Where Are Saatva Mattresses Made 2024? – (Pillow+Sheets)

Saatva mattresses are often compared with DreamCloud. Both brands make hybrid models with eco-friendly foams and a durable dual steel coil support system.

Nonetheless, the Saatva classic has gained an enormous response from customers compared with other renowned brands. While purchasing a mattress, you may search for quality items that are made in the USA.  

Let’s find out, “Where Are Saatva Mattresses Made?

Saatva mattresses are manufactured in the USA. The largest Saatva factory is located in New York City.

There are 19 Saatva factories and more than 150 delivery partners in the USA. Hence, Saatva is a USA-based manufacturer of quality mattresses.  

where are Saatva mattresses made

Ron Rudzin and Ricky Joshi founded Saatva. They first offer Saatva luxury Mattresses.

Using organic cotton, the Saatva manufacturer makes the cover of the Saatva classic. Besides, they use 1.5 to 1.8lb foam at the pillow top of Saatva classic.

At the advanced factories, Saatva manufacturers use 4” pocket coils to build the comfort layer of the Saatva Classic Mattress. This comfort layer follows a base layer.

However, the manufacturer makes Saatva mattresses in the USA using premium materials.

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where are Saatva pillows made

Where are Saatva pillows made?

The manufacturer makes Saatva pillows in the USA.

Using 100% organic cotton cover and Talalay Latex, Saatva manufacturers make their pillows. Saatva Latex Pillow is considered to be the best overall pillow in the United States. Because —

  • It is less prone to off-gassing
  • Resist other odor-causing issues
  • Allows for cooling airflow
  • Inhibit excess moisture
  • Having average durability
  • Use of Talalay Latex

Saatva first collects Talalay Latex from the sap of a rubber tree. After collecting Talalay Latex, they make Saatva pillows in the United States.  

where are Saatva sheets made

Where are Saatva sheets made?

Like Saatva pillows, the manufacturer also makes Saatva Sheets in the United States.

Following strict sustainability and responsible working conditions, Saatva manufactures its Sateen Sheet Set in the USA. This Sateen Sheet set is GOTS certified.

The Saatva sheets have the below characteristics —

  • Made from 100% long-staple organic cotton
  • Extremely soft, durable, and breathable
  • Silky in feel and less crisp
  • Have a matte finish
  • No thinning to sheets
  • Comes with 300 thread count

These Saatva sheets last more than two to three years. Hence, customers prefer Saatva sheets to other brands for their extreme durability.   

Is Saatva made in China?

The answer is NO. Saatva is not made in China. Rather, Saatva makes all of its mattresses in the USA.

In different states, Saatva has 19 factories. In New York City, their largest factory is located.

In the furniture industry, Saatva is a prominent USA-based manufacturer of mattresses.

While manufacturing mattresses, Saatva uses the below materials in their USA-based factories —

  • Polyfoam
  • Memory Foam
  • A comfort layer with fiberfill

Pocketed coils along with a support system of hourglass coils

At their sales point, Saatva offers three firmness options and two height options.

However, Saatva manufacturers make their mattresses in the USA, not in China.  

Where are Saatva mattresses shipped from?

Saatva mattresses shipped from the United States.

According to the Saatva manufacturer, all of the main components for Saatva mattresses are sourced and handcrafted in the United States.

From New York City and Texas, Saatva prominently operates all of its manufacturing processes. They specialize in luxury mattresses.

Saatva not only manufactures its mattresses in the United States but also sources its raw materials from different states of the USA.

Hence, Saatva has all-out comfort and quality.

Who owns Saatva mattress company?

In 2011, the furniture industry veterans Ron Rudzin and Ricky Joshi founded Saatva mattress company in the United States. They still own this mattress company.

Saatva is a privately-owned company that specializes in luxury mattresses. They are very young in the furniture market. Nonetheless, they have gathered amazing experience of sales rate so far.

In 2019, the annual sales revenue of Saatva mattresses was recorded at $375 million! Making functional and extremely soft mattresses, Saatva is leading the furniture industry.

However, under the leadership of Ron Rudzin and Ricky Joshi, Saatva is growing rapidly.  

Who manufactures Saatva?

Skilled craftsmen in Saatva factories manufacture all Saatva mattresses.

Saatva has some advanced manufacturing factories in the United States. Using advanced technologies, Saatva manufacturers make premium mattresses.

In the furniture industry, Saatva is a prominent manufacturer of quality mattresses. They source the raw materials from the US.

After sourcing raw materials, the skilled USA-based craftsmen make Saatva mattresses in these finest factories.

Saatva contributes largely to the local economy. They have created a lot of jobs in the United States. More than 40 employees work in each Saatva factory.

Where is Saatva Mattress company located?

In New York City, the Saatva mattress company is located.

Apart from New York City, Saatva’s second major office is located in Austin, Texas.

Saatva prominently operates all manufacturing processes and distribution from New York City and Texas.

Is Saatva ethically made?

Saatva has 19 factories in the USA. More than 40 employees work in each Saatva plant. A survey report said that 83% of employees at Saatva factories addressed Saatva as a great place to work.

Each Saatva factory is built following all codes in the USA. Saatva strictly follows and maintains government rules and regulations.

Besides, Saatva doesn’t support child labor. Their employees are paid well.

Hence, we can say that Saatva is ethically made.