Where Are Husky Tools Made 2024 – Is It Made in USA?

Husky is a famous American company known for manufacturing hand tools. Besides its hand tools, it manufactures tool storage boxes and pneumatic tools and devices.

It has been nearly 100 years since Husky started its tool manufacturing business. Since then, the company has been selling its products in the market with a high reputation.

So, let’s find out where Husky manufactures its products.

Husky tools are manufactured selectively in the United States. As Husky has no manufacturing plant, it has to contract with other companies to have its tools manufactured.

where are Husky tools made

Not long ago, Husky’s parent company exclusively manufactured all Husky tools in the United States. However, the manufacturing strategy of this company has changed to an extent.

As of 2022, the Husky owner manufactures most of Husky’s products outside the USA. And the countries where the company manufactures its tools, including China and Taiwan.

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Hand Tools

Four American companies work to manufacture Husky Tools. And all four companies have production facilities in China and Taiwan, where they run production processes for Husky Hand tools manufacturing.

The companies that manufacture Husky hand tools, including

  • Western Forge
  • Stanley Black & Decker
  • Iron Bridge Tools
  • Apex Tool Group
where are Husky wrenches made


Husky’s wrench design is one of the most efficient designs in tool industries. The combination of material and design has made it more durable against flexural stress.

So, which companies produce wrenches for Husky? Let’s find out.

The companies that manufacture hand tools also operate for the same company to produce wrenches. However, Husky is the one that selects the material for wrenchings, as well as the design.

where are Husky Tool Chest made

Tool Chest

Numerous organizations work for Husky to manufacture its hand tools and wrenches. However, not all companies have the authority to produce tool chests.

There are only two companies that produce tool chests for Husky. And those companies, including

  • Stanley Black & Decker
  • Apex Tool Group


Husky did not publicize the name of the manufacturers that produce sockets for them. However, from the tags on the Husky sockets, we can understand where the company makes these.

The tags indicate that Husky makes all these sockets in Taiwan and China. Anyways, it is not very surprising as Husky manufactures ninety percent of its products in those regions.

Are Husky and Kobalt made by the same company?

The answer is no. Though both Husky and Kobalt manufacture tools, the two are different companies and have two separate parent companies.

Husky is known for manufacturing pneumatic tools, hand tools, and tool storage products. And its parent organization is The Home Depot. In the 90s, The Home Depot took the rights to produce this company’s products.

On the other hand, Kobalt is widely known for producing hand and power tools, mechanics tools, and tool storage products. Lowe’s Companies, Inc. is the mother company of this tool manufacturing company.

So, these two companies have no connections even though the two produce the same type of products.

Who makes Husky tools?

Four American companies working to manufacture products for Husky tools. However, Stanley Black & Decker is the one that produces the most products for this company.

Though those companies are manufacturers of Husky products, none of them are owners of this company. They are operating under contracts with The Home Depot.

Are Husky tools owned by Home Depot?

Yes, The Home Depot is the owner of Husky tools. The company has had this company’s ownership since 1992. However, Husky has been under some other companies and corporations previously.

In 1924, Sigmund Mandl established Husky. But after five years, in 1929, he sold it to Olsen Manufacturing Company. Sometime later, Olsen sold this company to the New Britain Machine Company.

Husky continued its journey under New Britain for a long time. But it did not last. In 1970, National Hand Tools purchased Husky. Later in 1986, Stanley Works took Husky under its corporation.

In later years, The Home Depot took Husky and still functions as the owner of this company.

Is Husky owned by Craftsman?

The answer is no. Once, Husky was under Stanley Black & Decker, the current owner of Craftsman. But Craftsman was never the owner of Husky.

And now, Husky is not even under the same company as Craftsman. Its new parent company is The Home Depot.

Who owns Husky tools?

The Home Depot is the owner of Husky. It is an American multiracial home renovation retailing company. It means it does not have a manufacturing facility but produces its products from other manufacturers.