Where Are Stauer Watches Made 2024 – (Country Listed)

Every part of Stauer watches is made in Switzerland and assembled in China.

Stauer watches are built for precision and functionality. They have a broad watch collection from vintage-inspired classics to modern designs.

Where Are Stauer Watches Made

Every Stauer timepiece is a tribute to the watchmaking history. Stauer watches provide some fantastic features like calendars and clocks.

The best thing about Stauer watches is their affordability. Their vast watch collection is tagged with budget-friendly prices.

As Stauer watches are assembled in China, they can easily offer affordable watches. What’s more, Stauer watches bring innovative designs every year.

While manufacturing Stauer watches, the manufacturers use stainless steel as case material. Consequently, Stauer watches are corrosion-resistant.

Besides, Stauer watches have quartz or automatic movements. The quartz movement is much more reliable than physical movements. Quartz movement results in exceptional accuracy.

Stauer requires fewer parts and high-class watchmaking craftsmanship, as quartz watches are battery-powered.

Stauer watches guarantee accuracy to around 15 seconds a month or so. Thus, Stauer watches are made with supreme accuracy.

The accurate movement of Stauer watches is created in Switzerland. Later, every part of Stauer watches is assembled in China.

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Are Stauer watches made in Switzerland

Are Stauer watches made in Switzerland?

The answer is YES. Every part of Stauer watches is made in Switzerland.

Switzerland is traditionally famous for watchmaking. A lot of watch brands make their movements in Switzerland.

Stauer generally makes the quartz movement in Switzerland. Besides, the manufacturers make Stauer case materials in Switzerland.

After manufacturing in Switzerland, Stauer ships its small fragments to China. In China, the Stauer manufacturers assemble their watches.

Thus, Stauer watches are made in Switzerland, especially the watch movements.

Is Stauer an American company?

YES, Stauer is an American company.

According to Crunchbase’s company profile, Stauer is located in Burnsville, Minnesota, United States.

Though the company assembles its watches in China, all its marketing or distributing operations are done in the United States.

The headquarters of Stauer company is also located in Burnsville, United States. As an ecommerce jewelry company, Stauer mainly deals in the United States.

As Stauer operates all marketing ventures from the United States, Stauer is an American company.

Where is Stauer jewelry made

Where is Stauer jewelry made?

Stauer jewelry is made in Italy.

Outside quartz watches, Stauer also makes jewelry products. Stauer is an American company that makes its jewelry products in Italy.

Stauer is a cross-manufacturer of jewelry and watches. Our research hardly found its original factories. The company mainly makes its products from third-party manufacturers in Switzerland and Italy.

After manufacturing in Switzerland and Italy, the company assembles its products in China.

Talking about production quality, Stauer has a long-standing reputation for providing high-quality jewelry.

Stauer also has decent customer reviews on online marketplaces. However, Stauer makes its jewelry products in Italy.

Who owns Stauer?

Michael Bisceglia is the owner and founder of Stauer.

Stauer is an ecommerce company founded by Michael Bisceglia. The company deals with watches and jewelry.

In 2001, Michael Bisceglia founded the small business of Stauer. Since then, Stauer has been trading with Italian-made jewelry and Swiss-made watches.

The small business of Stauer has become a $200 million worth business model. Today, Stauer makes $810k annually in sales revenue.

Michael Bisceglia is serving as the CEO of Stauer.

Are Stauer watches any good?

Stauer watches are made of respectable materials. Besides, the quartz movement in Stauer watches works perfectly.

In the advanced manufacturing plants of Switzerland, every part of Stauer watches is made. The company has earned a reputation through its quality products.

What’s more, Stauer brings innovation to their design. They try to bring new styles to their watches. To do so, Stauer ensures premium materials.

Compared with other brands, Stauer provides budget-friendly watches. The small ecommerce company has become a million-dollar property.

Consequently, users of Stauer watches have rated it as a good brand.