Where Are Secretlab Chairs Made 2024 – Made in China?

Secretlab chairs are made in Singapore and China.

If you search for the most reliable gaming chair brand, Secretlab will appear at the top. Secretlab does not compromise anything in terms of reliability.

Where Are Secretlab Chairs Made

In 2014, a Singaporean entrepreneur named Ian Ang and his friend Alaric Choo first launched Secretlab Chairs.

Since then, Secretlab has been manufacturing quality chairs both in Singapore and China. The first thing they focus on in their Chair is reliability. Secretlab chairs have gained enormous popularity among gamers for their outstanding reliability.

According to the Secretlab manufacturing unit, its chairs result from thousands of hours of research. Being extremely durable, Secretlab chairs allow their users to serve for years.

A gaming chair is generally made of leather, fabric, PVC leather, PU leather, and mesh. Secretlab manufacturers use interlacing loops of high-strength yarn fibers in their Secretlab SoftWeave Plus fabric.

Currently, Secretlab has three primary materials to choose from. If you prefer breathable and maintenance-free gaming chairs, choose the SoftWeave Plus fabric option.

The NEO Hybrid option offered by Secretlab is more durable and long-lasting. If breathability and comfort are not your concern, you may choose the NEO Hybrid option.

The NEO Hybrid option of Secretlab is resistant to stains and easy to clean. If you face the problem of dirt and stains, you just need to clean the leather using a cloth.

However, Secretlab operates its manufacturing operations in China and Singapore. The company distributes its chairs from Singapore.

In the Secretlab factories, more than 200 employees work hard to give their chairs the perfect shape and comfort. Besides, Secretlab has one of the largest manufacturing operations in China.

As the labor cost in China is comparatively low, the company can manufacture many gaming chairs in China. The demand for Secretlab gaming chairs is rising day by day. Thus, the company is expanding its manufacturing operations in numerous countries.

Secretlab made in China

Is Secretlab made in China?

The answer is YES. The Secretlab chair is also made in China.

Secretlab was established nearly nine years ago in Singapore. Initially, the company produced all of its gaming chairs in Singapore. But, the demand for Secretlab became high within a couple of years.

Thus, Secretlab expanded its manufacturing operations toward China. By establishing manufacturing plants in China, Secretlab benefited economically and in quality.

Today, China has been manufacturing many Secretlab chairs in their manufacturing facilities. Nonetheless, Secretlab distributes its Chairs from Singapore. The company has established its headquarters in Singapore.

Regarding quality, Secretlab does not compromise anything. Thus, the Secretlab chairs made in China come with superior quality. You don’t need to be worried about the quality of made-in-China Secretlab chairs.

In short, Secretlab chairs are not only manufactured in Singapore but also produced in China.

Where is Secretlab located in the US?

Secretlab shops in the United States are located in Tennessee. Besides, they have planned to open a new warehouse in California next year.

Though Secretlab is a Singaporean company, its functional chairs are now available across the United States.

After manufacturing in China and Singapore, Secretlab distributes its chairs in the following way countries:

  • United States
  • Europe
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom

In Asian countries, Secretlab gaming chairs have demand in Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, and so on.

In 2020, Secretlab reported delivering 500k chairs to numerous countries worldwide. The annual operating profit for the fiscal year 2020 was $70 million.

The demand for Secretlab chairs in the United States is high. The company sells a vast number of chairs in the United States.

In short, Secretlab shops in the United States are located in Tennessee. They are planning a new production facility in California for the following year.

What is so special about Secretlab chairs?

According to its users, personalized ergonomics is so special about Secretlab chairs.

With a proprietary pebble seat base, the Secretlab Titan Evo is built to encourage natural movement. The TITAN Evo also reflects redesigned backrests that offer optimal ergonomic support.

Secretlab chairs are also known for their extreme durability. These gaming chairs allow you to use them for years.

For long hours of usage, Secretlab chairs are the most comfortable option. Gamers have addressed that Secretlab chairs have been great in keeping the lower back pains away.

Besides, Secretlab chairs do not crack easily. You can safely use it for hours. There is no need for maintenance for the Secretlab chair within two years.

Thus, Secretlab chairs serve many valuable purposes.

The special things about Secretlab chairs are:

  • Personalized ergonomics
  • Extreme durability
  • Lower back pain relief
  • At least two years of usage without maintenance.

Where does Secretlab ship from?

The warehouse of Secretlab chairs is located in Utah and Tennessee. It will take four working days to deliver your order.

Secretlab is a Singaporean gaming chair manufacturer. The brand has world-class manufacturing facilities in Singapore and China.

The headquarters of the Secretlab chair is located in Singapore. Nonetheless, the company has warehouses in Utah and Tennessee.

As the demand for Secretlab chairs is high in the United States, the company has established its warehouses in Tennessee and Utah.

When you order a Secretlab chair from the United States, they will take one working day to process your order. Later, they will take three working days to deliver your order.

This way, Secretlab ships your order from its Tennessee and Utah-based warehouses.

Who owns Secretlab?

Singaporean entrepreneur Ian Alexander Ang Zheng Wei is the owner of Secretlab.

Secretlab launched its business in early 2014. The company has gained enormous popularity within a couple of years through its innovative technology and durability.

Ian Alexander Ang Zheng and Alaric Choo are the founding members of Secretlab chairs. The company doesn’t have any parent organization. These two entrepreneurs lead the company.

Through the leadership of Lan Zheng and Alaric Choo, Secretlab makes an annual revenue of 350 SGD.