Where Are Free People Clothes Made 2024 – Made in US?

Free People clothes are predominantly made in India.

Free People is an American brand dealing with women’s clothing, intimates, accessories, shoes, and swimwear.

Where Are Free People Clothes Made

Since 1984, Free People has been manufacturing women’s products and related items.

Apart from clothing and related accessories, Free People also produces crystals, cosmetics, oral care, skin care, oral supplements, books etc.

Free People, in other words, is a versatile brand for women.

However, the manufacturers of Free People confirmed that most of their clothes are made in India. While manufacturing, they also source their raw materials from India.

In the Indian manufacturing plants, Free People manufacturers use the following materials:

  • Leather
  • Wool
  • Animal hair
  • Viscose
  • Polyester
  • GOTS certified Iilen
  • Cotton
  • Hemp

Free People vastly uses eco-conscious materials that are GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified.

In the fashion industry, Free People’s clothes include bohemian clothing styles. Their styles also carry the latest trends in vintage designs.

Though Free People is an American brand, most of its clothes are manufactured in India. The company has some advanced manufacturing facilities in India where they make stylish Free People clothes.

After manufacturing in India, Free People distributes its products from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

In short, skilled artisans in India make Free People clothes.

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Who produces for Free People?

URBN produces for Free People.

URBN is the parent organization of Free People. The company has taken the necessary steps to lower its carbon output.

The production unit of URBN has a lot of manufacturing facilities in India. Consequently, the manufacturers of URBN make products for Free People.

In the Urban Outfitters (URBN) portfolio, you will find many fashion brands. Some of the biggest names are:

  • Free People
  • Anthropologie
  • FP Movement
  • Terrain
  • Anthropologie Weddings
  • Menus & Venues
  • Nuuly

URBN is a passionate brand that makes innovative products for its subsidiaries.

In short, Urban Outfitters Inc. produces products for Free People.

Why are Free People so expensive?

As Free People use better and more expensive materials in their products, these items seem expensive to their customers.

While manufacturing Free People clothes, the production unit uses better materials that last much longer than clothing that’s half the price.

Free People don’t compromise anything in their products. They ensure the use of the best quality fabrics.

Besides, Free People brings innovative designs to its customers. The brand has a cohesive and typically timeless style that is more versatile and will work longer.

In general, Free People is so expensive because of the following:

  • Quality Materials
  • Brand Recognition
  • Production Process

You rarely find the unique style of Free People elsewhere. Customers of Free People believe that its products are worth the expensive investment.

In short, Free People is expensive because of three main reasons. These items are made using quality materials alongside the brand’s recognition, so they charge a lot from their customers.

Is Free People ethical?

Let’s judge Free People under the below key points:

  • Labor Condition
  • Environmental Impact
  • Animal Welfare
  • Social Responsibility
  • Diversity

Firstly, Free People doesn’t have any Fairtrade certified products. Consequently, the brand has been criticized for its need for more transparency.

Besides, Free People was caught up in the 2013 Bangladesh factory collapse. The brand doesn’t have any labor policy.

The fashion transparency index has rated Free People 11-20%, which means that the brand has a lot of things to improve in terms of labor policy.

Secondly, the environmental impact of Free People isn’t good. The brand offers limited options for clothes that are made from eco-friendly materials.

Besides, our research found no sign of reducing the use of toxic chemicals. They hardly reduce water usage.

Free People is also adopting a fast fashion business model, which is not good for the environment because of using non-sustainable materials.

However, the parent company of Free People has taken some effective steps to reduce carbon emissions.

Thirdly, Free People don’t use Angora. Nonetheless, our research found that some of their products are made using animal-driven materials like leather, animal hair, wool, and so on.

Consequently, Free People have threatened the welfare of animal growth. The corresponding authority should stop the use of animal-driven materials.

Regarding social responsibility, it needs to be clarified how much money Free People has allocated to boost its social responsibility.

Regarding diversity, we have not found any long-term goals from Free People. The brand was criticized in 2016 for appropriating Native American culture.

Finally, we can say that Free People is not an ethical brand.

Do Urban Outfitters own Free People?

The answer is YES. Urban Outfitters owns Free People.

We have mentioned earlier that Urban Outfitters produces Free People clothing. The brand has a long tradition of making creative styles.

Unlike Free People, Urban Outfitters owns fashion brands like FP Movement, Anthropologie, Terrain, Anthropologie Weddings, Nuuly, and Menus & Venues.

Selling products from these brands, Urban Outfitters makes $3.9 billion every year. Richard Hayne is currently the CEO of Urban Outfitters.

Is Free People a good brand?

Many customers are dissatisfied with their purchases from Free People. The brand has gained a lot of negative reviews.

Analyzing the online marketplaces, Free People has a rating of 1.5 from 150 reviews. This rating indicates that most customers are not satisfied with the service and quality of Free People.

The frequently mentioned problems of Free People products are:

  • Bad customer service
  • Business days problems
  • Gift card

Besides, our research found that the products of Free People are not ethically made. A lot of issues have been found in the brand.

Among designer clothes sites, Free People ranked 168th.

Thus, Free People is not a good brand according to its customers. A lot of things need to be improved.