Where Are Maytag Appliances Made 2024

Maytag appliances are mostly made in the USA.

More than 2,500 employees work in the USA-based Maytag factories. For over 110 years, this brand has been manufacturing its appliances in the USA.

where are Maytag appliances made

Sometimes Maytag uses Whirlpool factories to make specific products.

This article will answer key questions relating to Maytag factories, raw materials, ownership, and so on. Stay tuned…  

Where are each Maytag appliance made in 2024:

Mostly in the United States, Maytag makes their appliances. To be more specific, we will discover where each Maytag appliance is manufactured.

where are Maytag washer made

Washer and Dryers

In Tennessee, USA, Maytag manufactures its laundry items including Washers and Dryers.

Maytag’s Cleveland, Tennessee-based manufacturing plant is just a short drive from Whirlpool Corporation’s current plant.

According to a magazine report, Maytag’s Cleveland, Tennessee-based manufacturing plant is approximately 1 million square feet.

The manufacturer makes Maytag washers as tough as steel. They have confirmed that Maytag washers and dryers are tough enough to tackle whatever you throw in them.

Many users have been impressed with Maytag’s front-load washers. Maytag’s front-load washers offer premium washing capabilities.

Besides, Maytag front-load washing machines have steam options and a 24-hour fresh cycle to keep damp loads from becoming smelly.

Maytag washing machines have an average life of 10.6 years to 11.5 years.

In short, Maytag Washers and Dryers have the below features —

  • Powerful Cleaning
  • Built tough with Maytag commercial technology
  • Backed by a 10-year limited parts warranty

Whirlpool and Maytag are best known for manufacturing high-quality washers and dryers. Each Maytag dryer is equipped with distinct features and energy-saving properties. 

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where are Maytag refrigerators made


Most refrigerators of Maytag Appliances are made in Amana, Iowa. They have the world’s largest advanced manufacturing plant in Amana, Iowa.

In the 1950s, Maytag began manufacturing its world-class refrigerators. In Amana, Iowa, Maytag assembles top-compartment and French-door-model refrigerators.

Maytag refrigerators place No. 3 in the Best Refrigerators of 2022 rating. Using sheet metal and plastic, the manufacturer makes its refrigerators models.

The manufacturer also uses fiberglass or polyfoam to fill the gap between the inner and outer cabinets. Maytag uses aluminum, copper, or an alloy to make compressors, coils, fins, and condensers.

Since 2006, the Whirlpool Corporation has been manufacturing Maytag refrigerators. Maytag refrigerators have become a constant in quality and reliability in the market.

Besides, Maytag refrigerators can last more than 10 to 15 years.   

where are Maytag dishwashers made


Maytag utilizes Whirlpool factories to manufacture its Dishwashers. At Whirlpool’s Finlay factory, Maytag makes its premium dishwashers.

Whirlpool has some advanced manufacturing facilities in Clyde, Ohio, and Marion, Ohio. Being a part of Whirlpool Corporation, Maytag uses these advanced factories to manufacture its appliances.

Maytag dishwashers are predominantly made at Whirlpool’s Findlay plant.

Using stainless steel and granite countertops, Maytag makes its high-end dishwashers. Besides, Maytag makes the best budget dishwashers.

The best thing about Maytag dishwashers is their attractive exterior. It has world-class cleaning and drying performance.

In short, have a look at the features of Maytag dishwashers —

  • Better cleaning and drying performance
  • Budget-friendly
  • Steam sanitize option
  • Offers extra rack
  • Quieter operations
  • Durable stainless-steel tub
  • Has a more versatile bottom rack
  • Hard food disposer
  • Reliability
  • 1-year warranty

Considering the circumstance, Maytag dishwashers are recommended by its users.

where are Maytag ranges made


The manufacturer makes Maytag ranges in its Tennessee plant.

Maytag has one of its advanced manufacturing facilities in Tennessee, USA. They make world-class ranges in their Tennessee plant.

Using fingerprint-resistant stainless steel, Maytag-manufacturer makes its premium ranges. These ranges come in a variety of dimensions.

These range dimensions vary from large to commercial-sized models.

Maytag manufacturer has confirmed that all of their ranges are designed, engineered, and assembled in the USA.

The best thing about Maytag ranges is their easy cleanliness. As they use fingerprint-resistant stainless steel, you can easily clean Maytag ranges.

Maytag ranges are also durable ones in the market. These ranges can easily last more than 12 years.

Whirlpool Corporation mainly manufactures Maytag ranges. In short, Maytag ranges are featured with —

  • Easy cleanliness
  • Freestanding and side-in models
  • Versatile installation
  • True convection with a third element
  • Fingerprint resistant
  • Hidden Bake element
  • Hot surface indicators
  • Bridge element

Considering the circumstances, Maytag’s ranges will be a great choice.


