Where Are Funko Pops Made 2024

The majority of Funko Pops are manufactured in China.

Funko has factories in a number of different Chinese cities, including Dongguan, Shenzhen, and Zhongshan.

Funko also has factories in USA and Vietnam.

These manufacturing plants are located in:

  • The United States
  • China
  • Vietnam
where are Funko Pops made

Funko has started its business with a little factory in the United States. Within a decade, it has expanded its production facilities constantly. The company is operating its business worldwide through a trusted supply chain.

Funko has moved its production lines to the Asian region along with the North American region. In addition, the company is seeking to expand its production capabilities to other countries with more digital technologies.

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When was the first Funko pop made?

The first Funko pop was made in 1998. At that time, the founder conceived Funko as a low-tech toy brand.

Funko created its first toy item, the Big Boy bobblehead. This item was the most successful creation of the company. They had represented it as the mascot of the Bob’s Big Boy burger franchise.

But the Big Boy bobblehead wasn’t the most high-value figure at all. Funko manufactured this first item and frequently offered it at reasonable prices.

Over the years, Funko had sold more than $500 million worth of merchandise.

what was the second Funko pop ever made

What was the second Funko pop ever made?

Austin Powers Bobbleheads was the second creation that Funko pop ever made. In 2002, the company manufactured and marketed this product in the American markets.

The company manufactured a limited number of toy items and distributed them at an affordable price. The founder of the company had called New Line Cinema to get a license for “Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery.

Funko had gotten a true success and took place on the best-selling list due to producing Austin Power bobbleheads. Anyway, it is easy to find and purchase this item. Austin Power bobblehead isn’t a rare Funko pop.

what is the rarest Funko Pop ever made

What is the rarest Funko Pop ever made?

Stan Lee Platinum Metallic could be the rarest Funko Pop ever made since the beginning of the business. Because they have produced just 10 units of the Superhero of this character.

Stan Lee Platinum Metallic price is an estimated $10k. You should know that only a few lucky collectors got their hands on this rarest version. As a result, it is hardly available in markets.

When there is a few numbers of pieces produced and there is hardly a chance to get them, then a Funko Pop item becomes a rare product. Some other rare and expensive Funko Pop figures:

Character NameEstimated Value
Mickey Mouse (Metallic)$1,150
Superman (Metallic Chase)$3,750
Stranger Things- Hopper (Gold)$4,000
Boo Berry$5,500
Dumbo (Clown Paint)$6,300
Clockwork Orange$13,000

Are Funko made in China or Vietnam?

Funko is made in both China and Vietnam. The company built pop production units in these two countries along with the USA. As of 2022, Funko hasn’t other manufacturing facilities without these three factories.

According to the sources, Shenzhen Yingyi Best Gifts Company Ltd. manufactures Funko Pop in Guangdong, China and ships them to the North American country.

On the other hand, Dream Plastic Ltd. is the biggest exporter and supplier of the company in Vietnam. It is located in Chau Son Industrial Zone, Phủ Lý, Hà Nam Province of Vietnam.

Are Funko pops made in America?

Funko designs its products In the United States and manufactures in Vietnam and China.

They complete the design process at the Funko headquarters located in Everett, Washington. The 17,000-square-foot flagship store in downtown Everett started its operation in August 2017.

In 2019, the company opened another storefront with 40,000 square feet of space in Hollywood, Los Angeles. Though Funko makes Pops in the Asian region, these accessories are designed in the USA.

who makes Funkos

Who makes Funkos?

ACON Investments LLC makes Funkos. It is an American private equity investment firm that operates the whole manufacturing process of the toy company.

Funko has third-party manufacturers both in China & Vietnam. They produce on their own and distribute them to the US-based markets as well as export throughout the whole world.

There are lots of skilled artists who design digital and unique models by using Pixologic ZBrush each and every working day in the USA.

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Who is the owner of Funko?

Currently, ACON Investments LLC owns Funko Pop. The investment firm acquired Funko in late 2015. Since then, it is widely known as the owner of the brand.

An American toy collector Mike Becker founded Funko in 1998 at his home. Six years later, he sold the company to Brian Mariotti. In 2013, Fundamental Capital bought Funko Pops.

But the private equity firm could not hold Funkos ownership for the long term. Finally, ACON Investment has bought the company.

Wrap Up

Funko Pops is an American leading brand with thousands of products at this moment. The company has been serving its products to customers worldwide for more than a decade faithfully.