Where Are Nvidia Chips Made 2024 – Is It Made in US?

Nvidia chips are made in the USA, Taiwan, and South Korea.

All of the advanced Nvidia chips are designed in the United States. After that, those chips are manufactured by its partners in Taiwan & South Korea.

Where Are Nvidia Chips Made
Nvidia Graphics Card/Image/Unsplash

Nvidia is actually a fabless company. It uses TSMC’s Arizona fabs for manufacturing its chips.

It has planned to open a new research center in Yerevan, Armenia. There are more than 50 offices in North America, Asia, and Europe.

The company has made huge fame for developing integrated circuits. These advanced circuits are widely used in everything like electronic game consoles & personal computers.

Now Nvidia has a variety of product collections, including:

  • GPU
  • CPU
  • Chipsets
  • Drivers
  • Tablet computers
  • TV accessories

According to the company’s official website, more than 35000 companies now use Nvidia AI technologies worldwide.

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Does TSMC manufacture Nvidia

Does TSMC manufacture Nvidia?

Yes, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company also known as TSMC manufactures Nvidia chips.

Almost all of the Nvidia GPUs are made by TSMC in Taiwan. Besides, New York-based GlobalFoundries Inc. also manufactures Nvidia chips. 

On the other hand, the South Korean tech giant Samsung aims to make Nvidia GPUs.

Samsung Electronics Company will use its 3 nm technology to make GPU for Nvidia and supply in large quantities from as early as 2024.

Nvidia chips are silicon layered with tantalum & palladium transistors. In addition, these chips are mainly made of tungsten, copper, tin, aluminum, and gold.

By the way, TSMC is considered the primary supplier of semiconductors till now for Nvidia Corporation.

Does Nvidia produce in China?

No, Nvidia chip does not produce in China.

We could not find any China-made Nvidia GPU in the market. Although China-made microchips provide an excellent user experience, Nvidia has no manufacturing site in China.

Despite the fact that the company does not have any production plant in China, Nvidia has many customers in this country.

In recent years, China has become a significant market for Nvidia. Because recently it offers Nvidia A800 GPU specifically for Chinese customers.

Previously, the USA had banned Nvidia from selling some chips in China. But China is still one of the biggest technology markets for the company.

Are Nvidia chips made in the USA

Are Nvidia chips made in the USA?

Yes, Nvidia chips are exclusively made in the USA.

As an American multinational technology company, it has manufacturing facilities in the USA. Every chip of this brand is cautiously designed here by expert engineers.

On the other hand, Nvidia chips are made in the United States by GlobalFoundries.  Its prime manufacturer TSMC has US office space in San Jose, California.

About 30 years ago, the first Nvidia chip was designed and introduced in Sunnyvale, California.

It uses TSMC’s Arizona-based fab for manufacturing advanced chips. Hence, Nvidia chips are made in the USA since the very beginning of its business.

Who owns Nvidia
Jensen Huang/Image/LinkedIn

Who owns Nvidia?

Jensen Huang currently owns Nvidia Corporation.

He is a Taiwanese-American billionaire business magnate as well as an electrical engineer. Jensen is not only the owner but also the founder of Nvidia.

In 1993, he founded Nvidia Corporation in Sunnyvale, California, USA. Nvidia became a public company and was listed on the Nasdaq Stock Market.

Currently, Vanguard Group, BlackRock, and FMR LLC are the top institutional shareholders of Nvidia Corporation. In that case, they are also considered as the owners of Nvidia.

Does Nvidia manufacture its own chips?

Nvidia does not manufacture its own chips but gets them manufactured by third-party manufacturers.

The company only designs its chips and its partner brands including TSMC manufactures these chips.

It keeps the capital expenditure down by getting them manufactured by third-party manufacturers.

In addition, Nvidia plans to offer the most advanced flagship gaming chips manufactured by the world’s most popular semiconductor manufacturing companies like Samsung and GlobalFoundries.

Currently, it is a leading supplier of high-end graphics processing units in the worldwide technology market.

Does Google use Nvidia?

Yes, Google uses Nvidia’s GPU.

Nvidia L4 GPU is specially made for Google. In partnership with Google, Nvidia launched new cloud hardware to accelerate AI-powered video performance.

In addition, the latest Nvidia GPU can easily increase users’ performance despite diverse workloads on Google Cloud. 

Now Nvidia’s GPUs are extensively used for applications in several workstations like architecture, construction, media, and automotive.

It can be said that Nvidia has helped to build the gaming market into the biggest entertainment industry today by creating PC graphics.