Where Are OnePlus Phones Made 2024 – Is it Made in China

OnePlus is a well-known consumer electronic company that manufactures lofty and potential smartphones. It is a subsidiary company, owned by a Chinese electronics company “OPPO.”

The company was founded on 16 December 2013. Within one decade, it has taken place among the other popular smartphone brands.

People often ask, where are OnePlus phones made? Let’s figure out its manufacturing place.

OnePlus manufactures smartphones in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. Specifically, the headquarter of the electronics company is located in Tairan Building, Futian District comprising Shenzhen city.

where are OnePlus phones made

In the beginning, OnePlus manufactured its smartphones from a China-based manufacturing plant. But later, the company expanded its manufacturing plants in several countries within a couple of years.

The smartphone company expanded its business in Southeast Asia as well as started manufacturing the products in several well-known countries of the continent between 2015 and 2019. 

OnePlus first launched and made available smartphones in Indonesia, a Southeast Asian country, in the mid of January 2015. Now OnePlus is known to all as a popular premium smartphone maker.

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where are OnePlus Nord phones made

Where are OnePlus Nord phones made?

OnePlus Nord is manufactured in India & its price starts at just Rs 24,999 ($3,138). Oppo Mobile Telecommunication Corp. Ltd manufactures the Nord series smartphones.

OnePlus Nord series was one of the most talkative smartphone launches in 2020. Because a piece of rumor had spread that the smartphone was going to be launched by the name “OnePlus 8 Lite r OnePlus Z.”

Finally, the smartphone company launched it officially as “OnePlus Nord” in 2020. It is a mid-range smartphone that is an affordable device in the Indian market.

However, the device is not only available in India but also in Europe, Hong Kong, and Malaysia. The OnePlus Nord series is more popular than other expensive smartphones because of its affordable price.

is OnePlus made in China

Is OnePlus made in China?

The answer is yes. China is the main manufacturing country of OnePlus phones. However, it is not the only manufacturing country. An Indian company is making OnePlus smartphones as well in China.

OnePlus company started its smartphone-making journey in 2013. Within a decade, it took place in the phone markets worldwide among several brands due to the creation of premium and user-centric devices.

Throughout history, OnePlus smartphones have been made in China despite being a subsidiary technology company. In the current world, OnePlus is one of the fastest-growing technology companies in the industry.

Several countries import the major parts of the OnePlus smartphone from China and complete the shape after attaching them through their tech specialist. As a result, they are not considered OnePlus smartphone makers instead of China.

is OnePlus phone made in the USA

Is OnePlus phone made in the USA?

The answer is “No.” The OnePlus smartphone is not made in the United States. The co-founder of the tech company said that OnePlus has started exporting its smartphones from India to the United States.

So, we can say clearly that most of the OnePlus smartphones come from the Indian manufacturing factory. However, the co-founder also said that they are looking for lots of new areas for starting manufacturing phones.

The Chinese technology company hasn’t announced to start of manufacturing its smartphones in the United States yet. They are exporting smartphones from India to Western phone markets. 

OnePlus phones are available in the American smartphone market. You can get the phones for between $159 and $1000. In the USA market, the OnePlus Nord N20 SE series phone is available for $159.

Is OnePlus phone made in India?

Yes, the OnePlus phone is currently made in India along with China.

An Indian technology company has been manufacturing the OnePlus smartphones for more than 4 years in their factory. The Indian R&D team is playing an important role in making the phones. 

The R&D center is located in Hyderabad, India where lots of employees are working to maintain the premium quality of the smartphone. In addition, it took place at the number 3rd R&D facility after Shenzhen & Taipei.

The popular technology company has invested approximately Rs. 1000 crore in India to develop a world-class research center. OnePlus is the second most popular smartphone company that is expanding its business in the Indian market after Apple. 

The Indian manufacturing company makes OnePlus Nord series phones. The smartphone made its debut in 2020 with a talkative launch. OnePlus Nord series smartphone is currently officially available in an affordable price range in the Indian market.  

OnePlus phones have been sold the most in the Indian sub-continent. For the past couple of years, India is considered the biggest market for OnePlus smartphones.

Though India is not the primary manufacturing place for OnePlus, the country is known as a key market for this company’s smartphones in the continent.

Who makes OnePlus phone?

A China-based manufacturing company makes OnePlus phones from the very beginning. Modern technologies are used to create a premium smartphone. But humans are doing the maximum work to make the smartphone in the factory.

Two Chinese-born entrepreneurs Carl Pei and Pete Lau founded the OnePlus phone company a few years ago. A huge number of employees are indomitably working to ensure the best quality of the smartphone.

Is OnePlus a Chinese company?

Yes, OnePlus is the daughter company of a Chinese consumer telecommunication company “OPPO” which is headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China.

However, OPPO is not the only shareholder of the smartphone company. BBK Electronics is also known to us as a shareholder company of OnePlus due to its major shares.

BBK Electronics is one of the largest Chinese multinational consumer electronics companies. So, it can be said that OnePlus is a Chinese smartphone brand.


In 2013, OnePlus started making its smartphones in China. Later, the electronic company expanded its business and started making its phones in the Indian manufacturing plant.

Now, OnePlus is one of the most popular mobile phone brands worldwide. It has earned a great reputation within a decade. Currently, millions of people are using OnePlus smartphones around the world.