Where Are Engel Coolers Made 2024 – Is It Made in US?

Engel coolers are manufactured in Thailand. This cooler costs less than other brands and is built with Roto-molded.

The company’s coolers are superior and Yeti coolers are its biggest competitor which is manufactured in the US.

where are Engel coolers made

Engel is specialized in manufacturing coolers that retain 2 inches of isolation to preserve bait, foods, fish, and more fresh for days, even in the time of the most excessive temperatures.

Where are Engel fridges made?

Engel fridges are manufactured in Thailand and the US.

Their fridges are accomplished with Sawafuji Swing Motor or compressor. This motor is manufactured in Japan by Sawafuji Electric Co.

Nowadays, the company has been creating great brand value in Australia. Till now, more than three and half million Engel Portable fridges have been manufactured and sold out globally.

Engels fridges originated in 1962 and took their first step in manufacturing portable fridges in Japan. The company’s fridges are a modified Sine Wave Inverter and convert DC (12 volts) into AC (240 volts).

Its fridges are reliable and the fridge by Engel is used by an Australian traveler. Engel is manufacturing three types of fridges. They are;

  • Portable Fridges
  • Accessories Fridges
  • Built-in Fridges
brief history of Engel coolers

Brief history of Engel coolers

Over more than 50 years and more than 3.5 million portable fridges manufactured and sold out by Engel across the world. That’s why this brand is considered the pioneer of portable fridges and freezers.

Engle first set out on its journey in 1962 and started its business from Japan in manufacturing portable fridges. They used a swing arm compressor made by Sawafuji Electric Co. Ltd, a renowned Japanese company.

The coolers company’s main successor was its swing arm compressor. Because this compressor is portable and makes the company’s coolers more resistant, durable, and reliable.

Even Engel doesn’t have to invent any upgrade compressors for their coolers as the swing arm compressor is more updated and reduces power consumption than others.

In fact, the company manufactures portable coolers or fridges for travelers. Users, including boat and caravan owners, off-road enthusiasts, and campers are using Engel coolers for their adventures.

Who owns Engel coolers?

Paul Kabalin owns Engel coolers. He is equally the founder and CEO of Engel Coolers. The company is a private company.

The company’s headquarters is placed in Jupiter, Florida, US. The cooler company retains only 25 employees and generates a revenue of around $5 million per year.

Engel belongs to Home Improvement and Hardware Retail Co. Edgestar, Bulldog Bag Ltd, California Innovations Inc, and Freitag are its main competitors.

Where to buy Engel coolers?

Engel Coolers are available on both online and offline platforms.

The company has numerous offline outlets from where customers can easily buy their products. They have outlets in;

  • Balcatta WA, Australia
  • Midland WA, Australia
  • Surat, Gujrat, India
  • Jupiter, FL, USA
  • Thailand
  • Japan

Besides, Engel coolers are equally sold on the online platform, including;

  • Amazon
  • Walmart

The company’s coolers and fridges offer to keep your products cold for around 50 years. They provide a 10-year of warranty for their coolers with various types of coolers.