Where Are Makita Tools Made 2024 – All Country Listed!

Makita Corporation is a worldwide famous Japanese power tools manufacturer. People all over the world adore this brand for its products’ reliability. Makita produces the most competent outdoor power equipment as well.

Not many companies in the world like Makita have been manufacturing power tools for more than one hundred years. And still, it is top of the game.

So, let’s find out where Makita manufactures its power tools in 2024.

Makita Corporation manufactures most of its tools and power tools in Japan. The corporation has one plant in that country in Okazaki, Aichi Prefecture. Among the manufacturing facilities of this company, it is the largest one.

where are Makita tools made

Though Makita manufactures most power tools in Japan, it has production facilities in nine other countries. And it supplies its tools all over the world from those factories.

The countries where Makita Corporation manufactures its tools and power tools are listed below:

  • Japan
  • China
  • Thailand
  • The United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • Romania
  • United States Emirates
  • Brazil
  • The United States
  • Mexico
which Makita tools are made in the USA

Which Makita tools are made in the USA?

Makita operates its machine and power tools production processes in ten countries on five continents globally. And the United States is one of the ten countries where Makita manufactures its power tools.

Though Makita offers more than 40 different types of products, the company does not make all of the types in the USA. The tools Makita manufactures in this country can be categorized into four classes, including

  • Cordless Power Tools and Kits
  • Outdoor Power Equipment
  • Pneumatic Machines
  • Accessories

In 1985, Makita established its first and only tool manufacturing plant in the United States, and it is near Atlanta, Buford. Buford is a city in Hall and Gwinnett counties in Georgia State.

Makita supplies the power tools manufactured in the Buford facility in the United States and Canadian markets. So, we can imagine the scale of production of that factory.

which Makita tools are made in China

Which Makita tools are made in China?

Makita does not manufacture every type of power tool in the Chinese region. There are selected products that the company produces there. The products, including

  • Electric Saws
  • Electric Drills
  • Garden Tools
  • Electric Screwdrivers
  • Cutting Tools
  • Cleaning Tools
  • Sanding Machines
  • Engraving Machines

When did Makita move to China?

Compared to Makita Corporation’s age, it was not too long ago that Makita entered China. In 1993, the company established the Makita Co Ltd factory. And in 1995, it started power tools production in that country.

That is not the end. Makita also established a headquarters and a regional office in Kunshan. It is a city in southern Jiangsu province, China.

Who makes Makita tools?

Makita Corporation is the manufacturer of Makita tools. It is a public limited company and operates under the company act of Japan.

Mosaburo Makita founded Makita Electric Works in Nagoya, Archi, in March 1915. In the early times, the company sold motors, transformers, and lighting equipment. It also did repair work as well.

In 1958, Makita Electric Works began manufacturing electrical planers. And like this, the journey of this company as a power tools manufacturer started for the company.

Later on, with the help of the research and development section, Makita became the most efficient power tool manufacturer.

Where can I buy Makita products?

Makita is one of the mega-companies in the world. It supplies its products in six continents and 181 countries over the world. In other words, its power tools are found in every corner of the world.

The number of countries in each continent where Makita supplies its power tools are listed below:

  • North and South America – 55 countries
  • Europe – 48 countries
  • Africa and the Middle East – 51 countries
  • Asia and Oceania – 27 countries

Besides, in the United States, you can find Makita products in all 50 states. All the tools shops, malls, and groceries have Makita power tools.

Besides the offline stores, you can buy Makita tools online as well. The company has an official website from where you can buy tools.

Besides, some third-party vendors sell their products on various online market platforms, such as

  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • Ace Tools
  • Tool Barn
  • Home Depot
  • Tool Nut
  • Factory Authorized Outlet
who makes Makita tools

Who owns Makita tools?

Makita Corporation is the owner of Makita tools. It has always been a public limited company since starting as a power tool manufacturing company.

As of 2022, Masahiko Goto is the chairman of Makita Corporation. And Shiho Hori is in the position of president of this company. Besides, as a public company, it has numerous board members who are listed on Market Screener.

Bottom Line

Japan is known for manufacturing sustainable products. So, as a Japanese company, Makita has massive popularity. And also, it has proven to be reliable in severe working conditions.