Where Are LG Products Made 2024

The brand LG has become a major producer of appliances all across America and Europe. The most often question asked is where are LG products made?

If you are curious about where your LG product is made, here are some helpful answers.

Where Are LG Products Made

Where are LG products made in 2024

LG products are made all over the world and include 128 factory locations for select types of appliances and products.

These include countries including America, South Korea, and Vietnam to name some better-known locations. They are a growing global company that makes household products people like using.

Where are LG washers made?

LG washers are currently made in Russia, Korea, China, Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia, and America. There are also factories in Germany, Italy, India, Egypt, Poland, Thailand, and Vietnam making washers that help complete this list.

As recently as 2019, the newest factory location in Tennessee is where washing machines will be made in America. Since LG is a global brand, many countries are now producing LG washers for local markets.

This reduces the need to ship washers from great distances and helps to keep fair prices for the location where they are sold. In 2020, the Clarksville, Tennessee factory has recently built one million washers since opening.

This factory produces top and front load washers that have been ranked #1 by American consumers who buy them.

Where is LG refrigerator made

Where is LG refrigerator made?

The main countries where LG refrigerators are made include Mexico, America, South Korea, China, and India. Many fridges that were sold in the US were often from Mexico but are also made at the Tennessee factory now.

This US factory is now supplying refrigerators for most North American customers. Before 2019, fridges that were bought in the US came from Mexicali, Reynosa, or Monterey, which were all built in Mexico.

New customers can now be proud to say that their fridge is built in the USA. These fridges are all good for energy savings and include advanced computerized functions. This makes LG fridges into smart appliances for any kitchen.

Where is LG TV made

Where is LG TV made?

Many of the televisions that are made for LG are made in Mexico, South Korea, China, Russia, Poland, Indonesia, and India. All of these factories supply TVs to regions where they are shipped to sell.

Since TVs have a lot of electronics built into them, these factories are more specialized in making high-tech appliances. Many of these factories are selected because they have had plenty of experience with electronics.

The oldest factory in South Korea has been building electronics since 1958, which is where LG originally started. Because many of the newest TVs include OLED displays, many other LG TV factories must be updated with the latest technology.

This helps to make LG TVs brighter and smarter with similar functions that are just like smartphones. And though many of the US LG TVs are made in Mexico, it will be likely that they will be built in America.

Where are LG air conditioners made

Where are LG air conditioners made?

A majority of air conditioners made by LG are produced in China, India, Thailand, and South Korea. There are special air conditioners that are made in Saudi Arabia because the heat of the desert is so common.

Air conditioners are not complicated machines, but they do have special rules that apply to how they are built. In recent years, the concern over damaging the Ozone layer has made many companies switch to using Freon for their ACs.

This helps to cut back on the Greenhouse effect which is dangerous to our planet. All LG air conditioners use Freon gas, which is considered safer to use. The factories that build air conditioners for LG also keep costs cheaper.

Where are LG phones made

Where are LG phones made?

At least 80% of the phones that are now made for LG are made in Vietnam for budget reasons. There is an additional 20% is made in China, but this is also been reduced in recent years.

The first LG phones were made in South Korea and others were made in India or Malaysia. The LG Company has now found that Vietnam can manufacture smartphones at a lower cost than South Korea could.

This is mostly for their mid-range and premium phones and also a few high-end phones with lots of functions. It’s not easy to tell where LG smartphones are made until they are opened up to see where it’s made.

Since all of the LG phones are easy to repair at a service center, they all use LG electronic parts to make them work.

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Are LG appliances made in USA?

The newest factory in Tennessee builds LG appliances that include washers and refrigerators. This factory might also start to build TVs and other electronic appliances because of the tax that comes from importing them from Mexico.

There is a growing need for LG products that are made in the USA. This helps to create new jobs for Americans and allows the LG brand to advertise them as made in the USA.

It’s not easy to find the right spot for US factories since LG will want to keep these locations from creating a worker union. This is why many LG factories are located in countries that give LG better cost control.

Where can I buy LG products?

It’s very easy to buy LG products at any chain store across the US including Best Buy, Lowes, and Target. Every LG phone is easy to find at a phone kiosk at the mall, in electronics stores, or in superstores like Costco.

Home improvement centers such as The Home Depot and Lowes feature a large supply of LG appliances including washers and refrigerators. The internet has become another simple source to order LG appliances also from websites like Amazon.

Many online appliance companies in the US now sell LG appliances that are delivered to your home in a short amount of time. There is more selection to choose from and offer LG products that are hard to find.

Are LG appliances made by Whirlpool?

LG appliances have never been made by Whirlpool since these two companies are rivals. In 2021, LG has passed Whirlpool in selling kitchen appliances in the US. This can be easily proven by the number of appliances sold last year.

With a new US factory now making refrigerators and washers, LG’s competitive prices over Whirlpool are obvious.

Whirlpool has a slogan that always changes and makes it harder to remember, so- the LG slogan is simple and easy. Just seeing the LG letters is enough to remember what these products are all about.

Who makes LG appliances?

The factories that make all of LGs appliances and products are located all over the world. There is now an LG factory in America which will get bigger as it builds new factories in the USA.

The workers who build LG appliances are often owners of at least two or three LG products. The best customers for any LG product are always those who are proud of their company and their work.

This helps to sell more appliances to others who ask for advice about which product is the best and worth buying. Recent sales of LG in America have proven they are the top-selling brand for kitchen appliances.

Are LG products worth buying?

The quality of LG appliances and products is very good and has affordable pricing anywhere they are sold. They aren’t so pricy compared to other brand-name kitchen appliances either. Customers are learning that LG products last longer than others.

Since the cost of many LG products is affordable, electronic appliances like smartphones and TVs are very popular. Now, that many budget-friendly stores like Target and Best Buy feature LG products, these make perfect sense to buy.

Who owns LG?

The LG Group is part of a group of companies located in South Korea. These companies include LG Group, LG Pharma, LG Electronics, and a few others. The LG Group is family-owned since the late 1950s.

LG originally started as a small company named GoldStar that was the first to make fridges, air conditioners, radios, and appliances in Korea. Now, the LG Group is #2 behind Samsung for making high-end televisions.

This group of companies that connected family members run now employs over 80,000 workers in 128 factories all over the world. They now have an American LG headquarters in New Jersey that’s in charge of US production.

Are LG products ethically made?

The LG Group has been active in being a green and environment-friendly company for many years. They also have become a certified member of the Carbon Trust agreement to reduce their carbon footprint on this planet.

Their factories often use solar panels and eco-friendly methods of power to make their products. They also research all the plastics and materials that can be recycled easily when appliances and products are no longer used.

When it comes to working ethics, they value their employees based on their working skills. LG is also hard-working at being a top-ranking company. This means that employees work together as a team to be the best.

This is a tradition that is common across Asia but not too uncommon in some American companies that like being #1. The working pride when asking- where is LG made, is part of the LG workers who make these products.