Where Are Intel Chips Made 2024? – All Factories Revealed

Intel Chips are proudly made in the USA, China, Ireland, Israel, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, and Costa Rica.

Currently, it is the leading microprocessor manufacturer in the modern technology industry.

Where Are Intel Chips Made

The best thing about Intel chips is their unrivaled single-thread clock speeds.

By announcing a new era in integrated electronics, Intel first manufactured the world’s first microprocessor in 1971 in the United States.

Over the years, it expanded manufacturing factories in numerous locations worldwide.  Now Intel chips are manufactured in more than six countries in three continents.

In Vietnam, the company began chipsets production in June 2010. This manufacturing plant vastly made Intel’s 10th generation core processors.

In addition, Intel Corporation has already announced plans to build new European chip plants in Italy & Germany.

Who makes the chips for Intel

Who makes the chips for Intel?

Intel Corporation makes the chips for Intel.

Now it is one of the biggest semiconductor companies worldwide as well as a 100% chip manufacturer.

The company is a leading maker of the world’s most advanced chips with competitive features.

However, there are more than 131k employees all over the world who are responsible for making and marketing Intel chips.

Expert manufacturing teams cautiously design and produce every single chipset of the brand. In 1971, the first commercial microprocessor “Intel 4004” was designed by an Italian engineer named Federico Faggin.

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Does Intel have factories in China?

The answer is “Yes.” Intel has chip manufacturing factories in China.

In Asia Pacific, China is the biggest manufacturer of Intel chips. Intel had three manufacturing facilities & test sites in China.

But it closed its Dalian-based fab in 2021. In that case, Intel has now two assembly & test sites in China to produce advanced chipsets.

According to the company’s official website, Intel’s Chinese manufacturing facilities are located in Shanghai & Chengdu.

In addition, China accounted for approximately 30% of Intel’s revenue. Besides, Intel chipsets are assembled and tested in Malaysia & Vietnam along with China in the Asian region.

Now Intel is largely involved in China both through its customers and its manufacturing operations.

is Intel building a chip factory in the USA

Is Intel building a chip factory in the USA?

Yes, Intel is building a new chip factory in the USA.

In New Albany, the company is building a 1000-acre chip manufacturing mega-site. Its estimated construction cost is $20 billion. This plant will start its operation by 2025.

There it will build at least two semiconductor fabrication plants in the future for research, development, and manufacture of advanced computer chips.

Although the brand already has a couple of production sites in the USA, it is expanding its manufacturing facilities. Now, more than 70% of Intel’s semiconductor fabrication is made in the United States.

According to the sources, Intel Corporation has the option to eventually expand its manufacturing facility to 2000 acres with up to eight fabs.

Does Intel manufacture its own chips?

Yes, Intel designs and manufactures its own chips.

As far as we know, it has no third-party chip manufacturers. Since the very beginning of business, Intel Corporation has been manufacturing computer chips in its own production plants.

In the 1970s, Intel had production facilities only in the United States. Now it has multiple production plants in numerous locations around the world.

How many fabs does Intel have?

Intel processors are primarily made in semiconductor fabrication plants that are also known as fabs. There are 15 wafer fabs of the company worldwide.

The majority of Intel’s fabs are based in the United States. Intel’s American fabs are located in:

  • Mountain View, California
  • Santa Clara, California
  • Livermore, California
  • Aloha, Oregon
  • Chandler, Arizona
  • Rio Rancho, New Mexico
  • Hillsboro, Oregon
  • Colorado Springs, Colorado

Additionally, Intel has 4 wafer fabs outside of the United States. According to the sources, Intel chipset manufacturing fabs are located in Ireland, Israel, and China.

On the contrary, the company has testing & assembly development facilities in China, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Israel, and Costa Rica.

What does Intel use to make their chips?

Intel uses silicon wafers to make their chips.

In addition, manufacturers add thin copper on silicon wafers to create complex circuits. These processes are actually done layer by layer at the molecular level.

Sometimes, they use other metals like gold or aluminum instead of copper.

However, the company does not express its exact chip manufacturing plans or processes publicly and always tries to make the most advanced technology out there.