Where Are Nectar Mattresses Made 2024

Nectar Sleep is an American mattress manufacturing company. It sells its products, including beddings and mattresses, online. Currently, Nectar’s online distribution channel is in 49 US states.

It has only been six years since Nectar began its production as a mattress company. And in this short period, the demand for its products has risen significantly.

So, let’s find out where Nectar Sleep manufactures its mattress.

The resident manufactures Nectar mattresses from China.

where are Nectar mattresses made

After manufacturing, the brand imports them to the United States. Nectar does not have any production or assembly facility in the country for production work.

Besides manufacturing mattresses in the Chinese region, Nectar also manufactures mattresses in the United Kingdom. From there, the company sells its products in that region as well as in other European countries.

Nectar is a brand that focuses on the USA-based market. So, even though it has a supply chain in the UK, most of its products are sold in America.

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are Nectar mattresses made in the USA

Are Nectar mattresses made in the USA?

Nectar Sleep created controversy about its production a few years ago. But first of all, you need to know that the brand does not manufacture mattresses in the United States.

In an advertisement, Nectar Sleep announced that its mattresses are designed and assembled in the United States. But it was not correct information. For this false claim, Nectar Sleep had to face a lawsuit.

Maybe, Nectar Sleep designs its product in the United States. But they manufacture and assemble it in China. After that, Nectar Sleep imports ready-to-sell products to the USA.

Nectar wanted to gather more attention by advertising with Assembled in the USA. But the reality is different. It may be an American company by nationality, but its products are not.

where is the Nectar memory foam mattress made

Where is the Nectar memory foam mattress made?

Like other mattress manufacturing companies, Nectar uses gel memory foam in its mattress. The brand manufactures and assembles memory foam mattresses in China.

Memory foam is a type of polyurethane material that is sensitive to temperature and pressure. Mattress manufacturers use this foam in their mattresses as it can get soft and molded down according to your body shape.

Nectar brand’s mattresses are made of five layers, and memory foam is one of them. The layers, including

  • Quilted cooling mattress cover
  • Gel memory foam
  • Transitionary layer
  • Base layer
  • Mattress cover at the bottom

Are Nectar mattresses Chinese?

The answer is no. Nectar Sleep is an American company. In 2016, the bedding company was established in Palo Alto, California, United States. So, by origin, Nectar Sleep is American.

However, some people assume that Nectar Sleep is a Chinese company. And there is a reason for thinking this way. Let’s find out here.

Nectar Sleep manufactures its mattresses for the American market from China. Moreover, the Chinese company also assembles mattresses for this bedding company.

Even though Nectar Sleep deals with Chinese companies for manufacturing mattresses, its origin is in America. And it is not a Chinese company.

Nectar Mattress Made in USA lawsuit

Nectar Mattress: “Made In USA” lawsuit

Nectar Sleep used the tagline Assembled In USA to increase sales. Made or Assembled in the USA is a phrase that has a massive impact on the market.

People will purchase products with emotion after seeing the tag, Made in the USA. The reason is that the company with this tag is contributing to the national economy, employing people, etc.

Besides, the USA standard production is very sophisticated and eco-friendly. So, Made in the USA is a massive deal as a tagline. But Nectar Sleep used this tag even though the company manufactured and assembled its mattresses in China.

For this reason, Nectar Sleep encountered a lawsuit from the Federal Trade Commission. After that, the brand apologized for its behavior and removed the tag, Assembled In USA.

Who manufactures the Nectar mattress?

A third-party Chinese company manufactures Nectar mattresses. However, Nectar Sleep did not give any report on the third-party company. And the dealer is the mattress company’s parent company, Resident.

Even though the manufacturer of Nectar mattresses is in China, the quality is strictly controlled. In that way, the company can produce a United States standard product.

Who owns the Nectar mattress?

Nectar is a subsidiary brand of Resident. DreamCloud Holding, LLC is the previous name of Resident, and its co-founder and president is Eric Hutchinson.

In 2016, Eric Hutchinson, Craig Schmeizer, and Ran Reske established the Nectar Sleep brand under the company named Resident.

As of 2022, Aayush Phumbhra is acting as the CEO of Nectar. He is also one of the co-founders of the brand.

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Is Nectar an American brand?

Yes, Nectar is an American brand. In 2016, Nectar was founded in Palo Alto, California, United States, and its headquarters is in San Francisco, California. It makes this company an American brand.

Nectar has no manufacturing facility and is established for profit. So, Chinese manufacturers are the best option for this company. Even though the company prepares products from China, its origin is the USA.


A quality mattress helps to circulate blood through your veins while sleeping. In this case, the Nectar mattress has a strong position on the market because of uses memory foam.

For memory foam, the shape of the mattress’s upper layers changes with the person’s body due to temperature and pressure sensitivity. As a result, blood can have enough space to circulate.

That makes Nectar mattresses so desirable to consumers.