Where Are Napoleon Grills Made 2024 – Is It Made in USA?

Whether you’re looking for a gas, charcoal, or electric grill, Napoleon has a model that will suit your needs. And with Napoleon Grill, you can be confident that you’re getting a quality product that will last for many years to come.

While purchasing furnace grills, you may be concerned about the manufacturing location and built-in materials. Let’s find out, “Where Are Napoleon Grills Made?

where are Napoleon grills made

Where is Napoleon Grills manufactured in 2024:

Napoleon Grills are manufactured in the United States, China, and Canada. Napoleon manufactures and assembles its fireplaces and grills in these three countries.

In 2022, the Grill Manufacturing Industry made a record revenue of $1.1 billion. The growth rate of this industry is rising day by day.

In this regard, Napoleon is holding half of the Grill Manufacturing market. To fulfill the supply-chain demand, Napoleon has established factories in three major countries like China, Canada, and the US.

are Napoleon grills made in the USA

Are Napoleon grills made in the USA?

Yes, the manufacturer makes Napoleon grills in USA-based manufacturing facilities. In Kentucky, USA, you will find the Napoleon factories.

Napoleon is the largest privately-owned company. This company has manufacturing facilities In Canada, USA, and China. Though most Napoleon grills are manufactured in Ontario, Canada, they make quality grills in Kentucky, USA.

According to customer support of Napoleon, they manufacture products in North America. Most of the Napoleon grills are manufactured in Ontario and Kentucky.

In Ontario, Napoleon’s Canada-based factory is located. Specifically, Napoleon’s Kentucky-based factory is located in Crittenden. Wolf Steel has invested $5.9 million to expand its manufacturing facilities in Crittenden, Kentucky.

Besides, Wolf Steel has created 30 more jobs in its Grill plant in Crittenden, Kentucky. After manufacturing Napoleon grills and fireplaces at the Crittenden factory, Wolf Steel distributes its products throughout the USA.

In 1997, Wolf Steel established its USA-based factory in Kentucky. In 1999, Wolf Steel USA began manufacturing Napoleon grills and fireplaces with 23 employees.

Between 2009 and 2015, Wolf Steel USA acquired more property in Kentucky. Consequently, the manufacturing operations in the USA grew.

Initially, Napoleon’s USA-based factory was only 39k square feet. Within two decades, Napoleon’s USA-based factory has grown to 180k square feet.

Today, 82 employees are working in Napoleon’s Kentucky-based factory.

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where are Napoleon's prestige grills made

Where are Napoleon’s prestige grills made?

Wolf Steel makes Napoleon prestige grills in Canada.

Napoleon has a giant factory in Ontario, Canada. Wolf Steel generally manufactures most Napoleon products in its Canada-based factory.

According to the manufacturing authority, Wolf Steel manufactures Napoleon fireplaces, prestige grills, HVAC parts, and accessories in its Barrie, Ontario-based factory.

Since its establishment, Wolf Steel has been manufacturing Napoleon products in Canada. They have implemented new technologies in their Canada-based factory.

In Ontario, Canada, Napoleon operates 1,200,000+ square feet of manufacturing spaces. Wolf Steel manufactures the most Napoleon accessories and products in the vast manufacturing facilities in Canada.

Wolf Steel makes some barbecues for the big box stores in China. Napoleon Prestige Grills are featured with:

  • Durability
  • Reliability
  • Usage of sturdy materials
  • Capacity for more grill
  • Having fewer frills

However, Wolf Steel makes Napoleon’s prestige grills mostly in Canada. Since its birth, Napoleon’s prestige grills have been manufactured in the Ontario-based factory.

Are Napoleon rogue grills made in China?

Yes, Napoleon rogue grills are made in China.

Wolf Steel makes major Napoleon items in Canada. This brand has a giant manufacturing facility in the USA and Canada. Nonetheless, Napoleon makes some items like rogue grills in China.

One thing should be highlighted: Napoleon doesn’t make all grills in China. They make some specific products in China.

Wolf Steel doesn’t make all Napoleon barbecues in Canada. Some barbecues are also made in the USA and China.

However, have a look at the features of Napoleon’s rogue grills:

  • Having four main burners
  • Stainless Steel grids and plates
  • High top lid

You will find Napoleon rogue XT and SE series and Napoleon rogue 425 in the market. The manufacturer has leveled up the Rogue XT series with the side infrared burner. You will get the perfect sear using the Rogue XT series.

Napoleon Rogue 425 is made in Canada. This premium item is not manufactured in China. Wolf Steel makes other rogue models in China.

Who makes Napoleon gas grills?

Wolf Steel makes Napoleon gas grills. The company is also known as Napoleon. This is the largest privately-owned manufacturer of fireplaces, gas furnaces, and grills.

Napoleon gas grills can last 5 to 15 years. But, it is wise to replace gas grills every three years. Wolf Steel Ltd. makes these premium gas grills mostly in Ontario, Canada.

In terms of Gas Grills, Napoleon has long been one of the top names. Napoleon offers a combination of affordability and quality. Spending $1k or less, you can purchase Napoleon Gas Grills.

Napoleon’s Prestige 500 gas grill is often recommended as the best gas grill that money can buy. Besides, you will get long-term customer service alongside long warranties.  

Who owns Napoleon Grills?

Wolf Steel Ltd. owns Napoleon Grills.

In 1976, Wolfgang Schroeter founded this brand. The HQ of Wolf Steel is located in Barrie, Ontario, Canada.

Since 1976, Wolf Steel has been manufacturing heating equipment except for electric and warm air furnaces. This company makes annual revenues from $75 million to $99 million every year.

Today, Wolf Steel is recognized as the largest privately-owned company in the world.

Wrap Up

Napoleon has a long tradition of making heating equipment like fireplaces, grills, gas furnaces, and so on.

This brand makes all of its quality products in the USA, Canada, and China. Some of Napoleon’s factories have a mammoth area to manufacture, assemble, and distribute.