Where Are GE Refrigerators Made 2024

GE is one of the world’s largest appliance brands which makes refrigerators, dishwashers, freezers, dryers, water heaters, and so on. You will find GE appliances in nearly half of all US homes. 

In 2022, two GE refrigerators are considered to be the best-selling. This brand is the fastest-growing appliance manufacturing company in the world.

While enjoying fresh food in the GE refrigerator, the first thing you may be quarried where are GE Refrigerators made? 

GE refrigerators are mostly manufactured in the United States. The company expenses 70% to 90% of its manufacturing expenses in the US. In Alabama, Tennessee, and Georgia, GE factories are located.

where are GE refrigerators made

For more than 125 years, GE has been manufacturing its refrigerators in Alabama, Tennessee, and Georgia. They contribute to local economics in every state. 

In GE factories, more than 15k employees work sincerely. They are the heart of GE appliances. 

GE employees make your life better by creating, designing, and building trusted appliances. At GE factories, the manufacturer makes 2.33 units per hour and ships 28.1 million parts and accessories.  

who is the manufacturer of GE refrigerators

Who is the manufacturer of GE refrigerators? 

Haier is the manufacturer of GE refrigerators. 

Since 2016, Haier has been manufacturing GE appliances. Though the HQ of GE appliance is located in Louisville, Kentucky, it’s a part of the global corporation, Haier Group. 

Haier Group owns 90% of GE appliances. The rest of the 10% of GE appliances is owned by Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. 

As the major owner of GE appliances, Haier Group manufactures GE refrigerators in GE factories. Below are the subsidiaries of Haier Group: 

  • GE Appliances 
  • Hoover 
  • Hotpoint 
  • Candy 
  • Sanyo 
  • Fisher & Paykel 

Haier Group purchased GE Appliances company for $5.6 billion. The world’s top 50 most influential management thinkers, Zhang Ruimin, founded Haier Group. 

Is GE refrigerator made in the USA? 

Yes, US employees make GE refrigerators in the United States. There are nine GE manufacturing plants in the United States. More than 15k employees work hard in these factories. 

Most of the GE factories are located in three major states of the US. These states are: 

  • Alabama 
  • Tennessee 
  • Georgia  

GE contributes largely to local economies by creating jobs. Since 2018, GE has invested $660 million in their American operations creating 15k new US jobs. 

According to the manufacturer of GE appliances, they are committed to providing trusted appliances made by American craftsmen.   

The largest injection molding facility of GE appliances is located in Kentucky, USA. In 1951, GE established the 750-acre industrial park in the United States.

Are GE refrigerators made in China? 

Since 2016, GE Appliances has been owned by the Chinese multinational home appliances company, Haier Group. Though the Chinese company owns GE Appliances, they manufacture all GE refrigerators in the United States. 

Based in Louisville, Kentucky, GE makes home appliances in the US. In 2016, Haier Group bought GE Appliances for $5.6 billion. Nonetheless, they did not shift GE factories from the US. 

Rather, GE contributes to the local economy by creating jobs for US citizens. Recently, GE has created 15k jobs for Americans. 

As mentioned, Haier makes GE refrigerators in nine factories in the United States. 

Consequently, we can say that US craftsmen make GE refrigerators in the United States rather than in China.  

Where are GE refrigerators assembled? 

GE refrigerators are distributed and supported in 46 states in the USA. The manufacturer assembles GE appliances in their three major factories in the USA. 

Haier Group makes GE refrigerators in the USA. US employees do the major manufacturing process in five GE factories. 

In Kentucky, the national footprint of GE refrigerators begins. Later, they make each part of GE refrigerators in five facilities in the US. 

After manufacturing, the manufacturer assembles GE refrigerators in Alabama, Tennessee, and South Carolina. 

Where can I buy GE refrigerators? 

In 46 states of the United States, you will find GE refrigerator distribution centers. Besides, you can purchase GE refrigerators from authorized dealers. 

More than 2.6k employees work in the marketing and distributing centers of GE refrigerators. They have nearly all locations in the United States. 

GE refrigerators are also available online. GE sells its products through Amazon. Hence, you can also purchase GE refrigerators from Amazon. 

Wrap Up 

GE is a widely renowned home appliance manufacturer. This American brand is now owned by the Chinese company, Haier Group. Analyzing recent sales, two GE refrigerator models have become top-selling items.