Where Are Mac Tools Made 2024 – is It Made in USA?

While repairing an automotive vehicle or other mechanical equipment, you must want your repairing tools to be long-lasting and innovative.

Mac Tools are the most durable equipment that comes with versatile workability. In terms of durability, you may search for USA-made machinery.

Well, let’s find out “where are Mac tools made”  

Mac Tools manufacturer makes the majority of its equipment in the USA. Their tool storage products are completely manufactured in the USA using domestic and global materials. Nonetheless, some of their hand tools are now made in China.

where are Mac tools made

As we know, the USA is one of the world’s largest industrial machinery exporters. There are a lot of companies that make automotive repair equipment in the USA.

Like other renowned brands, Mac Tools also manufacture automotive repair tools in the USA.

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where are Mac tools screwdrivers made

Where are Mac Tools screwdrivers made?

The manufacturer makes Mac Tools screwdrivers in Ohio, United States.

After manufacturing, they distribute Mac Tools screwdrivers from Hilliard, Ohio.

Mac Tools screwdriver is one of the toughest tools that last for a long time. Mac Tools warrants its screwdriver for a long lifespan.

The manufacturer makes Mac Tools screwdrivers using tough steel. To minimize wear, they harden the tip of the screwdriver.

The Cordless screwdriver set of Mac Tools is probably the most expensive one on the market. Because this cordless screwdriver set is more productive than others.

Mac Tools 4V Cordless screwdriver is:

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Compact
  • Rechargeable
  • Bright LED lights
  • Quick change tool-free collet

However, the Mac Tools 4V Screwdriver set will cost you a lot. Besides, it needs some room for improvement in grip texturing.

where are Mac impact sockets made

Where are Mac impact sockets made?

Mac impact sockets are primarily made in the USA. The manufacturer of Mac tools makes these useful impact sockets using chrome molybdenum steel.

Chrome molybdenum steel is a ductile material that adds additional elasticity to the socket. The use of chrome molybdenum steel has made the Mac impact socket more elastic.

The manufacturer of Mac tools feels proud to make an impact socket in the USA using USA-made steel. They use the best material under your reach.

According to the research team of Mac Tools, Chrome molybdenum is the best material for impact sockets as it bends or stretches rather than shatters. The use of Chrome molybdenum has made the Mac impact socket much thicker and heavier.

The Mac impact sockets also come with black phosphate or black oxide finish. The cross hole in the handle of Mac impact tools is used for retaining the pin.

In Westerville, Ohio, the manufacturer of Mac Tools prominently makes Mac impact sockets. In most cases, Stanley Black & Decker does the manufacturing process of Mac impact sockets. 

Are Mac Tools Made in China?

The manufacturer of Mac Tools makes the majority of its items in the Stanley Black and Decker facilities. Mac Tools has world-class factories in Dallas, Ohio, and Hilliard.

Nonetheless, some Mac Tools items like Mac Edge Sockets, and long nose pliers set, are made in China. 

Each year, the demand for power tools is increasing up to 4.5%. Being a widely renowned brand, Mac Tools has a great market demand worldwide.

Mac Tools do 90% of its manufacturing process in the USA. They are the proud USA-based manufacturer of power tools.

But, they need to manufacture some items outside the USA as a marketing strategy. Likewise, the manufacturer of Mac Tools makes Mac Edge Sockets and long nose pliers set in China.

These China-made Mac Edge Sockets come with superior quality. These sockets exceed BS, ANSI, and DIN performance specifications. The patented design of Mac Edge sockets allows them to be compatible with normal and damaged fasteners. 

On the other hand, the China-made long nose pliers sets are made of high-alloy carbon steel. These pliers sets also come with superior quality.

Are Mac Tools still made?

In 1938, the Mechanics Tool and Forged Company established Mac Tools in Ohio, United States. Five decades later, Stanley Black & Decker Inc., purchased this brand.

Since then, Stanley Black & Decker has been running all manufacturing operations of Mac Tools. 

The manufacturer of Mac Tools still makes nearly all of its items in the USA. They are still manufacturing 8,000 professional tools in the USA, and China.

In Allentown, Pennsylvania, the manufacturer is still doing large manufacturing operations of Mac Tools.

Being a subsidiary of Stanley Works, Mac Tools is still running its manufacturing operations.

who makes Mac tools

Who makes Mac tools?

Stanley Black & Decker makes Mac Tools.

With more than 50 manufacturing facilities in the USA, Stanley Black & Decker is the world’s largest manufacturer of power tools. The company has 100 factories worldwide.

Under Stanley Works, the manufacturer makes major power tools like:

  • Ratchets
  • Screwdrivers
  • Wrenches
  • Assorted air tools

In 1990, Stanley Works bought Mac Tools and set it up in the United Kingdom. Within two decades, Mac Tools entered into the franchise systems of Stanley Black & Decker.

Who owns Mac tools?

Stanley Black and Decker own Mac Tools. The company purchased Mac Tools in 1990 and brought Mac Tools under their franchise systems.

Today, Stanley Black & Decker has a lot of subsidiaries:

  • Facom
  • Proto
  • Mac Tools
  • Bostitch
  • Porter-Cable
  • Powers Fasteners, Inc
  • Winware, Inc

The American industrialist, Frederick Trent Stanley established today’s Stanley Black & Decker. From Mac Tools, Stanley Black & Decker makes a billion-dollar fortune each year. 

Wrap Up

Mac Tools has a long legacy of making power tools. Since its birth, they have been manufacturing quality products using raw steel from the United States.

Though some of its products cost high, they don’t compromise anything with the built-in quality.