Where are Oxo Products Made 2024? (Solved & Explained)

Oxo is a renowned American companion in the kitchen across the globe. Oxo products come with an innovative design that has reduced pains-in-the-neck.  

Oxo products are engineered for functionality and durability. They have taken responsibility to lessen your pain in the kitchen.

Let’s find out the specialty of Oxo and where Oxo products are made

Where are Oxo Products Made

Here is a short answer to where is Oxo products made:

Oxo products are made in the USA and China. They provide a non-stick pro-Bakeware line that is completely made in the US.

Some Oxo products come with a “made in China” tag. However, Oxo is dedicated to providing innovative consumer products that can feel your pain.

The word “OXO” reflects a calligraphic design. Sam Farber & John Farber founded Oxo in 1990.

Throughout history, Sam first designed the OXO Peeler for his wife who was struggling with the old-fashioned metal peeler.

Later, Sam & John Farber dedicated their innovative design to lessening the pain in the kitchen.  

Is Oxo made in the USA?

Yes, the majority of Oxo products are made in the USA.

Oxo provides the amazing non-stick pro-Bakeware line that comes with a “made in USA” tag.

Skilled Oxo manufacturers use heavy-gauge anodized aluminum to gain some amazing properties in their pans. These properties are:

  • Scratch resistance
  • Superior heat conduction
  • Safe up to 390°F
  • Hands protection from heat

The made in USA pro bakeware line has gained customer ratings of 4.7 out of 5 on Amazon.

Where is the Oxo can opener made

Where is the Oxo can opener made?

The Oxo can opener is made in the USA.

The Oxo can opener has been ranked as the best can opener in 2021. This can opener is safe to use and produces a smooth edge while cutting through the side of cans.

But, they have used plastic construction in their can opener which may limit the long-term durability.

The Oxo Can Opener is:

  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Produces safe edges
  • Slower than others
  • Right-handed only

It is typically less expensive. Oxo tries its level best to provide the best quality products for an affordable price. 

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Is Oxo an American Company?

Yes, OXO is an American Company. Its headquarter is located in New York, United States.

Oxo International, Inc. generates $15.43 million in sales revenue per year. It has 110 total employees across all of its locations.

Alex Lee is now the key principal of OXO. This company is a part of the Household Appliance Manufacturing Industry.

You will find 36 other companies in the Oxo International, Inc. corporate family.

In 1992, the founder of Oxo sold their shares to General Housewares Corporation. Twelve years later, the Oxo was acquired by Halen of Troy Limited for $273.2 million.

Currently, Helen of Troy Limited is the parent company of Oxo International, Inc. 

Who makes Oxo cookware

Who makes Oxo cookware?

Oxo Cookware is made in the factories of Oxo International, Inc. 

In 1990, Sam Farber & John Farber founded Oxo. Sam Farber & his son, John Farber, first introduced Oxo products at the Gourmet Products Show in San Francisco.

Since then, Oxo utensils have been designed with innovative thoughts and ideas in New York-based factories.  

Oxo cookware is unique as it has —

  • Non-stick grips
  • German-engineered non-stick coating
  • Effortless performance
  • Scratch resistance
  • Hard-anodized bodies
  • Capacity to heat faster and more evenly
  • Silicone-wrapped stainless steel handles
  • Suitable for efficient stirring
  • Durable glass lids
  • 10-year limited warranty  

The non-stick 10 piece cookware Pots and Pans set price is $299.99 in the market. Oxo products, especially cookware worth this money.

Is Oxo made in China?

Oxo makes many of its products in China.

China is a favorite location for many manufacturing companies as it has low labor costs. The cookware & bakeware companies get extra privileges as China is traditionally famous for ceramic ware and porcelain.  

Oxo doesn’t make their non-stick pro bakeware line in China. It is made in the US.

This New York-based cookware brand offers 1,000+ products. All of these products are not made in the USA. They just make their premium items in the US.   

Is Oxo a good brand?

Oxo products are free from PFOA. OXO has become one of the trusted names in the kitchen. They are free from:

  • BPA (Bisphenol A)
  • PFOA
  • Lead
  • Cadmium

Though Oxo’s POP containers are made of SAN, they are free from BPA. Oxo’s POP containers have gained recycling symbol 7. 

We can distinguish Oxo from other cookware brands by comparing the below criteria:

  • Raw Materials
  • Durability
  • Recycling or Environment Issues
  • Health Hazard
  • Affordability
  • Warranty or Guaranty

A table is provided below comparing Oxo with other cookware brands addressing the aforementioned criteria.

OxoOther Cookware Brands
Heavy-gauged anodize aluminum, Silicon  Cast Iron, steel, Iron
Comparatively less durableCast Iron pans are durable
LightweightHeavy Weight
Environment friendlyEco-friendly
100% RecyclableRecyclable
No health issueMay cause iron toxicity, free from lead
Useful for cooking a large variety of foodsCan’t use for tomatoes & acidic foods
AffordableStainless Steel cookware is expensive
10-year warranty for cookware Pots and Pans setGives a lifetime guarantee & warranty as well

Oxo good grips non-stick 10-piece cookware set has ranked as the best-valued cookware set. It has covered all your bases.

Besides, the cookware set has come with a thoughtful ergonomic design that will surely amass you.

Who owns Oxo? 

Helen of Troy Limited owns Oxo.

Maker of personal care products, Helen of Troy, currently owns the Oxo International, Inc. Halen of Troy Limited purchased Oxo International, Inc. in June 2004 for $273.2 million.

Before Helen of Troy Limited, this company was acquired by Kitchen LLC.

However, Oxo International, Inc. is now generating yearly revenue of $15.43 million being a subsidiary of Helen of Troy Limited.