zero refrigerators.

In recent years, it has become a leading American-based manufacturer of refrigeration. There are hundreds of skilled manufacturers who make the best refrigerator for the brand.

There are more than 3,000 employees who are working continuously on all of the production units of the Sub-Zero Freezer Company.

Westye manufactured the first freestanding freezer of this brand in his basement. However, Sub-Zero Group has been engaged in manufacturing refrigerators for more than 76 years.

Now Sub-Zero refrigerators are extensively designed and built by experts in the company’s own Wisconsin & Arizona manufacturing factories.

What is the life expectancy of a Sub-Zero refrigerator?

Sub-Zero refrigerator’s life expectancy is about 20 years.

The company ensured on its official website that its appliances have been designed to last a minimum of two decades. Sometimes, the life expectancy varies on the proper use of these technologies.

In addition, the refrigerator’s lifespan varies widely on maintenance, ambient temperatures, enough electric supply, mechanical capability, etc.

However, Sub-Zero refrigerators easily provide good services to their users for more than 10 years.

If you properly maintain & quality repairs from experts, Sub-Zero refrigerators can last for decades.

Sub-Zero refrigerators made in the USA

Are any Sub-Zero refrigerators made in the USA?

Yes, all of the Sub-Zero refrigerators are proudly made in the USA.

Two large production plants of this brand are located in Wisconsin. The other two production factories are placed in Arizona. In addition, it has another factory in Richmond, Kentucky.

The company started its business in a Madison-based garage in the USA about 77 years ago. Now it is one of the largest companies in the American Home appliances industry.

In the early 1940s, the first Sub-Zero refrigerator was made using scrap metal in the United States.

Now Sub-Zero refrigerators are manufactured in multiple locations including Madison, Richmond, Phoenix, and Fitchburg across the USA.

Is Sub-Zero a good refrigerator?

Yes, Sub-Zero is undoubtedly a good refrigerator. Currently, it is one of the best refrigerators in the market.

Sub-Zero refrigerators can weigh as much as 360 kg or 800 pounds. Every single refrigerator goes through intensive quality testing.

The company had earned a great reputation for providing high-quality & innovative products. Every refrigerator is made with top-grade materials and technologies such as,

  • High-quality compressors
  • Separate evaporators
  • Stainless steel
  • Split Climate cooling system
  • ClearSight LED lighting system

Sub-Zero refrigerators come with an air purification system developed by NASA. Besides, some refrigerators come with Wi-Fi-enabled features.

In the American home appliance industry, Sub-Zero is considered a luxury brand and a specialized manufacturer of NASA-inspired refrigeration.

Sub-Zero refrigerators’ excellent features really amaze buyers.

Who is the owner of Sub-Zero?

Sub-Zero Group, Inc. is the owner of Sub-Zero.

It is one of the oldest home appliance manufacturers worldwide. Westye F. Bakke is the founder of this brand.

Currently, Sub-Zero Group has three brands- Subzero, Wolf, and Cove. It manufactures kitchen appliances under the name “Wolf.” Besides, it manufactures dishwashers under the brand name- Cove.

Wolf & Cove were actually independent companies and famous for manufacturing kitchen appliances. Later, Sub-Zero Group acquired these two brands.

The annual revenue of this brand has already crossed $700 million. Along with annual revenue, its popularity is increasing rapidly due to the proper leading style of its parent brand.