Where Are Puma Shoes Made 2024? – (Socks+Backpacks)

Puma shoes are predominantly made in China and Vietnam. Nonetheless, some of its shoes are manufactured in Indonesia, Romania, and Cambodia.

Puma is one of the biggest names in the sports and footwear industry.

where are Puma shoes made

The sales rate of Puma footwear amounted to around 3.16 billion euros in 2021. It’s been a significant increase compared to the previous year.

Puma shoes are famous in more than 120 countries. The Puma manufacturer makes their shoes for:

  • Football
  • Running
  • Basketball
  • Golf
  • Training and fitness
  • Motorsports
  • Athleisure

Puma shoes have passed tests to withstand adverse situations. Its manufacturers are committed to offering you extreme comfort in your daily activities.

Puma manufacturers make every piece of Puma Shoes using sustainable and certified polyester and leather.

Though Puma shoes are made specially in Asian countries, all of its distribution operations are done in Bavaria, Germany.

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To be more precious, let’s find out where specific Puma products are made:

where are Puma sneakers made


Puma sneakers are made in China and Vietnam.

As mentioned, Puma makes most of its products in China and Vietnam. Like its clothes and other products, Puma also makes sneakers in China and Vietnam.

Focusing on elite running, Puma makes every pair of its sneakers. The best thing about Puma sneakers is their ability to protect the ankle and tongue.

Besides, Puma sneakers will give you orthopedic arch support. Puma manufacturers use certified polyester while making your sneakers.

In short, Puma sneakers are made in China and Vietnam, featuring all the necessary support and characteristics.

where are Puma golf shoes made

Golf Shoes

Puma Golf Shoes are made in China and Vietnam.

According to the Puma manufacturer, nearly 50% of its Golf Shoes are manufactured in China and Vietnam.

Aside from China and Vietnam, Puma also makes golf shoes in Cambodia, Bangladesh, and Indonesia.

Puma Golf shoes have the below features:

  • Meticulous Design
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Comfortable

Puma golf shoes are made with special care to withstand the wear and tear of playing 18 holes.

The sharp spikes and wide-track rubber bottoms also help you get a better grip on the grass of the course. Consequently, Puma golf shoes can aid you in giving sharp and more precious shots.

where are Puma socks made


Puma socks are predominantly made in China and Vietnam.

Most of apparel products of Puma come from China. After manufacturing in China, Puma distributes all its apparel products from Germany.

Using soft and breathable cotton material, the manufacturer makes Puma Socks. Hence, Puma socks can give your feet extreme comfort.

where are Puma backpack made


Puma manufacturers make their Backpacks in China and Vietnam using polypropylene.

Though Puma is a German company, most of its products are manufactured in China and Vietnam. The brand has some advanced manufacturing facilities in these Asian giants.

Puma backpacks come with fantastic functionality and containers. For travelers, it can be a great option.


The Puma manufacturer makes most of its clothes in China and Vietnam.

Sourcing premium materials and fabrics from numerous countries, Puma makes all of its clothes in China and Vietnam.

The textile industry in China has grown rapidly.

Besides, the labor cost in China is comparatively low. Consequently, Puma makes most of its products here in China and Vietnam.

are the Puma Shoes for the US Made in the US?

Are the Puma Shoes for the US Made in the US?

The answer is NO. The majority of Puma Shoes are made in China and Vietnam.

Puma shoes are very famous in the United States. Puma’s sales in the United States are nearly double.

Nonetheless, Puma hardly manufactures its shoes in the United States. The Puma shoes you purchase from the United States are made in China or Vietnam.

Our research hardly found any manufacturing plants of Puma in the United States. Puma generally exports its shoes to United States, which are also made in China or Vietnam.

Don’t worry about its production quality. The Puma shoes you purchase from the United States have been manufactured following strict guidelines and premium materials.

Puma doesn’t compromise anything in terms of their production quality.

In short, Puma shoes for the United States are not made in the United States. Instead, made-in-China or Vietnam shoes are sold in the United States.

Are PUMA Shoes Made in China?

The answer is YES. Skilled artisans make PUMA shoes in China.

Puma not only manufactured its Shoes in China but also in Vietnam. The Chinese leather industry is growing rapidly. Numerous footwear brands have established their factories in China.

According to the Puma manufacturing unit, about a third of Puma’s footwear and apparel production is done in China.

In Vietnam, Puma makes another third of its products. Consequently, Puma makes the majority of its products in China and Vietnam.

Made-in-China Puma shoes feature self-lacing intelligence shoes. This featured technology responds to athletes and their environment by adapting to the wearer’s needs.

Puma’s self-lacing Fit intelligence training shoes adapt to the foot and know how loose or tight it can lace.

Hence, Puma gives amazing comfort to athletes.

Puma has made a history of creating fast product designs for the fastest athletes in the world. The manufacturer has brought innovations in both functionality and designs.

Besides, Puma’s generic strategy has made it different from its competitors. The generic strategy made by Puma is broadly applied in its business.

In short, Puma shoes have become successful for the below featuring:

  • Soft cowhide
  • Foam Insole
  • Padded ankle protection and tongue
  • Orthopedic arch support

Puma manufacturers make their shoes given the circumstance featuring in China and Vietnam.

who makes Puma

Who Makes Pumas?

Puma SE makes all Puma products. The brand doesn’t have any third-party manufacturers.

In well-known factory conditions, Puma SE makes all of its products. Puma has advanced facilities where skilled artisans work sincerely.

Puma manufacturer makes:

  • Apparel
  • Casual Footwear
  • Athletic Footwear
  • Sports Accessories

More than 14k employees work in Puma manufacturing plants.

While manufacturing, Puma manufacturers make Puma Shoes using polyester. The polyester used by Puma is certified by Bluesign and Oeko-Tex.

The Bluesign certificate indicates that Puma polyester doesn’t possess any harmful substances right from the beginning of the manufacturing process.

According to the Puma manufacturer, 75% of Puma’s polyester usage comes from recycled sources. The new collection of Puma shoes and apparel comes from recycled yarn manufactured from plastic bottles.

Puma also manufactures its clothes using polyester. Puma has restricted the use of the below products:

  • Exotic animal hair
  • Fur
  • Angora

Under strict terms and regulations, licensed manufacturers make Puma products. Most of the premium Puma products are made by its German-based manufacturer.

Though Puma products are manufactured in many countries, only the licensed manufacturer can make them. As a result, you don’t need to be worried about the authenticity of Pumas.

Who Owns Puma?

Artemis S.A and Kering own Puma.

According to Puma’s website, French multinational corporations Artemis S.A and Kering own Puma. In proportion, Artemis S.A. owns 29% of Puma’s ownership, whereas Kering owns 9.8% of Puma.

Throughout history, Rudolf Dassler founded Puma in 1948. Puma operates all of its manufacturing and distributing operations from Herzogenaurach, Germany.

The French multinational corporation Artemis S.A. spent over 550 million euros to purchase Puma. Besides, the Kering company spent many euros to have Puma.

Under the leadership of Kering and Artemis S.A., more than 14k employees work in Puma factories.

In 2021, Puma owners were blessed with 6.8 billion euros. Puma’s revenue is growing rapidly. The company has 4.37 billion worth of assets.

Under Artemis S.A and Kering, Puma has subsidiaries like:

  • Cobra Golf
  • Stichd
  • Fuel for Fans

The French multinational corporation Artemis S.A. has 13 subsidiaries. Kering Corporation is also a renowned brand. These two giant corporations jointly own Puma.