Where Are GEARWRENCH Tools Made 2024?

GEARWRENCH tools are made in China and Taiwan.

Every single tool is manufactured in the factories of its parent organization in East Asian countries.

Where Are GEARWRENCH Tools Made

In that case, its manufacturing facility is based in Shanghai, China. Additionally, its other production plant is based in Taichung, Taiwan.

With Profession Ratcheting Wrench, GEARWRENCH first stepped into the tool industry in 1996.  Over the years it increased its product lines.

Now GEARWRENCH is a premium hand tool brand as well as one of the largest hand tool manufacturers in the world.

The company offers several types of tools in the market. Its long production line includes the following tools,

  • Cutting tools
  • Extraction tools
  • Hex keys
  • Pass-thru tools
  • Pliers
  • Ratchets & drive tools
  • Screwdrivers & nut drivers
  • Torque wrenches
is GEARWRENCH made in the USA

Is GEARWRENCH made in the USA?

The answer is “No.” GEARWRENCH tools are not made in the USA.

Although the brand has corporate offices in the United States, we could not find American-made GEARWRENCH tools. Nonetheless, their research is based in America.

These tools are manufactured in the factories of the Apex Tool Group. And its manufacturing factories for making specifically GEARWRENCH products are located in Taiwan & China.

Hence, GEARWRENCH does not have any production facilities in the USA. According to Apex Tool Group, the vast majority of GEARWRENCH products are manufactured in Taiwan.

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Who makes GEARWRENCH tools

Who makes GEARWRENCH tools?

Apex Tool Group makes GEARWRENCH tools in East Asia.

Besides, it also manufactures hand & power tools for some other leading brands including Crescent, Wiss, SATA, Allen, Armstrong Tools, and Lufkin.

Under the instruction of Apex Tool Group, Taiwanese & Chinese craftsmanship have been making GEARWRENCH tools in their advanced manufacturing facilities.

They use high-quality alloy steels with full polish or satin finish to make durable GEARWRENCH tools.

Apex Tool Group has more than 20 manufacturing plants throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. But it manufactures GEARWRENCH products in Asian production plants.

Currently, the company offers more than 5,000 industrial and automotive hand tools. Surprisingly, more than 100 million GEARWRENCH products have been professionally tested across the world.

Who bought GEARWRENCH?

Apex Tool Group, LLC bought GEARWRENCH.

Based in Maryland, it is one of the largest producers of industrial hand tools and power tools that was formed as a joint venture of Cooper Industries and Danaher Corporation.

However, Apex Tool Group is considered the main owner along with the designer & manufacturer of GEARWRENCH tools.

Are GEARWRENCH tools good?

After analyzing customer reviews online, we can say that GEARWRENCH tools are good & useful.

GEARWRENCH tools are better, faster & tougher tools that outperform industry standards to provide the highest level of performance.

The company maintains a hard line for its product quality. As a result, you won’t have to worry about GEARWRENCH tools’ quality & performance.

As GEARWRENCH tools are launched into the American market so it is clear to us, the brand ensures that its products successfully meet the US standard.

There are some notable features of GEARWRENCH tools. Such as,

  • Precision performance
  • Quick change bit holder
  • Comfortable grip
  • Quick and easy adjustments
  • Accurate measurement system
  • Perfect dimensions
  • Strong & durable

The company has made enormous popularity in less than 20 years. Since its establishment, GEARWRENCH has served its products to more than 70 million happy customers.

As the company has lots of happy customers all over the world, GEARWRENCH undoubtedly provides good quality hand tools.

Are GEARWRENCH tools lifetime warranty?

GEARWRENCH tools do not have a lifetime warranty on all of its products. According to the sources, GEARWRENCH offers a limited warranty on some specific products.

The company has provided an applicable warranty period on its official website. GEARWRENCH offers a lifetime warranty on its hand tools excluding the products listed below,

ProductWarranty period
Torque products1 year
Toolbox 83240 GSX Series3 years
Toolbox 83167, 83168, and 83169 series5 years
Creeper1 year
Bit sockets and cutting toolsNo warranty

In recent years, GEARWRENCH automotive & industrial tools have had a tremendous demand for its worldwide users.

Where to buy GEARWRENCH tools?

You can easily buy GEARWRENCH tools from the official website as well as your nearby retail stores.

Apart from this, GEARWRENCH products are available on several e-commerce websites. Such as,

  • Amazon
  • Acme Tools
  • Zoro.com
  • CPO
  • eBay
  • Ohio Power Tool