Where Are On Cloud Shoes Made 2024 – Is It Made in USA?

On Cloud shoes are made in Vietnam and Switzerland.

The majority of shoes of this brand are manufactured in Vietnam. It has 7 Vietnam-based manufacturing partners to produce shoes and apparel.

where are On Cloud shoes made

The brand was reported to be available in 55 countries worldwide by 2019.

Although On Cloud shoes have numerous country-based manufacturing partners, the company’s shoes are made in Vietnam.

Hongfu, Jim Brothers Corporation, Dean Shoes, Diamond, and Zucca are the Vietnam-based shoe manufacturers for the footwear brand.

In Vietnam, their production factories are located in:

Company NameFactory Location
HongfuNinh Binh
Dean ShoesHo Chi Minh
Jim Brothers Cor.Hanoi
ZuccaHo Chi Minh City
DiamondHo Chi Minh City

Within 13 years, On Cloud shoes have generated enormous fame due to some notable features including,

  • Lightweight & cloud elements
  • Comfortable & versatile
  • Monster-level cushioning
  • Extra snug feel
  • Speedboard support
  • Stretch & breathability
  • Waterproof
  • Long-term sustainability

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What company makes On Cloud shoes?

On Holding company makes On Cloud shoes. It is specialized in manufacturing high-performance running shoes.

Apart from manufacturing shoes, the company imports its products from numerous Vietnam-based footwear companies. Most of the shoes are manufactured in Asia, mainly Vietnam.

On Holding has partnered with various well-known factories in China, Vietnam, Germany, and Latvia for manufacturing footwear and apparel. Following the company’s instructions, they manufacture every pair of On Cloud shoes.

The manufacturers use both domestic and imported premium lightweight materials to produce top-quality running shoes. In 2010, the company first manufactured and marketed shoes.

On Cloud Shoes are engineered with 44% recycled content. Apart from recycled content, these shoes are made of-

  • Rebound rubber
  • Polyester
  • Polypropylene
  • Helion foam
  • Zero-Gravity foam

Each On shoe is carefully designed and manufactured by experts. They use new technologies like ultraviolet disinfection to make sure the shoe is in perfect condition.

are On Cloud shoes made in China

Are On Cloud shoes made in China?

The answer is “No.” On Cloud shoes are not made in China.

According to the official website, On Cloud shoes are made in Vietnam and Switzerland. But the company partnered with multiple Chinese companies for making apparel.

Currently, it is partnered with KTC, RSI, and Asian Sourcing International. All of these companies are based in China.

These brands specialize in manufacturing apparel items instead of shoes. In addition, On Holding does not deal with them for manufacturing footwear items.

Hence, it can be said that On Cloud shoes are not manufactured in China.

Are On Cloud shoes made in Switzerland?

Yes, On Cloud shoes are made in Switzerland along with Vietnam.

The company’s official website stated that On shoes are fully engineered in Switzerland by using the most advanced technologies including CloudTec.

In Switzerland, On Lab is based in Zurich. There the company’s world-class team of scientists & technicians are working to produce new as well as better footwear.

On Cloud shoes originated in Switzerland. Hence, the first footwear item was manufactured here in this country before worldwide expansion.

Therefore, you will often find Swiss-made On Cloud shoes on the market.

Is On Cloud an American brand?

No, On Cloud is not an American brand. It is a Swiss athletic shoe and sportswear brand.

In addition, On shoes are not manufactured in the USA. However, the United States is the biggest single market for the footwear brand.

On Cloud shoes were first introduced in Switzerland in 2010. Within a couple of years, the brand expanded out of Switzerland and partnered with some Vietnam-based footwear companies.

Who owns On Cloud shoes?

On Holding AG currently owns On Cloud shoes.

Former Swiss Ironman champion Olivier Bernhard founded this brand in Zurich, Switzerland.

Now it is one of the most popular athletic shoe brands in Switzerland. The total assets of this company have crossed CHF 1.20 billion by 2021.

Are On Cloud shoes sold in stores?

Yes, On Cloud shoes are sold in stores.

Apart from retail stores, On Cloud shoes are also sold in e-commerce platforms including Amazon, Nordstrom, and obviously On’s official website.

The brand has retail stores worldwide. Let’s learn the number of stores where On products sale.

Country NameNumber of stores
SwitzerlandMore than 25
VietnamMore than 20
The USAMore than 30

You can get your nearby retail store locations from the Shop Locator option on the brand’s official website for buying On Cloud shoes.

There are several types of shoes in the iconic Cloud series. For instance,

  • Cloud 5
  • Cloud 5 Waterproof
  • Cloud 5 Fuse
  • Cloud 5 Push
  • Cloud 5 Ready