Where Are Speed Queen Washers Made 2024 – (Revealed)

Speed Queen is one of the largest laundry machine manufacturers in the world. After LG, Samsung, and Whirlpool, Speed Queen sells most laundry machines.

While purchasing a laundry machine, you must be concerned about its durability and usefulness.

In this regard, Speed Queen provides affordable laundry machines that will last up to 25 years! Let’s find out, “Where Are Speed Queen Washers Made?”

Speed Queen proudly makes its washers in the USA. Until 1928, this brand was widely known as “While Cloud.” All manufacturing processes like designing, assembling, and distributing are done here in the USA.

where are Speed Queen washers made

In 1908, the manufacturer made the first Speed Queen washers in the USA.

For more than 110 years, Speed Queen has been providing quality washers in the world. You can use regular detergent in Speed Queen washers. 

Are Speed Queen washers made in the USA?

Yes, Speed Queen washers are made in the USA. Specifically, the manufacturer makes Speed Queen washers in Wisconsin, USA.

The HQ of Speed Queen Washers is located in Ripon, Wisconsin. Joe Barlow and John Seelig founded Speed Queen washers in 1908. Hence, this brand has a legacy of 114 years.

Until 1998, McGraw-Edison Company owned Speed Queen. Later, Alliance Laundry Systems LLC purchased this brand. Today, Alliance Laundry Systems LLC operates Speed Queen in the USA.

Speed Queen makes various commercial and residential products in the Wisconsin-based manufacturing plant. Its products include from washer-extractors to dryers.

Speed Queen products are very popular for apartment buildings, hotels, and laundromats. The manufacturing authority completely makes these items in the Wisconsin factory.

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Who makes Speed Queen washing machines?

Since 1998, Alliance Laundry Systems LLC has been operating Speed Queen. Alliance Laundry Systems makes all Speed Queen washing machines in the USA.

Until 1998, the parent company of Speed Queen washers was McGraw-Edison Company. Later, Alliance Laundry Systems LLC purchased this brand.

Consequently, Alliance Laundry Systems runs all manufacturing operations of Speed Queen washing machines. Like Speed Queen, the HQ of Alliance Laundry Systems LLC is also located in Wisconsin, USA.

Today, Alliance Laundry Systems LLC makes products under the brand name:

  • Primus
  • Speed Queen
  • IPSO
  • Huebsch
  • UniMac

Again, Alliance Laundry Holdings LLC owns Alliance Laundry Systems. Alliance Laundry Holdings LLC makes $682 million every year.

Is Speed Queen made in China?

No, Alliance Laundry Systems doesn’t make Speed Queen products in China. Rather, they make all Speed Queen products including washing machines in the USA. Its factory is located in Wisconsin, USA.

In the Wisconsin-based manufacturing plant, more than 2.5k employees are working. Speed Queen is a USA-based manufacturer of laundry products.

As mentioned, Alliance Laundry Systems owns the Speed Queen. Under its ownership, the manufacturer makes commercial laundry equipment. Alliance supplies its products in over 100 countries.

However, Speed Queen is a USA-based manufacturer of laundry equipment. Since its foundation, Speed Queen has been manufacturing quality products, especially its washing machines.

Speed Queen earned the Women’s Choice Award from 2014 to 2018. This brand is proud to make all of its products in the USA.

Is Speed Queen and Whirlpool the same?

No, Whirlpool and Speed Queen are not the same.

Speed Queen is 100% committed to manufacturing laundry equipment whereas Whirlpool makes home appliances. The parent company of Speed Queen is Alliance Laundry Systems LLC whereas Whirlpool itself makes all of its products in numerous countries.

As Speed Queen is not a subsidiary of Whirlpool, we can say that Whirlpool and Speed Queen are not the same.

Is Speed Queen made by Amana?

Both Amana and Speed Queen have independent operating systems. Amana doesn’t manufacture any products of Speed Queen. However, both brands fall under the Alliance umbrella.

Alliance Laundry Systems makes the Speed Queen washing machines whereas Whirlpool makes Amana washing machines. Regarding the parent company, both Amana and Speed Queen have independent factories.

Amana or Whirlpool don’t make Speed Queen laundry products.  

Wrap Up

Speed Queen is often considered America’s most recommended luxury washer and dryer. The company has been making quality products for over 100 years. Besides, the company has won consecutive Women’s Choice Awards. Hence, you can choose Speed Queen for laundry purposes.