Where Are Miller Welders Made 2024

Miller welders are made in the US and Italy. The company’s manufacturing plant is placed in Appleton, Wisconsin.

where are Miller welders made

Mainly, cutting equipment and arc welding are manufactured by Miller.

They are one of the biggest cutting equipment and arc welding manufacturing companies in the world.

This article will support you in finding some related questions about Miller helmets, owners, and where to buy Miller’s products. Let’s have a look…

where are Miller welding helmets made

Where are Miller welding helmets made?

Miller welding helmets are made in the United States. Their helmets are manufactured by Miller Electric.

The company offers its products with high-definition visibility. Miller helmets are clarity and color optimized in any light or welding state.

Some features of Miller elders helmets are;

  • They are lightweight, comfortable, flame resistant, and value for the money
  • Miller helmets come with adjustable sensitivity that helps operators to readjust lens sensitivity for different weld amperage and lighting condition
  • The helmet’s lens can support auto-on/off. Lens turned on automatically at the strike of any arc
  • Miller helmets offer independent arc sensors that give dependable arc detection

This helmet company offers five series of helmets. They are;

  • Miller Classic Series
  • Miller Digital Infinity Series
  • Miller Digital Elite Series
  • Miller Digital Performance Series
  • Miller T94 Series

The company’s helmets are available on online markets as well as their physical shops. They cost $300 to $500 dollar.

are Miller welders made in the USA

Are Miller welders made in the USA?

The answer is YES. Miller welders are made in the USA.

Miller manufactures lots of welding products related to the arc sector. Some of the significant products that are manufactured by Miller Electric are listed below;


  • MIG (GMAW)
  • Stick (SMAW)
  • TIG (GTAW)
  • Engine Driven

Welding Intelligence:

  • Insight Core
  • Arcagent

Wire Feeders:

  • 20 Series Wire Feeders
  • 70 Series Wire Feeders

Welding Safety Equipment:

  • Weld Mask
  • Helmets
  • Safety Glasses
  • Caps
  • Apparel
  • Gloves
  • Respiratory
  • Fume extractors
what company makes Miller welders

What company makes Miller welders?

Miller Electric Mfg. LLC makes Miller welders. The company’s headquarters is located in Appleton, Wisconsin, United States.

This company set out its journey on in 1929 with an innovation that reacted to customers’ needs.

The welder manufacturing company regulates its factory leadership by implementing the standard for responsiveness, quality, and reliability.

Today, they are leading the welding industry in producing solution-focused, meeting crucial, and advanced requirements for welding health and safety.

Miller Electric products are designed with their users for manufacturing, construction, fabrication, aviation, education, agriculture, marine, and motorsports applications.

The company holds its tradition and its morality by focusing on its utmost priority: People.

are Miller welders made in China

Are Miller welders made in China?

In fact, except for some welders Miller welders are not made in China, rather they all are made in the US.

But Miller Electric has its industrial facility in Beijing, China and they opened it in 2004 with four departments and 26 employees.

Miller welders near competitor Lincoln welders manufactures its products in China. All products of Miller welders are manufactured and assembled in the US.

They are manufacturing some heavy, old-style, and big transformer power suppliers for Miller welders.

And rest of Miller welders that are sold in China are manufactured in the US and they are costly too.

In China, if you buy any products from Miller welders, it will definitely show that it was manufactured and assembled in the USA.

who owns Miller Electric

Who owns Miller Electric?

Illinois Tool Works and Mehb Holdings Limited own Miller Electric and they are the parent organization for Miller Electronics.

Miller Electric was established in 1929 and Niels Miller was the founder. In 1933, the founder of Miller was dead, and then the company was handed over to Illinois Tool Works.

Illinois Tool Works manufactures engineered components, equipment, and fasteners along with consumable systems and specialty items.

This company was established by Byron L. Smith in 1912. This is a multinational company that is spread across 53 countries and its headquarters is in Glenview, Illinois.

Besides Miller Electric, Illinois also has some other subsidiaries. Notable brands include;

  • Paslode
  • Hobart
  • Brooks Instrument
  • Foster Refrigerator

Where to buy Miller welders?

Miller welders are available on both online and offline platforms.

In the USA, Europe, China, and other countries Miller Electric have its own physical outlets. Besides, in each country, Miller offers its own online website.

In addition, their products are equally sold on Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, welding stores, and Facebook pages at various prices.