Where Are Kobalt Tools Made 2024 – Is Kobalt made in USA

Kobalt is one of the famous power tools and hand instruments available on the market. Many consider Kobalt as a direct competitor of Husky and Craftsman as it competes head-to-head in the consumer market.

where are Kobalt tools made

It has been only 24 years since this company opened its business. And within this short time, it has been able to make a position with competing hundred-year-old companies.

So, let’s find out where Kobalt tools will be manufactured in 2024.

Kobalt tools are manufactured in Nevada, United States. It does not have a manufacturing plant.

So, the Kobalt owner has run into a deal with one of Nevada’s tool manufacturers for the production of the Kobalt tools.

where are Kobalt sockets made


Kobalt’s sockets are manufactured using Chrome Vanadium steel. It is one of the materials with high wear resistance and toughness properties. So, where do Kobalt sockets are made?

All Kobalt sockets are made in Nevada. As Kobalt has no manufacturing plant, a Nevada-based manufacturer produces sockets for the company.

where are Kobalt shovel made


Kobalt shovels are known for sustaining heavy-duty working conditions. Its handles are made of fiberglass, which is more powerful than wood.

And Nevada’s Kobalt tools manufacturer is also the manufacturer of its shovels.

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Wrenches are one of the most used adaptive tools. Kobalt has been manufacturing wrenches since its beginning.

At first, a Wisconsin-based manufacturer produced wrenches for Kobalt. But now, it is constructed in Nevada with other Kobalt products.

Hand Tools

Kobalt is primarily famous for its power tools and hand tools. As of 2022, its hand tools are manufactured in a western US state named Nevada.

There, a third-party manufacturer produces hand tools for Kobalt.

Power Tools

Power tools are one of the primary attributes of Kobalt. The same third-party manufacturer manufactures and assembles Kobalt power tools. However, the design provider is Kobalt itself.

Are Kobalt tools made in the USA?

The answer is yes. All Kobalt tools are made and assembled in the USA. Besides that, the materials used are also domestically extracted.

Kobalt is an excellent choice as it is manufactured in the USA. Because of that, it has to follow design and production rules according to AISI and ASTM. Therefore, it offers an outstanding quality product.

Is Kobalt made by Snap-On?

In the 2000s, Snap-On manufactured Kobalt. In 2011, Snap-On switched its production of Kobalt to another manufacturer. Thus, Kobalt is no longer under the Snap-On manufacturing operations.

In 1998, Lowe’s Companies and producing partner J.H.Williams began a tool brand named Kobalt. Snap-On purchased the former Kobalt manufacturer in 2003. Therefore, Kobalt went under Snap-On.

However, it is all past now. Currently, Kobalt and Snap-On have no connection.

Who makes Kobalt Tools now?

As of 2022, J.S.Products is the manufacturer of Kobalt tools. It is a Los Angeles, Nevada-based hand and power tools manufacturer.

J.S.Products has been manufacturing Kobalt tools since 2011 after Snap-On handed over the production rights to the owner of Kobalt. Since then, this third-party producer has been working for Kobalt.

Who makes Kobalt tools for Lowe’s?

Currently, J.S.Products is the manufacturing partner of Lowe’s Companies. It contracted with Lowe’s in 2011 to become the producer of Kobalt tools. And until now, the deal is valid.

Before that, Snap-On was the manufacturing partner of Lowe’s. However, the first production collaborator was J.H.Williams, which merged with Snap-On in 2003.

who owns Kobalt tools now

Who owns Kobalt tools now?

Lowe’s Companies, Inc. is the owner of Kobalt tools. It is a North Carolina retailing company, and this company’s product type is home improvement or remodeling.

On March 25, 1921, Lucius Smith Lowe opened the first Lowe’s shop in Mooresville, North Carolina. From that single shop, it has become a multimillionaire company in 2022.

Currently, Lowe’s has 2,030 shop locations across the United States and Canada. It has several subsidiary brands, and Kobalt is one of them.

Are Kobalt tools going out of business?

Kobalt has a particular user community. However, it is not as big as two other tool manufacturing giants, including Craftsman and Husky.

Many of Kobalt’s products overlapped with Husky and Craftsman products. It has a disadvantage for Kobalt to compete with companies like those head-to-head.

So, Kobalt has discontinued some of its products. However, we can assure you that it is not running out of business.