Where Are Moon Pies Made 2024 & Who made original one

Moon Pie is one of the most delicious  American snacks in recent years. The traditional pie brand has been manufacturing these two-round cookies in a flavored coating since 1917.

Moon Pie Company offers five primary flavors: Chocolate, Vanilla, Banana, Salted Caramel, and Strawberry. While enjoying this savory snack, you may wonder:  “Where are Moon Pies actually made?”

Moon Pies are only manufactured in the United States. The company has a large manufacturing factory in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

where are Moon Pies made

It is the only bakery that produces Moon Pies for the company. In addition, there is a shipping center for the brand as well.

Currently, Moon Pie hasn’t other production units outside of the country. They made them through expert manufacturers in a Chattanooga-based factory and distributed them throughout the country by a trusted supply chain.

What was the original Moon Pie?

Before 1920s, the original Moon Pie was a 4 inches marshmallow sandwich dipped in chocolate.

Over the years, the traditional pies expanded their additional flavors to meet up the extensive demands.

Moon Pies are made of-

  • Wheat Flour
  • Baking Soda
  • Sugar
  • Salt
  • Palm or Soybean Oil
  • Real Corn Syrup
  • Natural & artificial flavor

The Moon Pie is widely popular and an icon in the snacks markets in the South region of the United States. In the very beginning, it was coated with chocolate.

Now it is available in four other different flavors. The company produces over a million Moon Pies every single day and distributes them in hundreds of retail stores across the country.

Who made the original Moon Pie?

Earl Mitchell made the original Moon Pie during the First World War. At the time he was working in a bakery. He got the innovative idea to produce Moon Pie after visiting a Kentucky-based coal mine site.

While he was talking with the coal miners, he got to know that they preferred big cookies in their lunch pails. Then Earl Mitchell decided to make Moon Pie snacks and marketed them worldwide.

Moon Pies are still made with the original 1917 recipe and ensured delicacy. That is why people highly recommend enjoying Moon Pie as a snack item.

are Moon Pies from Alabama

Where was the original Moon Pie made?

The original Moon Pie was made in Chattanooga Bakery Inc located in Tennessee. The bakery has been producing more than 100 items for over a century in the USA.

However, Chattanooga Bakery is widely known for making delicious Moon Pies among all the confectionary items.

By the end of the 1920s, the company had increased its production and made hundreds of snack boxes every day.

Are Moon Pies from Alabama?

The answer is “No.” The real Moon Pies aren’t from Alabama. These original two-round graham cracker cookies primarily originated in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

But other companies in Alabama make and sell other styles of moon pies called “Mardi Gras pies” that tasted much different than the real ones.

By the way, the original Moon Pie isn’t manufactured in this Southeastern region of the USA. Mardi Gras pie is much smaller than the real Moon Pie and offers just two flavors: Strawberry & Apple.

Where are Moon Pies most popular?

Moon Pies are most popular in Mobile, Alabama in the United States.

There might be no cities that love Moon Pies more than Mobile. Because the people of this city celebrated a traditional Moon Pie throw in an annual Carnival “Mardi Gras.”

Since 2008, the people of Alabama have been making a 3.7-meter mechanical Moon Pie for celebrating New Year’s Eve. In addition, they cut the largest Moon Pie and served it to the people every New Year.

There is a similar product of Moon Pies called “Scooter Pie” that exists in the Northern United States. It has also had extensive popularity in recent years.

Wrap Up

Moon Pie has appeared in the US consumer goods markets as a form of delicacy. 100 years have passed but Moon Pie is still a popular snack and its demand is going strong day by day.

The snacks brand has been marketing delicious two cookie-shaped graham crackers according to consumers’ choice.

Currently, people love Moon Pies as much as they ever have and keep them on their daily snack routine.