Where Are Ridge Wallets Made 2024 – Is It Made in US?

Ridge wallets are made in the United States & China.

Ridge wallets are designed only in the USA. The company’s American manufacturing facility is located in Los Angeles, California.

where are Ridge wallets made

On the other hand, the Chinese manufacturing facility is located in Shenzhen. Within a decade, Ridge is able to sit its wallets in the front pockets of over 2 million men & women in the world.

The vast majority of wallets are manufactured in the USA.

Who manufactures Ridge wallets?

Ridge designs & manufactures wallets in its own manufacturing factory. Currently, the company has not any third-party manufacturers for making wallets or other accessories.

Ridge has a skilled craftsman team to make quality craftsmanship & unique design. The company began its business journey as a Kickstarter dream for innovative & creative ideas.

They manufacture Ridge wallets with RFID-blocking materials & a lifetime warranty. These solid, sturdy, and lightweight wallets are made from domestic and imported both metal & non-metal materials including-

  • Aluminum
  • Grade 5 Titanium
  • Carbon fiber
  • Polycarbonate
  • Full-grain leather
  • Forged carbon
who manufactures Ridge wallets

Is Ridge an American company?

Yes, Ridge is undoubtedly an American company that manufactures wallets, watches, and other accessories.

It originated in the United States and its manufacturing facility is also placed in this country as well. In 2013, American entrepreneurs Daniel and Paul Kane first introduced the Ridge wallet on Kickstarter.

They own the company & operate all the processes till now. Ridge has blasted to success with its wallets and has also introduced other products such as key cases, save-on kits, rings, watches, and a few pens.

Ridge wallets are enormously popular in the USA and made an estimated revenue of $50 million in previous years’ sales.

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is the Ridge wallet TSA approved

Is the Ridge wallet TSA approved?

No worries, all Ridge wallets are TSA-approved.

But it does not stop the TSA agent from slowing you down with questions for security purposes. If needed, you must remove this wallet from your bag or pocket while going through security.

However, Ridge wallets are technically TSA-compliant. These wallets are particularly designed to approve airport security. Anyone can carry Ridge wallets during traveling to other countries worldwide without any hesitation.

why are Ridge wallets so expensive

Why are Ridge wallets so expensive?

Ridge wallets are more expensive than ordinary wallets. There are many reasons behind Ridge wallets being one of the most expensive wallets. For example,

Luxury brand

Currently, Ridge is a world-class brand. Even, the company is manufacturing and selling one of the most demandable wallets on the market.  As a result, lots of people are willing to buy Ridge wallets.

Raw materials

All Ridge wallets are made with high-quality and expensive materials. In addition, the company imported particular materials from outside of the USA for making unique wallets. In these cases, Ridge wallets became more expensive.

RFID protected

Every Ridge wallet is carefully designed with RFID-blocking materials which are very expensive. It helps to keep your personal information private & secure. It is one of the main reasons for being an expensive wallet.

Less competition

In the USA, Ridge has a few competitor brands. For less competition, Ridge wallets became expensive products on the markets.

Repairs cost

If your wallet breaks or is damaged that does not follow the company’s warranty policy, Ridge will not replace it. In that case, it takes an additional repair cost.

Nonetheless, Ridge wallets are on the American people’s choice list due to their high-quality & several facilities. You can put up to 12 cards including credit cards, debit cards, and forms of identification in a Ridge wallet.

Where is Ridge Wallet located?

Ridge Wallet is located in Santa Monica. In detail, the company is headquartered at 520 Broadway Ste 200, Santa Monica, California, USA.

They manufacture wallets and other accessories in the US-based manufacturing unit & distribute them to several retailers around the world.

Where to buy Ridge wallets?

Ridge has lots of authorized retailers both nationally and internationally. Besides the USA, these wallets are sold in other countries including,

  • Canada
  • Australia
  • The UK

Throughout the continental United States & Alaska, Ridge wallets are sold in over 400 stores. There are some renowned retailers such as Nordstrom, Scheels, and Walmart that are collaborating with Ridge for selling these wallets.

However, you can easily purchase your expected wallets from the company’s official website at an affordable price range.