The Whirlpool corporation also makes Maytag Stoves in its Tennessee plant.

Using world-class materials, Maytag makes premium stoves. Users have rated Maytag stoves 4.2 out of 5.

The best thing about Maytag’s stoves is its air fryer mode. Besides, Maytag stoves have an easy-to-clean cooktop.

Nonetheless, many users dislike its flimsy bottom drawer.

Overall, Maytag stoves will be a very good deal if your budget is low.

Which Maytag appliances are made in the USA?

From Washing Machines to Freezers, nearly all Maytag appliances are made in the USA.

Maytag is an American home appliance manufacturer. It has a variety of products.

In 2006, Whirlpool Corporation acquired Maytag. Since then, Whirlpool Corporation has been manufacturing all of its products.

For over 110 years, Maytag has been manufacturing household appliances in the USA. They have chosen numerous locations around the country to manufacture their products.

To be more precious, a table is provided below featuring Maytag appliances and where in the USA they are manufactured —

Name of Maytag ApplianceManufacturing Location
Washing MachinesClyde, Ohio
DryersMarion, Ohio
Maytag Commercial Washing MachinesFall River, Massachusetts
DishwashersFindlay, Ohio
OvensCleveland, Tennessee
FreezersOttawa, Ohio

It should be noted that Maytag dryers, washers, ovens, and refrigerators are still made in other countries.

Is Maytag made in China?

The answer is NO. Maytag appliances are not manufactured in China.

Rather, they have been manufacturing all Maytag appliances in the USA for 110 years.

The Haier Group bid for the Maytag. But, they didn’t win the bid. Whirlpool Corporation acquired Maytag in 2006 after winning the bid.

If Chinese-based Haier Group acquired Maytag, there would have been a big possibility of shifting manufacturing plants to China.

However, the manufacturer has confirmed that nearly all Maytag appliances are manufactured in numerous locations around the United States.

Mostly reputed Chinese home appliance manufacturers are —

  • Xiaomi
  • Haier
  • Midea
  • Gree
  • Hisense

In these circumstances brands have maintained strong positions worldwide.

is Maytag made by Whirlpool

Is Maytag made by Whirlpool?

The answer is YES. Whirlpool Corporation has been manufacturing all Maytag appliances since 2006.

Maytag is one of the largest-standing and most reputable major appliance brands in the industry. Both Haier Group and Whirlpool Corporation bid for Maytag.

Luckily, Whirlpool Corporation won the bid and began manufacturing Maytag appliances.

Though Whirlpool makes Maytag appliances both brands are still independent in their design and manufacturing of products.

In some cases, Maytag uses Whirlpool Factories for feasible production. But, it doesn’t mean that Maytag has no identity today.

Whirlpool Corporation distributes Maytag appliance parts. Apart from Maytag, Whirlpool Corporation also owns —

  • Amana
  • Jenn-Air
  • KitchenAid
  • Consul

These circumstance brands also have independent manufacturing plants.

Whirlpool Corporation paid $2.6 billion for Maytag. According to this ownership, Whirlpool management will lead the combined company.

However, Whirlpool Corporation makes more than $4 billion every year from Maytag.

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Who makes Maytag appliances?

The Whirlpool Corporation makes Maytag appliances.

Before 2006, skilled manufacturers of Maytag used to make all of its products. After winning the bid, Whirlpool management took all of the manufacturing rights of Maytag.

Consequently, Whirlpool corporation has been making Maytag appliances since 2006.

Maytag uses Whirlpool factories to make its products. The Whirlpool corporation also makes products for its subsidiaries.

Which company owns Maytag?

Whirlpool Corporation owns Maytag.

The ownership deal was done in 2006. Winning the bid against the Haier Group, Whirlpool Corporation has been controlling all features of Maytag.

Whirlpool Corporation is a giant marketer in the home appliance industry. They own not only Maytag but also other reputed brands in the industry.

As an owner of Maytag, Whirlpool Corporation makes numerous products including —

  • Refrigerators
  • Washing Machines
  • Ranges
  • Stoves
  • Dryers
  • Dishwashers

The Whirlpool Corporation is an American multinational manufacturer and marketer of home appliances. Headquartered in Michigan, Whirlpool Corporation operates all of its operations.

In 2020, Whirlpool Corporation made an estimated revenue of 19.46 billion.

Why did Maytag go out of business?

Maytag’s leaders struggled a lot with financial losses. They didn’t have a clear brand vision which caused them to lose momentum.

Experts have claimed that Maytag goes out of business due to financial struggles and a lack of visionary leadership.

As Maytag went out of business, the Whirlpool Corporation took ownership of this brand.

Today, Whirlpool Corporation makes nearly all Maytag appliances in the industry.