Where Are Eureka Vacuums Made 2024

In the Vacuum cleaner industry, Eureka is one of the oldest names. It was the best seller Vacuum brand in the 1920s. Credit goes to Eureka Model 9 which competed with the #1 Vacuum cleaner brand, Hoover, at that time.  

As the second-largest leading brand of Vacuum cleaners, the first thing people search about Eureka is: “Where are Eureka Vacuums made?

Where Are Eureka Vacuums Made

Here is a short answer to where are Eureka Vacuums made:

Eureka Vacuums are predominantly made in the 3.5-acre factory in downtown Detroit.

Since 1919, Eureka has been manufacturing more than 2k Vacuum cleaners a day. Generating $7.88 million in net profits, Eureka held one-third of the vacuum cleaner market by the mid-1920s.

Recently, the Chinese company Midea Group purchased Eureka from Electrolux AB.  

Are Eureka Vacuums made in the USA?

Yes, Eureka Vacuums are made in the USA.

In 1909, Fred Wardell founded this vacuum cleaner company in Detroit, Michigan. The company’s HQ is located in Massachusetts, United States.

Eureka manufactures all of its products here in Detroit. Their factory is featured in the 3.5-acre area which is located in downtown Detroit.

In the Vacuum industry, Eureka is the second-largest USA-made Vacuum cleaner brand. It was leading the US market for Vacuum cleaners in the mid-1920s.

The ultra-powerful upright Vacuum cleaner is engineered for deep cleaning and maximum pick-up. Their best-selling Eureka Model 9 is also made in the USA. Eureka also manufactures Vacuum accessories like filters, belts, and bags in their Detroit-based factory.  

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Are Eureka Vacuums made in China?

Eureka Vacuums are not made in China. Although a Chinese company called Midea Group has purchased this Vacuum brand, it is not manufactured in China.

Before Midea Group, Eureka was owned by the Swedish company — Electrolux AB. Recently, the Vacuum brand was purchased by the Chinese Company — Midea Group. Although Midea Group is a Chinese company, it didn’t shift its manufacturing plant to China.

All models of Eureka Vacuum are still now manufactured in the Detroit-based factory. Their Detroit factory is making nearly 2k Vacuum per day to meet the consumers’ demand.

Not only Vacuum, but they also manufacture Vacuum accessories in their Detroit-based manufacturing plant.  

Are Eureka Vacuums still manufactured?

Yes, Eureka Vacuums are still manufactured.

Eureka Vacuum has a heritage of 113 years. In 2004, Eureka was purchased by the Swedish company — Electrolux AB. After purchasing this brand, they changed the brand name to Electrolux Home Products Division.

Currently, Eureka is owned by a Chinese company, Midea Group. They have remained as a parent company. Still, Eureka Vacuums are manufactured under its brand name.

Consequently, you will find Eureka Vacuums labeled with its traditional brand value although it is no longer owned by its founder.

Who manufactures Eureka vacuums?

Midea Group currently manufactures Eureka Vacuums.

After Electrolux AB, Eureka is the brand name of a Chinese company, Midea Group. Under the instruction of Midea Group, all Eureka vacuums are manufactured in its Detroit-based manufacturing plant.

Midea Group also manufactures all Vacuum accessories for households. Throughout history, Eureka was founded by Fred Wardell in 1909. Since then, it has cherished a long heritage in the Vacuum industry.

How much should you pay for a Eureka vacuum?

The best-seller items of Eureka Vacuums cost $69.99 on Amazon. Is Eureka worth it? Let’s analyze…

  • Product Specification: Eureka Ultra-Lightweight Vacuum cleaner

On Amazon, the Eureka Ultra-Lightweight Vacuum cleaner has gained 4.7 customer ratings out of 5. Consumers are happy with their products.

Eureka Airspeed Ultra-Lightweight comes with a rapid-release handle for effortless cleaning. For cleaning windows, upholstery, and other hard-to-reach places, they have attached a dusting brush or crevice tool to the end of the handle.

Consequently, it has become a handy product.

  • Comparison in terms of Price:

The convenient price for an Upright Vacuum cleaner ranges from $175 to $1,700. Considering the average price of a Vacuum cleaner, Eureka is providing you with such an affordable product.

Based on its size, the average price of an Upright Vacuum cleaner may vary. But if we compare it with other brands, Eureka has proven itself as an affordable Vacuum cleaner manufacturer.

Where can I buy Eureka appliances?

Eureka appliances are available on online marketplaces and their verified retail stores. You can order their products by visiting its official webpage.

For online shopping, you can find Eureka Vacuums on:

  • Amazon
  • Wayfair
  • Walmart
  • Alibaba.com

In terms of online shopping, you may prefer Amazon as it provides authentic products for comparatively low prices. They offer seasonal discounts. You can also use Amazon-affiliate promotional codes on their platform to get a discount.

How long should a Eureka vacuum last?

Consumers have claimed that Eureka vacuums last for a median of eight years.

The average lifespan of a vacuum is 8 years. This lifespan may vary considering the built-in materials and the manufacturer.

If one maintains proper care of Vacuums, they may last for more than eight years. Make sure the motor is not getting jammed, filters are not breaking, and so on. If you maintain proper care of your Eureka Vacuums, it can last for more than eight years.  

Who owns Eureka vacuums?

Midea Group owns the Eureka Vacuums.

Headquartered in Beijiao town, Midea Group manufactures electrical appliances. In 2016, they bought Eureka Vacuums from Electrolux AB.

However, Midea Group didn’t transfer its manufacturing plant to China. As the parent company of Eureka, Midea Group is making a million-dollar fortune each year.  

Does Eureka have a lifetime warranty?

Yes, Eureka has a lifetime repair warranty.

Eureka’s limited warranty covers the repair of defects in workmanship and material at no cost! They will give you this service for the lifetime of your product.