Where Are Kleenex Tissues Made 2024

Kleenex is an American ultra-soft facial tissue manufacturing company. It is one of the oldest tissue brands that has been in business for a century. The company is widely known for its 3-layers of high-quality tissues.

Besides facial tissues, it produces other varieties of paper-based products like paper towels, tampons, and diapers. While you are using Kleenex tissues, you may wonder, where are Kleenex tissues actually made?

Kleenex manufactures tissues in the United States and Canada. Besides, this company’s parent brand manufactures Kleenex products in more than 30 countries including,

  • The United Kingdom
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Taiwan
  • Mexico
  • Brazil
where are Kleenex tissues made

Kleenex markets its products in more than 170 countries. It is one of the oldest tissue manufacturing companies in the world. The Australian manufacturing plant produces multiple Kleenex paper-based products like paper towels, toilet tissue, and wipes.

According to Wikipedia, Kleenex brands include multiple paper-based consumer products companies including Cottonelle & Huggies. In the very beginning, people used this brand’s tissues as a cold cream & makeup remover for their softness.

Are Kleenex tissues made in the USA?

The answer is “Yes.” Kleenex makes tissues in the United States.

Though the company’s tissues come from more than 30 countries worldwide, the majority of these tissues are manufactured in the USA. So, you are purchasing Kleenex tissues throughout North America that are made in the USA.

According to Kleenex’s official website, there are multiple tissue production units of this company in different states across the United States. Such as,

  • South Carolina
  • Connecticut
  • Oklahoma

In addition, Kleenex has also a tissue production plant in Ontario, Canada. As of 2022, it is a demandable tissue brand in North America for its ultra-soft facial tissues with a variety of colors & sizes.

When was Kleenex invented?

Kleenex was invented in the early 1920s. Additionally, the company launched and marketed tissue on 12th July 1924. Then Kleenex sold a package of 100 sheets for just 65 cents.

During the First World War, Kleenex made crepe paper that was used as filter gas masks. Kotex was another consumer paper-based product to help women during their periods.

Kleenex company ltd marketed its tissue products as cold cream removers at that time. Later, the company started manufacturing other consumer paper-based products including face towels.

At the beginning of the business, Kleenex had just one manufacturing plant in the USA. Now there are multiple high-facility production plants. Kleenex has been in business for about 99 years.

Why is there a Kleenex tissue shortage?

The Kleenex tissue shortage is simply due to huge demand. People are requiring so many tissues nowadays. In addition, a bad impact has fallen on the company’s transportation system for the ongoing Covid surge.

As a result, Kleenex couldn’t fulfill people’s daily demands according to requirements. However, the tissue company is getting rid of the short-term impacts. They haven’t a shortage of paper or any kinds of production issues.

Kleenex has enough materials to produce tissues. Besides, its supply chain is much better than in the past couple of years. Currently, they are producing enough tissues and supplying them across the world.

Are Kleenex tissues made in China?

No, Kleenex doesn’t make tissues in China. The company is proudly making tissues in the United States as well as Canada.

Anyway, Kleenex exports its tissues along with other paper-based products in China. It is one of the biggest consumer goods markets for Kleenex products worldwide.

There are lots of retailers selling the company’s products in the Chinese mainland. On the other side, Chinese people can buy Kleenex tissues from several e-commerce websites including Amazon easily.

who manufactures Kleenex tissue

Who manufactures Kleenex tissue?

Currently, Kimberly-Clark Corporation manufactures Kleenex tissues.

It is an American multinational company that mostly produced and marketed baby diapers, tissues, and wipes. The company’s head researcher had gotten this great idea to make tissues dramatically.

Kimberly-Clark has been manufacturing Kleenex tissues for a long time. A certain number of experts are always supervising to make high-quality and soft usable tissues.

Headquartered in Irving, Kimberly-Clark has more than 20 world-class manufacturing facilities around the world. So, every single tissue is made through a standard production system.

What are Kleenex tissues made of?

Kleenex tissues are made of soft and lightweight disposable paper. In addition, biodegradable cellulose fibers are the primary materials of these tissues.

The company collects require organic wood pulps from a huge number of international & national sources. After that, the manufacturer assembles these materials in Kleenex’s tissue production units.

They follow a secret process to make their unique and soft facial tissues. Kleenex’s anti-viral tissue contains Citric Acid & Sodium Lauryl Sulfate to inactivate viruses.

Where to buy Kleenex tissue?

Kleenex tissues are available in more than 150 countries worldwide. You can buy Kleenex tissues from local retailers. If you haven’t found any retail store near you, you can make a purchase online easily.

You can buy these products from Kleenex’s official website at an affordable price. Besides, Kleenex’s tissues are available to buy on several e-commerce platforms. Such as,

  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • Instacart
  • Alibaba

Who owns Kleenex?

According to Forbes, Kimberly-Clark Corporation Ltd owns Kleenex at present. International Cellucotton Products Company was the previous owner of the Kleenex brand.

Kimberly-Clark Corporation also manufactures Huggies diapers, Kotex hygiene products, Scott tissues, Cottonelle toilet papers, and Andex toilet rolls. It has several subsidiary companies around the world.

As the company collaborated with Kimberly-Clark, its popularity increased rapidly. Now Kleenex is one of the best-selling facial tissue brands worldwide.

Wrap Up

Kleenex is a large tissue manufacturing brand in the United States that is famous for its facial tissues. At present, it is on people’s choice list for its high-quality tissue.

Though Kleenex has lots of production units, it manufactures the majority of products in USA-based manufacturing plants. The company has been providing ultra-soft and hygienic tissue to consumers for around a century.