Where Are Jeremy’s Razors Made 2024 – Made in USA?

Jeremy’s razors are expected to be made in the United States.

It is a new consumer packaged goods company that sells shaving equipment as well as personal care products online.

where are Jeremy's razors made

The company was founded about 10 months ago focusing on the American consumer markets.

As a new brand, it could not expand its manufacturing facilities within a year. Besides razors, the company also sells:

  • Beard kit
  • The Founder’s kit
  • Shampoo
  • Charcoal body wash & soap
  • Facial cleanser & moisturizer

Now, the brand is providing its products not only in the American but also in Canadian consumer markets.

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Are Jeremy’s razors made in the USA?

It is hoped that Jeremy’s razors are made in the USA. There is no official information about the company’s manufacturing facilities.

But it is founded in the USA & its main corporate office is based in the same location as well. In that case, we are expecting that Jeremy’s razors are only manufactured in the United States.

Though there are no international manufacturing facilities for the brand, it might import some of the products from overseas.

Since they did not say so, we can expect that every product is carefully designed and manufactured in a US-based factory. After manufacturing, they distribute them across the country.

when will Jeremy’s razors be available

When will Jeremy’s razors be available?

After analyzing we can say that Jeremy’s razors are available right now.

We have already noticed Jeremy Razor’s publicity and promotional video on YouTube. In the video, Jeremy ensured the superior quality of his products.

There he also demonstrated that he had already sold numerous products. As he mentioned in the video, you can buy Jeremy’s new razors instead of from other companies like Harry’s.

Currently, the Precision 5 Starter Set with Flip Back Trimmer is available on the company’s official website at $17.99. Hence, it is said that Jeremy’s razors are now available for purchase.

Where to buy Jeremy’s razors?

Jeremy’s razor is now available on its official website. So, you can easily buy your favorite shaving kit from its official website at an affordable price range.

According to the sources, you can preorder these products. On a subscription to Jeremy’s Razors, you can get a razor with six blades, a premium matte tungsten handle, Flip-back trimmer razor cartridges, and shaving cream.

The subscription might be delivered between one and four months. In addition, you can cancel or modify these pre-ordered products anytime.

After publishing the commercial video on YouTube, it amassed millions of views within the first few days. Besides, more than 45,000 people pre ordered a subscription as well.

As far as we know, Jeremy’s razors are available only on its official website now. However, you can buy razors easily from the website and will get free shipping on all orders over $75.

Who makes Jeremy’s Razors?

As a parent company, The Daily Wire makes Jeremy’s razors.

The company stepped into the American shaving kit industry in March 2022 due to a feud between The Daily Wire & razor manufacturer Harry’s.

Jeremy’s Razor became one of the leading shaving equipment manufacturing brands within a year due to providing high-quality shaving kits.

These razors were first promoted on The Daily Wire. Lots of people are quite impressed and pre-booked Jeremy’s razors. Some notable features of Jeremy’s razor are:

  • Made up of the tungsten handle
  • It has strong pivots
  • Provides very sharp blades
  • Shaving kits come in a clean case
  • Customizable subscription plan
  • Available at an affordable price
  • Strong and sustainable

Who owns Jeremy’s Razors?

The Daily Wire currently owns Jeremy’s Razors.

It is an American conservative media outlet based in Nashville, Tennessee. Since the very beginning of the business, Jeremy’s Razor has been an American subsidiary company.

Jeremy Boreing is the founder of Jeremy’s Razor. He is presently the co-CEO of The Daily Wire. After launching the razor brand, Jeremy described his latest venture as direct competition to Harry’s razors.

In March 2022, Jeremy Boreing promoted his latest razors on Tucker Carlson Tonight. Within a year, the brand gained enormous popularity in the American market.

Currently, Jeremy’s razor is competing with various leading brands including Gillette & Dollar Shave Club. Anyway, The Daily Wire is the only parent company of Jeremy’s Razors till now.