Where Are Reebok Made 2024 – Shoes, Clothes & more

Reebok are made in a variety of locations.

The main Reebok factories are located in the United States. Reebok manufactures most of its shoes in Wixom, Michigan.

Today, they are also outsourcing Reebok products from China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, and so on.

where are Reebok made

Because of Reebok’s manufacturing facility in Wixom, the brand can claim its shoes are manufactured in the USA.

Nonetheless, some components of Reebok shoes are made outside the United States.

Throughout history, Reebok has been the parent organization of Adidas. At that time, all Reebok footwear and related products were manufactured in Asian countries.

In 2021, Adidas sold Reebok to Authentic Brands Group. Since then, most Reebok products have been manufactured in the United States.

Hence, you will find a variety of manufacturing locations for Reebok products.

Again, Reebok doesn’t provide any information regarding its origin or manufacturing locations for any product on its website.

Our research found that Reebok products are mainly manufactured in China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Pakistan, and the United States.

However, Reebok has made a ton of advancements in its footwear. Reebok Zig Sneakers and Allen Iverson Question Mid Retro Sneakers have gained enormous popularity.

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To be more precious, let’s find out where specific Reebok products are made:

where are Reebok shoes made


Reebok shoes are predominantly made in the United States.

In Wixom, Michigan, Reebok has one of the advanced manufacturing facilities. Skilled artisans and Robotic hands make every pair of Reebok shoes here.

Nonetheless, the Reebok manufacturer imports some components of Reebok shoes from outside the United States.

In this regard, China and Vietnam get priority.

Reebok shoes have some amazing functionality. The brand makes shoes for running, Cross training, various activities, and so on.

Customers have rated Reebok shoes well as these pairs of shoes are:

  • Breathable
  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Affordable

While manufacturing Reebok shoes, the manufacturer uses a diverse variety of materials. The manufacturer also ensures the environmentally friendly nature of products while manufacturing.

Using corn and organic cotton, Reebok manufacturers make every pair of shoes. As a result, Reebok shoes are more sustainable products than other brands.

where are Reebok clothes made


Reebok clothes are made in China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and so on.

Based in Massachusetts, Reebok operates all of its manufacturing and distribution operations.

Though Reebok is an American company, most of its factories are in Asian countries. Reebok manufacturers make the majority of their products in China and Vietnam.

Nonetheless, Reebok has textile factories in many Asian countries. Consequently, Reebok clothes are fabricated in Asian countries like Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, and so on.

While manufacturing Reebok clothes, the manufacturer uses organic cotton, better cotton, vegan, recycled cotton, and so on.

Reebok’s manufacturer confirmed using at least 30% recycled materials for their products.

Hence, Reebok is an eco-friendly brand.

Besides, the recycled polyester used for Reebok clothing is completely safe. There is no evidence of toxic or harmful ingredients in Reebok polyester.

In short, Reebok manufacturers make their clothes using recycled polyester in Asian countries.

NHL Jerseys

Reebok NHL Jerseys are made in Canada.

Using 100% polyester, Reebok manufacturers make their NHL Jerseys exclusively in Canada.

The use of polyester has made NHL Jerseys stretchy and lightweight. The Reebok NHL Jersey also features an Ultra-Fresh antimicrobial treatment that helps keep the goalie dry and comfortable.

The authentic NHL Jerseys weigh a bit heavier. Ensuring premium quality, Reebok manufacturer makes every piece of its NHL Jerseys.

are Reebok Shoes for the US made in the US

Are Reebok Shoes for the US made in the US?

Reebok makes the majority of its shoes in the United States. Hence, Reebok shoes for the United States are made in the US.

In 2021, Authentic Brands Group purchased Reebok. Since then, the company has been manufacturing all its footwear in the United States.

Before Authentic Brands Group, all Reebok products were manufactured by Adidas in numerous countries worldwide.

As for strict regulations of ABG, Reebok has been maintaining made-in-USA labels.

Apart from Reebok, the below footwear brand make their shoes in the United States:

  • SAS Sneakers
  • Thorogood work boots
  • KEEN Utility boots
  • Oka-B and Okabashi

In short, Authentic Brand Group makes every pair of Reebok shoes in the United States for the US.

Is Reebok Made in China?

The answer is YES. Reebok products are made in China.

Though Reebok makes most of its shoes in the United States, its other products are predominantly made in China and Vietnam.

When Reebok was the parent company of Adidas, most of its products were manufactured in China. After ABG’s acquisition, Reebok has been manufacturing its shoes in the United States.

Labor cost in China is comparatively low. Besides, there is the availability of raw materials in China. Consequently, many brands have factories in China.

Reebok mainly makes its clothes and shoe components here in China.

Is Reebok Made in Vietnam?

Apart from China, Reebok makes some of its products in Vietnam.

The textile and leather industry in Vietnam is growing rapidly. Vietnam is also providing infrastructure facilities for entrepreneurs.

Numerous fashion and footwear brands have established their manufacturing facilities here in Vietnam.

Reebok makes its clothes, sports accessories, and shoe components in Vietnam.

who manufactures Reebok shoes

Who Manufactures Reebok Shoes?

The Authentic Brands Group mainly makes Reebok shoes.

From 2005 to 2021, Adidas was the owner and manufacturer of Reebok. Under Adidas, most Reebok products were manufactured in China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and so on.

Today, Authentic Brands Group makes most of the Reebok products in the United States. The group has some advanced manufacturing facilities in Michigan.

Who Owns Reebok?

Authentic Brands Group is the current owner of Reebok.

In 2021, Authentic Brands Group spent $2.46 billion to purchase Reebok from Adidas. The purchasing amount was considerably less than that of Adidas.

Authentic Brand Group is now manufacturing all of the Reebok products. The group makes billion-dollar euros from Reebok.

Net sales of the Reebok brand in 2021 were 1.77 billion euros!