Where Are Kirby Vacuums Made 2024?

When it comes to household names that define any appliance in your home, Kirby vacuum cleaners should be on that list. They were among a handful of companies from the early days that created the vacuum industry that was sold door to door.

Perhaps this is why you’ll be curious to find out: where are Kirby vacuums made and why they’re so special?

Where Are Kirby Vacuums Made

Are Kirby vacuums made in the USA?

Kirby vacuums are still proudly made in the USA from their factory located in Cleveland, Ohio.

To keep up with the pace of production needs, many individual parts of the vacuum itself are produced all around the world.

This process helps Kirby to be competitive with modern vacuum brands.

The parts are then shipped to Ohio where each piece of a vacuum is inspected and then assembled and packaged. They also have a factory in Texas that helped them to double their production needs in recent years.

All of their vacuums are shipped to outlets and companies located in 50 countries all over the world.

Where are Kirby vacuums made?

Kirby vacuum parts are made in factories that are located overseas and are returned back to America so they can be completely assembled. Each of the parts and pieces allow the Kirby Company to keep standards high on replacement parts this way.

It also allows owners of older Kirby vacuums to replace parts that are not found so easily. This was an economic move to allow Kirby customers better access to parts and services in recent years.

The two facilities located in Ohio and Texas are the main states where Kirby factories build a finished product. These vacuum cleaners are then shipped to distributors all over the world.

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Are Kirby vacuums still manufactured?

For the last 100 years, Kirby has been making vacuum cleaners and is still producing them to this day. And though the original designs have changed in the previous century, the newer vacuum cleaners have seen big improvements.

Older vacuum cleaner models that were big and bulky are now compact and easier to use these days.

This hasn’t changed the power that Kirby vacuums are best known for. They still clean carpets better than many of the modern vacuum brand names.

Many people think that these vacuum cleaners are a relic of the past. The main reason is that many Baby Boomers owned a Kirby from the 1950s and 60s and looks outdated compared to designs today.

Who manufactures Kirby vacuums?

The only company that manufactures Kirby vacuums is and has always been The Kirby Company. Ownership of the company has changed hands a couple of times but the company still is the primary manufacturer of the Kirby vacuums.

They also have individual parts and pieces that are made by hired contracted companies.

These global contractors are hired by Kirby to make each piece that’s assembled later in the USA. Each piece of the vacuum is designed in the USA by Kirby vacuum experts. Technically, Kirby is one of the few vacuum companies that are 100% American-Made.

It’s also one of the few vacuum cleaner brands that have a reputation for being an American brand that is respected.

How much should you pay for a Kirby vacuum?

The average price a customer can expect to pay for Kirby vacuums ranges from: $800 to $1500 depending on the model price. Many will think this price is expensive for a vacuum cleaner but have never owned a Kirby vacuum.

This vacuum was designed to be robust and effective for cleaning carpets.

The price that is paid for Kirby vacuums will justify the hassle of buying cheaper knock-off brands that don’t work. You might say that nobody makes an effective vacuum such as Kirby anymore.

This is why Kirby vacuum cleaners are also such valuable vacuums to own because they are elegant and powerful.

Where can I buy Kirby appliances?

Kirby is an exclusive vacuum cleaner that can be bought anywhere in the USA. Outside the US, the Kirby vacuum is also sold in over 50 countries. This makes Kirby a global brand that is easy to find in any corner of the globe.

It can also be found being sold online on helpful sites like Amazon and direct from the Kirby Company.

There are still small groups of door-to-door salespeople who are allowed to sell the Kirby vacuum as individual salespeople. These sales are different because they show how the vacuum works in person.

The prices are slightly different than what you buy in a store or online because the salesperson works independently.

How long should a Kirby vacuum last?

The average lifetime a Kirby vacuum will last is 25 to 30 years based on how much it’s used.

Every machine will indeed have minor mechanical problems that are run by electricity. This is why every Kirby vacuum is easy to get fixed with repair services that Kirby provides.

As long as there are replacement parts, a Kirby vacuum will last decades.

If you are lucky enough to find an old Kirby model at your grandparents, chances are it can last another 20-30 years if it’s in good condition. The Kirby Company also offers complete refurbishment of their vacuums if you have a newer or older model.

Since many of the parts of a Kirby vacuum are made of metal and not plastic, they will last much longer than newer plastic parts.

Who owns The Kirby Vacuum Company?

The current owners of Kirby are Right Lane Industries LLC which was sold very recently in mid-2021. Before this, it was part of the Scott Fetzer Company in 1986.

The Fetzer Company represented top brand names including the Ginsu Knife which was famous for being a top TV brand.

Famed billionaire Warren Buffet is said to be the person who decided to sell the Kirby Company to Right Lane LLC. Buffet was part of the original Berkshire Hathaway group that owned Kirby since the 1930s.

When the Hathaway Company decided to buy the Scott Fetzer Company in 1986, it was better known as the Fetzer Company.

Does Kirby have a lifetime warranty?

Kirby vacuums do not have a lifetime warranty but do offer a 3-year limited warranty.

The rumor started about a lifetime warranty that came from door-to-door sales. The agreement that buyers can only get from approved salespeople. This is a program called ˝ The Lifetime Rebuild Program˝ and is covered for a lifetime to have it serviced and rebuilt.

Each warranty is also variable depending on the vacuum model that you buy. Some body parts on these high-end models are covered for a lifetime as well. The average warranty is going to be no more than 3 years for all parts that are covered by the Kirby warranty plan.