Where Are Jordan Made 2024 – Is Jordan Made in China?

Air Jordan or Jordans are made in China.

The first Air Jordan shoe was made for Michael Jordan during his time with the Chicago Bulls.

In April 1985, Nike released Jordans publicly. Today, the manufacturer produces Jordans in 75 factories.  

where are Jordans made

Since 1985, Nike has been producing Jordans in China. Nike has built a complete empire in China.

For many reasons, most companies set up their factories overseas, especially in countries like China.

According to Nike’s 2014 report, a single pair of Nike sneakers costs $28.5 including a shipping charge to the United States.

Labor cost in China is less compared to other countries. Recently, Nike’s published report revealed that the Air Jordan 1 model only cost them $16 including the shipping charge.

As production cost in China is incredibly low, companies like Nike will prefer China for manufacturing plants.

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are Jordans made in America

Are Jordan made in America?

Though Jordan is the product of the American corporation Nike, these shoes are completely made in China.

Under the instruction of Nike, Air Jordan is produced in Chinese manufacturing facilities. Jordans are not manufactured in the United States.

The American designers Peter Moore and Tinker Hatfield designed Air Jordan for Nike. To remember the Hall of Fame former basketball player, Michael Jordan, Nike chooses “Jordan” as the brand name.

In 1985, Nike began releasing Jordans publicly. Since then, the below models have been released:

Air Jordan ModelReleasing Year
Air Jordan I1985
Air Jordan II1986
Air Jordan III1988
Air Jordan IV1989
Air Jordan V1990
Air Jordan VI1991
Air Jordan VII1992
Air Jordan VIII1993
Air Jordan IX1993
Air Jordan X1994
Air Jordan XXXIV2019
Air Jordan XXXV2020
Air Jordan XXXVI2021

The Air Jordan XXXVI is the latest released model so far. To be more specific, let’s find out where these Air Jordan models are manufactured.

where is Jordan 1 made

Where is Jordan 1 made?

Jordan 1 is manufactured in China.

Nike released their first Jordan in 1985 which is completely made in China. Making a complete empire in China, Nike has been producing Jordan since 1985. The latest Jordan is also made in China.

According to the users of Air Jordan 1, it is not the worst sneaker for basketball but it certainly isn’t the most optimal today. For casual wear, Air Jordan 1 is great. This model looks great on its feet.  

Nonetheless, Jordan 1 remains popular because:

  • It’s iconic
  • Looks great with any number of outfits
  • Directly tied to the history of the sneaker collection
  • Limited availability
  • Hype

For casual use, Jordans 1 is great.  

where are Jordans 4 made

Where is Jordan 4 made?

Jordan 4 is also made in China.

In 1989, Nike released Jordan 4. The design of the Jordan 4 is similar to the Air Jordan 3. Both Air Jordan 3 and 4 had:

  • A visible air unit in the shoe
  • A mid-top silhouette
  • Both Nike and Jumpman branding

In performance, the Jordan 4 was an innovative leap forward.

Where is Jordan made in China?

The actual authentic mass production of Jordan is done in China. There are two main manufacturing plants in China.

Nike makes Jordan in the Dongguan YueYuen Shoe Factory. This factory is located in Gaobu Town, Dongguan City, China.

More than 50k laborers work during peak season in the China-based factory of Nike. The labor cost in China is comparatively low. Hence, giant shoe makers like Nike, Adidas, and Reebok have established their factories in China.

Qingdao Taekwang Shoes Co. has been supplying Nike shoes from China for more than 30 years. According to a report in WashingtonPost, about 8 million pairs of Nikes are supplied each year by the Qingdao Taekwang Shoe Co.

In China, Qingdao Taekwang Shoes Co. is one of Nike’s largest factories.

Are Jordan from China fake?

Though Nike imports Jordan from China, they supply Jordan shoes from major hubs in the United States and Europe. Fake Jordans may be produced in China or Asian countries. For real Jordans, you must collect from these major distribution hubs.

If Jordan is shipped from Asia, there is a big possibility of fake Jordans. Nike indeed makes all of its shoes in China or sometimes in Vietnam. But, they strictly distribute Jordans or Nike shoes from major hubs in the US and Europe.

Jordans from Asian countries will most probably be faked.  

How to tell if Jordan is real or fake?

There are three ways to tell if Jordan is fake or not.

First, you have to check the Jordan boxes. The real Jordan has an official manufacturing sticker on the side. Examine the quality of the box.

Generally, real Jordan comes packaged in a sturdy box. Check the “Jumpman” logo on the lid of the box.

Secondly, check the accurate style name of the shoe, color combination, country of manufacture, and shoe size. The text should look uniform and the words will be evenly spaced. Check the spelling too.

Thirdly, look for a manufacturing sticker on the outside of the box. Fake Jordans will feature a misshapen manufacturing sticker. You must confirm the nine-digit style number on the manufacturing sticker.

Who owns Jordan?

Nike owns Jordan.

Since 1985, Nike has been producing Jordan. This American Corporation titled the brand name after the great basketball player, Michael Jordan.

Nike pays $410k per day to Michael Jordan. In return, Nike generates $15 million per day from Jordan.


If you search for the top-selling sneakers, any of Jordan’s models will appear first. People are crazy about Nike’s Jordan. Jordan is all about status, comfort, style, and so on.