Where Are New Balance Shoes Made in 2024? – (Revealed)

New Balance shoes are made in China, the UK, and the US. In proportion, the majority of New Balance shoes are manufactured in USA-based factories.

Based in Boston, Massachusetts, New Balance operates all its marketing and manufacturing operations.

where are New Balance shoes made

New Balance makes its shoes in the United Kingdom for the European market. The brand has some advanced manufacturing facilities across the United Kingdom.

Nonetheless, many New Balance shoes are manufactured in China and the United States.

New Balance has five manufacturing plants in Maine and Massachusetts. According to its manufacturer, New Balance purchases materials from domestic suppliers who employ more than 7k workers locally.

While manufacturing, New Balance uses the cold cement construction process. A sheet-cut EVA midsole is attached to the New Balance Classic trainer shoes. The attachment is done via a cold cement construction process.

The raw materials for New Balance shoes are:

  • Animal-free leather
  • An EVA midsole
  • Mesh Underlays

New Balance manufacturers make their shoes in the United States, China, and the United Kingdom using these featured materials and construction technology.

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where are New Balance trainers made


New Balance Trainers are exclusively made in England.

Since 1982, New Balance has manufactured its featured shoes across the United Kingdom. You will find its Trainers labeled with “made in England.”

New Balance Trainers are known for their amazing features like:

  • Comfort
  • Soft Cushioning
  • Accommodating Fit

New Balance also offers sneakers in a wide range of styles for different types of wearers.

Using a cold cement construction process, New Balance makes its Trainers in England.

where are New Balance 550s made


New Balance 550s are made in the United States.

In Maine and Massachusetts, New Balance has five advanced manufacturing facilities. Using the world’s premium leather and technology, the New Balance manufacturer makes its 550s.

New Balance’s 550s were filed away after its initial run. However, New Balance 550s were reintroduced in a limited-edition release in late 2020.

The New Balance 550s has become a global fashion favorite.

While manufacturing the New Balance 550s, the manufacturer uses the following materials:

  • Leather
  • Mesh Upper Construction
  • Synthetic

In short, skilled artisans make the New Balance 550s in the United States using premium leather and technologies.

where are New Balance 574s made


New Balance 574 Marathon Running Shoes Sneakers are made in the United States.

All New Balance 574s are labeled with “made in the USA.” These are the special type of Marathon Running Shoes launched by New Balance.

In 2014, New Balance launched its 574 editions for Marathon athletes.

According to the New Balance manufacturer, the 574s are the all-time classic rich in pigskin and mesh material construction.

The New Balance 574s are offered in two colorways. These colors are:

  • Earth Toned
  • Grey Palette

Besides, New Balance 574s are featured with the following:

  • Classic look
  • Deep crimson design
  • Bolder color statement

However, every pair of New Balance 574s are made in the United States, featuring the circumstances.

where are New Balance socks made


New Balance socks are made in the United States.

In Maine and Massachusetts, New Balance has five manufacturing facilities where they make New Balance shoes and socks.

While manufacturing, the manufacturer makes New Balance socks using the following materials:

  • Cotton
  • Nylon
  • Wool
  • Acrylic
  • Polyester
  • Olefins

New Balance manufacturers sometimes use silk, bamboo, cashmere, and linen in their socks to increase softness.

In short, New Balance manufactures its socks using the circumstance materials in the United States.

which New Balance shoes are made in the USA

Which New Balance Shoes are Made in the USA?

New Balance makes 4 million pairs of shoes in the USA every year. Most New Balances shoes are manufactured in China and the United States.

To be more precious, the below New Balance models are made in the USA:

  • New Balance 550
  • New Balance 574
  • New Balance Made in USA 990v3
  • New Balance Made in USA 990v5
  • New Balance 992
  • New Balance 650
  • New Balance Made in US 993
  • New Balance 530

In proportion, New Balance makes up around 70% of its shoes in the United States. The brand has five advanced manufacturing facilities in Maine and Massachusetts.

Are New Balance Shoes Made in China?

The answer is YES. New Balance also makes its shoes in China.

As the labor cost in China is comparatively low, numerous shoe brands have factories in China.

New Balance budget-friendly shoes are exclusively manufactured in China. Besides, they supply their shoes in Asian countries after manufacturing them in China.

While manufacturing in Chinese factories, New Balance strictly maintains all the design criteria and raw materials.

Consequently, the made-in-China New Balance shoes are also premium quality. Though the exact number is unknown, New Balance has some advanced factories in China.

When Did New Balance Start Making Shoes in China?

In the early 1990s, New Balance started making shoes in China.

New Balance and some athlete shoe industries began moving production to China from Taiwan and South Korea in the early 1990s.

The shoe industry found low-cost labor in China, which is essential for mass production. Besides, China provides some privileges for entrepreneurs.

Consequently, New Balance and other shoe manufacturers shifted their production to China.

Today, New Balance has giant manufacturing facilities in Dongguan City, China. Most New Balance shoes are now manufactured in China and the United States.

Are New Balance Shoes Made in Indonesia?

The answer is NO. New Balance doesn’t make their shoes in Indonesia. Instead, its shoes are manufactured in China, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Numerous shoe brands have manufacturing facilities in Indonesia. But, New Balance doesn’t establish its manufacturing plants in Indonesia.

In Asia, New Balance predominantly supplies its shoes made in China. The Chinese leather industry has grown rapidly compared with Indonesia.

Besides, the labor cost in China is cheaper than in Indonesia. Hence, New Balance doesn’t make its shoes in Indonesia.

who owns New Balance

Who Owns New Balance?

James S. Davis is the owner of New Balance.

New Balance is one of the world’s major sports footwear and apparel manufacturers. The company was founded in 1906 by William J. Riley.

Jim Davis and Joe Preston are the key personas of New Balance. In 2021, this privately held company grossed $4.4 billion in sales revenue.